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Template-info.png Documentation

This template is used on all Location pages.

When making a wiki page about a skill you should use the input box found at the top of the Community Portal. It will load the content in Template:Locations/Preload which transcludes this template.

The data from the associated cargo table can be invoked using Module:Locations.

Usage[edit source]

Usage is as follows. Rarity and ItemType are case sensitive. Fields that do not apply should be left blank.

| Name= Name of the Location
| Image= Filename.png of location
| Type= Zone, Landmark, Monolith, Place or Region
| Region= Northlands, Central Valley, Southern Desert, Western Coast, Eastern Mountains
| Place= Name of Place (If applicable)
| Landmarks= list delimited by a "," of landmarks
| Eras= Imperial Era, Primal Era, Divine Era or Ruined Era
| Year= #AG
| Level= #
| ConnectedZones= list delimited by a ",". (e.x. Lagon's Temple,Temple of Eterra,The Cliffs)
| IsTown= yes (or any other text. If no leave blank)}}

This template defines the table "Locations". View table.