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Hidden Character Stats[edit source]

Should character stats that are not shown on the Character page be included on this page? There are several stats that fall into this category which are not listed on this page and do not yet have pages in the wiki. These are spicific stats that can be gained by a character by adding points to Passives, equipping a particular piece of Equipment or crafting a particular shard onto a piece of equipment. These stats affect the character no matter what skill is used.

such stats include:

  • Damage Leeched as Health
  • Damage Taken from Mana before Health
  • Damage from specific skill type and damage type combinations (i.e Melee Physical Damage, Spell Fire Damage, etc.)
  • Health Gained on Kill
  • Reduced Mana Cost (probably included on the Mana page)

There are probably more that I will think of the next time I play LAst Epoch,.

ChillGameTheorist (talk) 17:00, 25 September 2018 (UTC)

My thinking/plan was to list them on Modifiers and categorize them as such, and leave this page exclusively for things included on the character stats window. There is some overlap between the two (as some character stats are just modifiers), however there are several character stats that are not modifiers (such as health, although Added Health would be a modifier). Making a template/cargo table for these modifiers is what I plan to work on next after finishing the Skill Nodes. I want the Modifiers cargo table to match up with the tables for Skills, Equipment, Affix Shards, Passives and Skill Nodes so I've had to make all of them first. --GeoGalvanic (talk | testspace) 00:57, 26 September 2018 (UTC)