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Template-info.png Documentation

This template is used to store skill data and to create the infobox and lead sections on skill pages. For NPC skills see Template:Skills NPC

When making a wiki page about a skill you should use the input box found at the top of the Community Portal. It will load the content in Template:Skills/Preload which transcludes this template.

The data from the associated cargo table can be invoked using Module:Skills.

Usage[edit source]

Fields that do not apply should be left blank.

|SkillName= The name of the skill
|SkillDescription= The tooltip description of the skill.
|SkillIcon= SkillNameIcon.png
|SkillType= Spell, Minion, Melee, or Throwing
|SkillDamageTypes= List of damage types delimited by a "," for example "Lightning,Fire,Cold,Physical,Poison,Void,Necrotic"
|OtherTags= List of skill tags delimited by a "," for example "Buff,DoT,Totem,Minion"
|MinionTags= List of minion ability tags delimited by a "," for example "Melee Attack,Buff,Lightning"
|ManaCost= # - the mana cost
|Cooldown= # - the cooldown
|AttackTime= # - Base attack time
|BaseDamage= ## - Base Damage
|UnlockMethod= Level or Passive Tree
|LevelUnlock= # - Level Unlocked
|SkillClass= Knight, Mage, Sorcerer, Void Knight, etc. Use only base class if a base class skill. }}

This template defines the table "Skills". View table.