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Story Characters are Characters which form integral parts of the lore in the World of Eterra. Some of them may or may not be actually encountered in the Last Epoch game.

Gods[edit | edit source]

Eterra[edit | edit source]

Eterra is the embodiment of the world itself and guardian of all who dwell there. Said to be the mother of the other gods and all living things, humanity being her proudest creation. In ancient times she kept humanity hidden away deep inside her temple, along with a mysterious being known as The Observer. She is benevolent yet ruthless to those that would threaten her world.

Orobyss[edit | edit source]

Orobyss is the god of oblivion. In the Ruined Era the world holds nothing but madness, despair, and the call of the Void. The darkness of oblivion has seeped into the essence of all things, slowly erasing everything that was, and corrupting whatever may remain. Among those that remain in this shattered world some claim there is a purpose to this chaos, a grand design that rules over the ruin of the world and directs the darkness of the Void. Among those that finally succumb to the Void, their bodies finally giving in and accepting the embrace of oblivion, a name escapes their lips: Orobyss.

Heorot[edit | edit source]

Heorot is the god of the north, master of the tundra wanderers, whose divine breath rises to the sky to form the aurora. He has taken the form of a massive white elk, his mane forever frozen over with the purest crystals of ice. His nature is kind and protective, leading his herd to fertile and bountiful land. Every generation he chooses a tribe of humans to follow with his herd and share in his wisdom, a Chieftain and a Champion raised from their numbers to be blessed by him.

Lagon[edit | edit source]

Lagon is the god of the west, master of the sea and its storms, whose great eye reflects the light of the moon. He has taken the form of a sea giant, scales covering his body, great webbed claws at the end of arms covered in sharp coral. His mouth is obscured by massive tentacles that hang beneath a wide cyclopean eye, the image of the moon eternally reflecting in it. He is capricious of nature, more interested in the depths of his seas and the art of the storms than any dealings with his worshipers whose prayers for safe voyage often fall on deaf ears. Visitors to his temple fill him with delight and curiosity, though that delight can quickly shift to boredom from which his mind conjures deadly ways that he can be amused.

Majasa[edit | edit source]

Majasa is the goddess of the south, mistress of the desert, the sand that has been blessed by her scales is dusted across the night sky, forming the stars. She has taken the shape of a colossal jewel covered serpent that dwells beneath the sands, the gems of her hood gleaming like a crown. Her movements divert sandstorms and guide lost travelers back to civilization, her passing filling the desert with treasures shed from her body. She is reclusive and reluctant to involve herself in the matters of humans, content to dwell in her temple when she is not venturing through the sands, her temple maidens acting as the intermediaries between her and her followers.

Rahyeh[edit | edit source]

Rahyeh is the god of the east, master of the mountains, his flaming crest burns with the light of the sun. He has taken the form of a glorious eagle, fire raging from his golden feathers, his talons formed of black molten glass. He surveys his domain atop the highest peak of the eastern mountains, no transgression of his followers escaping his gaze, the punishment for such is swift and unforgiving. His followers obey him without question, donning armor crafted from the metallic feathers of his fierce brood of harpies and garuda, ready to die for their sun king.

Demigods[edit | edit source]

Morditas[edit | edit source]

Morditas is Heorot’s eldest son who rebelled against his father, seeing the idea of living to protect the humans as an insult. His followers roam the northern tundra, zealous berserkers and fierce half-elk half-men known as Wengari. The highest among the chosen of Morditas was a human champion, the one who served him since before the rebellion.

The Observer[edit | edit source]

Not many know that The Observer exists, only those who can have passed down legends from the days when humanity they resided peacefully under Eterra’s protection. The stories are short and vague, merely amounting to the fact that hidden deep within Eterra’s Temple there once was a robed figure chained to a massive monolith, constantly etching into its smooth surface.

Immortal Emperor[edit | edit source]

The Immortal Emperor has taken over much of the continent in the wake of the Divine Era. He rules from the Undead Capital, having unlocked the secrets of immortality through his necromantic studies. He fuels his unstoppable army with the many corpses of the undead.

The Void[edit | edit source]

The Void seeks to end all life in the universe. The creatures of the void often take on ghastly, immaterial forms. It is due to them that the ruined era has come about, and they have succeeded in destroying much of the life on Eterra.