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Projects[edit | edit source]

Administration[edit | edit source]

I am one of the Administrators on this wiki.

As an admin I'm primarily involved in the maintenance of the wiki. In particular I do the following:

  • Manage Cargo databases.
  • Editing protected pages (including CSS and JS).
  • Merge/delete pages as needed in Category:Wiki maintenance.
  • Responding to requests that require administrative actions.

For the following actions I would recommend contacting another administrator (they can be found on the right of the Community Portal):

  • User disputes
  • Blocking users
  • Reporting repeated vandalism
  • Help with basic editing

If you have issues with any of the policies on the wiki, you should bring them up for discussion at the Village Pump

If you need my help[edit | edit source]

You can contact me via:

About Me[edit | edit source]

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System Specs[edit | edit source]

OS: Linux Mint (Cinnamon) Browser: Chromium or Firefox

Other Pages[edit | edit source]

Wild speculations on story lore
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