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Zweihander is a base Two Handed Sword with a level requirement of 58.

Two Handed Sword
76-76 Added Melee Physical Damage
Range: 2.4
Line Break300.png
Sell price: 17

Equipment Based on Zweihander

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsSet ModifiersFlavor TextReq. Level
Volcanus.pngVolcanusWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword76-76 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Unique10% of fire damage leeches as health
Adds 37 melee fire damage
10% chance to cast flame shards on melee hit
Flame shards deal 8% increased damage per point of intelligence or attunement
Crafted in the divine eras in the great forges beneath the mountains of Rahyeh

Similar Equipment

The following similar equipment has the same implicit modifiers and equipment type, however they may have differing names, models, base types, or implicit values.

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityReq. Level
BastardSword.pngBastard SwordWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword22-22 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
BroadSword.pngBroad SwordWeapon  -  One Handed Sword11-11 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 1.9m
Claymore.pngClaymoreWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword28-28 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
ClovenAxe.pngCloven AxeWeapon  -  Two Handed Axe66-66 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
DeicideSword.pngDeicide SwordWeapon  -  One Handed Sword50-50 Added Melee Physical DamageBase68
EasternBlade.pngEastern BladeWeapon  -  One Handed Sword14-14 Added Melee Physical DamageBase11
ExecutionerAxe.pngExecutioner AxeWeapon  -  Two Handed Axe50-50 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Falchion.pngFalchionWeapon  -  One Handed Sword12-12 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 1.9m
GreatSword.pngGreat SwordWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword19-19 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m
Hatchet.pngHatchetWeapon  -  One Handed Axe12-12 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 1.8m
HookedBlade.pngHooked BladeWeapon  -  One Handed Sword26-26 Added Melee Physical DamageBase29
Katana.pngKatanaWeapon  -  One Handed Sword33-33 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2m
LongSword.pngLongswordWeapon  -  One Handed Sword21-21 Added Melee Physical DamageBase24
Nodachi.pngNodachiWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword45-45 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.6m
TitanBlade.pngTitan BladeWeapon  -  Two Handed Sword85-85 Added Melee Physical Damage
Weapon Range: 2.4m

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Zweihander is the English spelling of the German word that simply means "two handed (sword)". This type of sword was the hallmark of the German "Landsknechte", a kind of infantry, and was very popular in the early 16th century. The protrusions at the top of the ricasso (the unsharpend part of the blade near the guard) are "Parierhaken" (parrying hooks) and thus a defensive device. They are not meant to rip larger wounds and make the weapon more cruel.