Summon Thorn Totem

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Summon Thorn Totem is a Primalist Summon Skill which is unlocked at level 4.

Summon Thorn Totem
Primalist Level 4
Skill Type:
Other Skill Tags:
Minion and Totem
Minion Ability Tags:
Physical and Spell
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Summons a totem that fires thorns at nearby enemies.

Attribute Effects

Attunement: Thorn Totems have 5 added health and 4% increased damage per point

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

Added damage applies to the thorns at 50% effectiveness. Thorn Totems have 100 base health and last 6 seconds by default.

Thorn Totems have 5 added health per character Level

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Torrent of Thorns Torrent of Thorns Thorn Totems fire one additional thorn in each burst per point. 4
Pace of the Forest Pace of the Forest Thorn Totems have 18% more damage and 5% less cast speed per point. Both of these bonuses are multiplicative with other bonuses 3
Shredding Thorns Shredding Thorns Thorn Totems have a 14.3% chance to reduce armor by 40 for 4 seconds on hit per point. 7
Spirit Thorns Spirit Thorns Thorn Totems' thorns are heat seeking. Thorn Totems have 25% less cast speed (multiplicative with other bonuses). 1
Accurate Bursts Accurate Bursts The spread of Thorn Totems' bursts is reduced by 40 degrees per point. 3
Forested Expanse Forested Expanse You can have up to one additional Thorn Totem at a time per point. Summon Thorn Totem can hold one additional charge per point. Thorn Totems last 3 seconds longer per point. 40% increased mana cost per point. 5
Totemic Wisdom Totemic Wisdom 35% increased mana efficiency per point. 6
Rapid Summoning Rapid Summoning 30% increased cooldown recovery per point. 5
Rotted Core Rotted Core Thorn Totems have a 25% chance to release a cloud of poison gas on death. The cloud deals poison damage over time and does not count as a hit. 4
Venom Tipped Thorns Venom Tipped Thorns Thorn Totems have a 14.7% chance to poison on hit per point. 7
Ancient Power Ancient Power Thorn Totems have 18% more physical damage (multiplicative with other bonuses) and 10% reduced projectile speed per point. 5
Natural Odds Natural Odds Thorn Totems have 17% chance to deal double damage on hit per point. 3
Oaken Protection Oaken Protection Thorn Totems have 10% more health per point. 5
Winged Thorns Winged Thorns Thorn Totems have 20% increased projectile speed per point. 3