The lance of heorot

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The lance of heorot is a Main Quest.

The lance of heorot
Quest Type:
1500xp and 1500 gold

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Show/HideFind Grael

Status: In Progress

You've entered the Farwood, a forest far beyond the northern reaches of civilization. The Lance is hidden somewhere in here, but you are not alone. Yulia's companion Grael, the Champion of Heorot, arrived here before you. If you find him, you think the two of you maybe able to work together.

Location: The Frozen Roots

NPC: Grael

Show/HideEnter The Tomb of Morditas

Status: In Progress

Upon entering the foreboding chamber, a wall of ice appears separating you from Grael, and an enormous figure approaches you. It is twisted mass of tree limbs and roots, at its center a sult of armor made of what appears to be ice. After defeating the warden, one object stands out to you in the chamber, an ornate spear impaling a fronze figure.

Show/HideDefeat Yrun and The Frostroot Warden

Status: In Progress

Upon takeing the Lance, Grael agrees to give it to you once Rahyeh has been defeated. The two of you return to Heoborea to tell Yulia of your success.

Show/Hidetalk to Yulia

Status: Completed

Location: Heoborea

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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