Summon Bear

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Summon Bear is a Beastmaster Summon Skill which is unlocked at level 5.

Summon Bear
Beastmaster Level 5
Skill Type:
Other Skill Tags:
Minion and Companion
Minion Ability Tags:
Physical and Melee Attack
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Summons a primal bear that follows you into combat. When its health drops to 0 it is downed, and you can stand near it to revive it. The Primal Bear counts as a companion. You can have a maximum of two companions at once by default.

Attribute Effects

Strength: Primal Bear has 30 added health and 4% increased damage per point

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

Primal Bears have 600 base health and are resistant to powerful area attacks. Press A to give your minions an attack command.

Primal Bears have 30 added health per character Level

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Lacerating Claws Lacerating Claws Bears have 15% increased damage and 10% bleed chance per point. 3
Thorn Bear Thorn Bear Bears you summon cast Briar Thorn from range.
If you have taken Retaliatory Thorns on this tree, your bears now retaliate when they take 30 damage, instead of 75 damage.
Barbed Thorns Barbed Thorns Bears have 20% chance to deal double damage with Briar Thorn. 3
Ursine Endurance Ursine Endurance Your bears have a 4 second cooldown on Briar Thorn, but gain 8% more health. 1
Nightshade Bear Nightshade Bear Your bears' thorns have 20% chance to poison. This includes the thorns from your bears' Thorn Burst if you have taken the Retaliatory Thorns node on this tree. 5
Rapid Thorns Rapid Thorns Bears have 8% increased cast speed per point. 5
Piercing Thorns Piercing Thorns Your bears' Briar Thorns pierce through enemies. Your bears have 10% reduced cast speed. 1
Primal Precision Primal Precision Bears have 40% increased critical strike chance per point. 3
Gouging Claws Gouging Claws Bears have 30% increased critical strike multiplier per point. 3
Forceful Swipes Forceful Swipes Your bears can use Swipe, with a 5 second cooldown. 1
Rapid Swipes Rapid Swipes Bears have 40% increased cooldown recovery speed per point. 3
Vicious Strikes Vicious Strikes Bears have 15% increased melee damage and melee stun chance per point. 5
Thick Hide Thick Hide Bears have 100 additional health and tenacity per point. 6
Armored Bears Armored Bears Bears have 150 additional armor per point. 7
Claw Totems Claw Totems When a bear kills an enemy you have a 10% chance per point to summon a Claw Totem at the enemy's location. Claw Totems use melee attacks and scale with your bonuses to minions. 3
Retaliatory Thorns Retaliatory Thorns Your bears retaliate with Thorn Burst when they take 75 damage. 1
Tearing Thorns Tearing Thorns Your bears' Thorn Burst has 25% chance to cause bleeding per point. 4
Winged Thorns Winged Thorns Thorns from your bears' Thorn Burst travel 25% faster and further point. 4