Static Orb

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Static Orb is a Mage Spell Skill which is unlocked at level 3.

Static Orb
Mage Level 3
Skill Type:
Damage Types:
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Casts an orb in a target direction that deals lightning damage and pull enemies that it hits towards it as it travels. At the end of its path it discharges, dealing lightning damage to enemies around it.

Attribute Effects

Intelligence: 4% increased damage per point

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Lightning Aegis Lightning Aegis 20% chance per point to gain lightning aegis on cast. Lightning Aegis lasts 8 seconds and grants 30 lightning protection. If you take 30 damage while you have lightning aegis it is consumed and casts lightning rain at a nearby enemy. 2
Repulsing Cast Repulsing Cast 25% chance per point to knock back nearby enemies on cast. 4
Controlled Explosion Controlled Explosion Static Orb explodes where you target rather than after traveling a fixed distance. 1
Nexus of Destruction Nexus of Destruction Static orb's explosion deals 25% increased damage per point. 6
Ward Current Ward Current 25% chance to gain 10 ward when you kill an enemy with static orb's explosion. 1
Amperic Power Amperic Power You gain 5 additional ward per point when you gain ward from Ward Current. 3
Shocking Detonation Shocking Detonation Static orb's explosion has a 33% chance to shock per point. 3
Charged Ground Charged Ground 300% increased mana cost. The explosion from static orb leaves static ground, which repeatedly casts spark novas in a large area. 1
Mana Ground Mana Ground 35% increased mana effeciency per point. 4
Shocking Orb Shocking Orb The projectile of static orb gains 25% chance to shock per point 4
Spark Charges Spark Charges %25 chance per point to attach a spark charge on hit. Spark charges explode after 0.7 seconds dealing lightning damage to nearby enemies. Spark Charges automatically detonate when the enemy they are attached to dies. 4
Mana Grasp Mana Grasp 10% chance to gain 14 mana when static orb pulls an enemy. 1
Static Wisdom Static Wisdom Gain 6 additional mana per point when you gain mana from mana grasp. 2
Static Bolts Static Bolts The projectile of static orb deals 25% increased damage per point. 7
Overload Casting Overload Casting Static orb no longer explodes. Static orb has no cost when you are out of mana. 1
Static Mana Static Mana 50% increased mana effeciency per point. 4
Relinquish Relinquish Static orb no longer pulls enemies. Static orb's projectile deals 100% increased damage. 1
Twinned Orbs Twinned Orbs 14% chance to double cast. 7
Rapid Orbs Rapid Orbs Static orbs travel 40% faster and further per point. 3