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Tornado is a Shaman Spell Skill which is unlocked at level 10.

Shaman Level 10
Skill Type:
Damage Types:
Other Skill Tags:
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Conjures a tornado that moves at random, pulling in nearby enemies and dealing physical damage to them. Added damage applies at 40% of its value.

Attribute Effects

Attunement: 4% increased damage per point

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Lasting Storm Lasting Storm 20% increased duration per point. 5
Strength of Air Strength of Air 20% stronger pull per point. 5
Hurricane Hurricane 20% chance to cast a second Tornado per point. 15% reduced pull strength per point. 5
Debris Debris 17% increased base damage and 5% increased mana cost per point. 5
Churning Orbs Churning Orbs 20% reduced cast speed. Tornado creates a Storm Orb nearby every second. Storm orbs explode after a second dealing physical damage to nearby enemies. 1
Trail of Storms Trail of Storms Tornados leave Storm Orbs 20% more frequently per point. 5
Charged Storm Charged Storm Tornados cast lightning at nearest enemy every 2 seconds. 1
Frequent Lightning Frequent Lightning Tornados cast lightning 30% more frequently per point. 5
Overcast Skies Overcast Skies Tornados cast lightning at 30% increased range per point. 5
Aspect of the Storm Aspect of the Storm You gain Aspect of the Storm when you cast Tornado for 2 seconds. Aspect of the Storm grants 10% increased movement speed. 1
Storm Dervish Storm Dervish Aspect of the Storm grants 7% increased and cast speed per point. 3
Gust of Renewel Gust of Renewel Aspect of the Storm lasts 30% longer per point. 5
Gust of Renewel Gust of Renewel 15% increased mana efficiency per point. Aspect of the Storm grants 3% mana regen per point 4
Stormbringer Stormbringer 6% increased cast speed per point. 3
Druidic Control Druidic Control Tornados no longer move around at random. 20% reduced damage. 1
Eye of the Storm Eye of the Storm Tornados you cast attach to you and move with you. 50% increased damage. 35% increased mana cost. 1
Fire Tornado Fire Tornado 10% increased damage, 100% of base physical damage converted to base fire damge. Fire Tornado scales with increases to fire damage, not physical damage. 1
Igniting Swirl Igniting Swirl 20% reduced cast speed. Tornados have a 20% chance to ignite nearby enemies every second. 1
Frequent Healing Inferno Tornados ignite nearby enemies 25% more frequently per point. 8