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Damage Taken Calculation[edit source]

Based on this forum post I'm fairly sure the final calculation
Damage Taken= (Damage Received from all sources - Damage Mitigated) x (Reduced Damage Taken) is incorrect.

I think it should be:

Damage Taken = [Damage Received from all sources - (Current Health + Protection Amount - Enemy's Penetration Amount)] x (Reduced Damage Taken)

This doesn't factor in any block/glancing.

I'm not terribly maths savvy, but my understanding from what I've read is the 'damage mitigated' is simply a percentage value, where as your effective health against y damage type hit is HP + Ward + y Flat Protection Number. Hopefully someone who understands maths better than I do can chime in.

EDIT: That's clearly wrong as well, I'm terrible with maths. Maybe someone can help me understand what exactly 'Effective Health' means in the context of protections. --Turinqui (talk) 22:28, 10 May 2019 (UTC)