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Speculations[edit | edit source]

Wild speculations that read way too much into the lore of Last Epoch, for fun.

The metaphorical meaning of the void and other things[edit | edit source]

The void represents global warming and the downfall of our own society on earth.

The imperial era is representative of the renaissance/enlightenment/industrial eras on earth (and is analogous to the same time frame.) The armies of the undead represent our dependence on technological innovations at the cost of our souls.

The divine era corresponds to the medieval era and the overwhelming presence of Catholicism during that time frame

The acolyte is the one that ordered the hit on the Knight[edit | edit source]

The Mage is the acolyte's master[edit | edit source]

The black mass that appears before Apophis is actually the void[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Emperor is Morditas[edit | edit source]