The Arena

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The Arena

The Arena is a Place. Within the Arena players fight never-ending waves of Enemies.

Access[edit | edit source]

In order to access the Arena a player must spend an Arena Key which they can earn as a drop from the Monolith of Fate after at least 5 timelines have been conquered, and from the arena rewards chest.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Enemies spawn in waves. The waves consist of 4 groups of enemies spawning on each side of the arena. The number of enemies spawned in each group scales with the wave number and the player's Level, weaker enemies will be spawned in greater numbers than stronger enemies. Once there is only one enemy left, or all enemies if the last one is one of the Bosses, then the next wave will spawn.

After every fifth wave, the next will not start automatically. A number of Containers are spawned that scale with the player's level, as well as the Wandering Blacksmith and the Stash. To continue to the next wave the player must click the Start Next Wave UI button. Upon doing so, all Items on the ground will disappear, as well as the Blacksmith and Stash. After every 15 completed waves, the arena will restart in a random map.

As players complete waves without dying the wave counter will go up. As the wave counter goes up the health and damage of the mobs increases, as well as the Experience that is awarded for killing them.

Dying will restart the arena in a random map, with the wave counter reset to zero.

Maps[edit | edit source]

NPCs in The Arena[edit | edit source]

AbyssalCrawler.pngAbyssal CrawlerHostile
75pxAsh WolfHostile
CorruptedStatue.pngCorrupted StatueHostile
75pxDire WolfHostile
DraalSpitter.pngDraal SpitterHostile
ThicketCrawler.pngThicket CrawlerHostile
UndeadLegionary.pngUndead LegionaryHostile
UndeadVelite.pngUndead VeliteHostile
VoidSpectre.pngVoid SpectreHostile
WanderingBlacksmith.pngWandering BlacksmithNon-Combative
Has Dialogue