Summon Wolf

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Summon Wolf is a Primalist Summon Skill which is unlocked at level 1.

Summon Wolf
Primalist Level 1
Skill Type:
Other Skill Tags:
Minion and Companion
Minion Ability Tags:
Physical and Melee Attack
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Summons a primal wolf that follows you into combat. When its health drops to 0 it is downed and you can stand near it to revive it. The wolf counts as a companion. You can have a maximum of two companions at once by default.

Attribute Effects

Strength: Primal Wolves have 35 added health and 4% increased damage per point

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

Primal Wolf has 300 base health and is resistant to powerful area attacks. Press A to give your minions an attack command.

Wolves have 15 added health per character Level

When all possible wolves have been summoned, this skill will be switched with the active Companion skill Howl.

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
On The Hunt On The Hunt Wolves gain 10% increased attack speed and movement speed per point. 5
Storm Caller's Reprisal Storm Caller's Reprisal Your wolves have a 35% chance to retaliate with a lightning strike when hit. Your wolves deal 35% more spell damage (multiplicative with other modifiers). 1
Cloud Runners Cloud Runners Your wolves deal 30% per point more lightning damage (multiplicative with other bonuses). 5
Storm Jaws Storm Jaws Your wolves' melee attacks deal 5 additional lightning damage per point. 4
Savage Hunters Savage Hunters Wolves deal 15% more damage per point (multiplicative with other bonuses). 8
Legendary Bite Legendary Bite Your wolves have 15% more damage, stun chance, and crit chance per point (multiplicative with other bonuses). 6
Pack Hunters Pack Hunters You can have an additional wolf active at once. The extra wolf still counts towards your companion limit, which is 2 by default. 1
Safety In Numbers Safety In Numbers You can have an additional wolf active at once. The extra wolf still counts towards your companion limit, which is 2 by default. 1
Lupine Endurance Lupine Endurance Wolves gain 30% more health per point (multiplicative with other modifiers). 5
Canine Agility Canine Agility Your wolves have 30 additional dodge rating per point. Your wolves' dodge rating is increased by 3% of your strength per point. 4
Lasting Strength Lasting Strength Wolves have 5 vitality per point. Wolves have 50% increased health regen per point. 5
Wolfen Recovery Wolfen Recovery Wolves have 60% increased health regen per point. 5
Serrated Claws Serrated Claws Wolves have 25% chance per point to inflict bleeding on hit with melee attacks. 6
Leap Attack Leap Attack Your wolves gain a leap attack with a 10 second cooldown which they use to close the gap on distant enemies. 1
Stamina Stamina Wolves' leap attack has 50% increased cooldown recovery speed per point. 4
Patient Hunters Patient Hunters Wolves gain 50% more damage over time per point (multiplicative with other bonuses). 3
Fight And Feed Fight And Feed Wolves regain 8 health on hit per point. 5
Relentless Relentless Your wolves cannot be stunned. 1
Shaman's Bond Shaman's Bond Your wolves' damage and health is increased by 4% of your attunement. 1
Rise of the Wild Rise of the Wild +1 Maximum Companions 1
Stormborn Stormborn Your wolves have a 5% chance per point to retaliate with a lightning strike when hit. 5
Earthborn Earthborn Wolves have 100 additional armour per point. Wolves leech 4% of physical damage as health per point. 5
Winterborn Winterborn Wolves deal 2 additional cold damage per point with spells and melee attacks. Wolves have 20% increased stun chance per point. 7
Tundra Stalkers Tundra Stalkers Wolves have 7% per point chance to chill on hit. 5