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Warpath is a Sentinel Melee Attack Skill which is unlocked at level 3.

Sentinel Level 3
Skill Type:
Melee Attack
Damage Types:
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Spin towards the mouse while you hold down the ability key, striking nearby enemies as you move.

Attribute Effects

Strength: 4% increased damage per point

Further Details[edit | edit source]

Hits at twice your attack rate, but added damage applies at 40% effectiveness and there is a 50% reduced chance to apply ailments on hit. Drains 20 mana per second. You cannot be stunned while spinning. Not affected by weapon range.

Warpath will channel for at least 0.2 seconds before being canceled.

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Iron Reach Iron Reach 20% increased area of effect per point. 3
Quicksilver Wind Quicksilver Wind Warpath drains 1 additional mana per second per point. 20% increased movement speed per point while spinning. 3
Precise Spin Precise Spin Warpath drains 1 additional mana per second per point. 4% additional chance to crit per point. 4
Deep Strikes Deep Strikes Warpath drains 1 additional mana per second per point. 40% additional critical strike multiplier per point. 2
Vaalurian Tactics Vaalurian Tactics You cannot move while using Warpath. 50% increased damage. If Warpath pulls, it has 100% increased pull strength. 1
Whirling Blades Whirling Blades 10% increased damage per point. 8
Azure Spiral Azure Spiral 15% increased mana regen while spinning per point. 5
Reckless Combatant Reckless Combatant 15% increased damage per point, if you are not using a shield. 8
Zweihander Reichweite Zweihander Reichweite 50% increased area of effect per point while not using a shield. 2
Parrying Spin Parrying Spin 5% addition block chance per point, and 100 additional block armour per point if you are not using a shield. 4
Enduring Deflection Enduring Deflection 200 additional block protection per point if you are not using a shield. 4
Dark Nexus Dark Nexus 20% increased mana regen per point if you are not using a shield. 5
Scavenging Spin Scavenging Spin 7% of melee damage leeched as health per point while spinning. 3
Temporal Cascade Temporal Cascade 6% chance per point to create a Cascading Orb on hit. Cascading Orbs are spells that travel in an arc, dealing void damage in area when they land. 5
Void Spiral Void Spiral Your hits with Warpath deal 2 additional void damage per point, and take 5% less void damage while spinning per point. 3
Apocalypse Whirl Apocalypse Whirl 10% chance per point to inflict Time Rot for 4 seconds on hit. Time Rot reduces attack and cast speed by 15%, increases stun duration by 25%, and deals void damage over time. 5
Abyssal Warpath Abyssal Warpath 30% more damage per point against time rotting enemies. 5
Voidfire Cyclone Voidfire Cyclone 10% chance to ignite on hit per point. 5
Draining Assault Draining Assault Warpath drains 1 additional mana per point. 20% increased damage per point. 5
From the Abyss From the Abyss You cast Abyssal Orb every second while spinning. Abyssal Orb is a spell that seeks enemies. When it finds them it detonates, dealing void damage in an area. 1
Abyssal Flurry Abyssal Flurry You cast Abyssal Orb 30% more frequently per point while spinning. 5
Tempestual Grasp Tempestual Grasp Warpath continually pulls in enemies around you. 1
Endless Vortex Endless Vortex 50% increased pull area per point. 5
Whirling Barrier Whirling Barrier You have 40 additional armor and elemental protection per point while spinning. 7
Unbound Storm Unbound Storm Warpath drains 1 less mana per second per point, and deals 5% increased damage per point. 5
Reckless Spin Reckless Spin You take 25% more elemental damage while spinning. Warpath drains 4 less mana. 1