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This template is used to store skill node data and to create the infobox on skill node pages.

When making a wiki page about a skill you should use the input box found at the top of the Community Portal. It will load the content in Template:Skill Nodes/Preload which transcludes this template.

The data from the associated cargo table can be invoked using Module:Skill Nodes.

Usage[edit source]

Fields that do not apply should be left blank.

{{Skill Nodes
| Name = Name of the node
| Description = The description text of the node
| Icon = .png
| Icon= FileName.png
| IconRotate= # - Rotates the icon by # degrees clockwise
| MaxPoints = #
| Mods = List mods that the skill node affects delimited by a ",". (e.x: Increased Fire Damage,Added Agility)
| BaseSkill = The skill to which the node belongs
| SkillEffects = List of skill effects delimited by a ",". Increased/Decreased/Added/Subtracted Cooldown/Damage/Mana Cost
| AddedDamageTypes = Damage types added to skill as a result of taking this node
| Statuses = Statuses added by skill nodes delimited by a ","
| Connections = List of node connections delimited by a ",". The connected node should be linked and followed by a "-" and the level required to connect the nodes. [[Name of Node]]-#,[[Name of Node2]]-#,[[Name of Node3]]-#, etc.
| NodeType = Special or Normal (Normal by default)
| FlavorText = 

This template defines the table "SkillNodes". View table.