Varuhn The Defiler

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Varuhn The Defiler
Boss: Yes
Has Dialogue:

Varuhn The Defiler is one of the Bosses and can be found at the end of Breirhold.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Killing Varhun The Defiler will spawn The Bone Fiend after a few seconds. Varuhn The Defiler (and consequently The Bone Fiend) will not spawn if entering Breirhold from The Square.

Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeCooldown
Default.jpgOrb of ResurrectionFires a purple orb to target area which will explode and resurrect any enemies that died in the nearby area.Spell
Default.jpgPossessed SkullFires a haunted skull which will home in on nearby allies and deal damage.Spell
Default.jpgSoul GeyserCreates a geyser eruption from the ground which will deal damage over time in the area.Spell