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Spell Skills are one of the Skill Types. All spell skills take time to cast which is influenced by Cast Speed and the skills base cast time.

Known Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Character Stats[edit | edit source]

Affixes[edit | edit source]

  • Increased Spell Damage
  • Increased Spell Damage on Potion Use

Equipment Implicits[edit | edit source]

  • Most Wands have spell modifiers

List of Spell Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel UnlockedClass
75x75pxIce ThornsSpellPrimalist
AbyssalEchoesIcon.pngAbyssal EchoesA nova that echos from enemies it hits and applies abyssal decay. Enemies with abyssal decay take void damage over time for 6 seconds, if they take a hit all the damage from abyssal decay is dealt to them immediately.Spell3510Void Knight
AnomalyIcon.pngAnomalySends an enemy forward in time by 4 seconds.Spell0820Void Knight
AvalancheIcon.pngAvalancheChannel to summon the might of winter and pummel your foes in ice and snow.Spell1720Shaman
BearRoarIcon.pngBear RoarThe companion ability of your Primal Bear. Releases a mighty roar, fearing all nearby enemies.Spell164Companions
BlackHoleIcon.pngBlack HoleSummon a powerful black hole at target location that aggressively pulls enemies and deals high damage.Spell3530Sorcerer
BoneGolemIcon.pngSummon Bone GolemSummons a bone golem, which attacks slowly, but retaliates with a bone nova when it takes 100 damage.Spell (No Tag)601010Acolyte
CremateIcon.pngCremateBurns a corpse, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies, and raising a flame wraith from the remains.Spell3230Necromancer
DefileIcon.pngDefileConsume corpses in a target area, pulling any remaining life force from them to gain ward. Ward is a decaying shield that protects your health.Spell05Lich
DetonateCorpseIcon.pngDetonate CorpseDetonates the corpse of an enemy, dealing physical damage to living enemies around it. Added damage applies at double effectiveness.Spell4515Acolyte
DevouringOrbIcon.pngDevouring OrbCreates a devouring orb at the target location that casts a void rift whenever something dies nearby, dealing void damage to enemies nearby the orb. Each successive rift has 12% increased damage and area of effect, capped at an increase of 100%Spell10415Void Knight
ElementalNovaIcon.pngElemental NovaCasts a nova around you that deals fire, cold and lightning damage.Spell112Mage
EntanglingRootsIcon.pngEntangling RootsCalls forth roots from the ground that snare nearby enemies and deal physical damage to them over time.Spell505Druid
EphemeralStanceIcon.pngEphemeral StanceToggles ephemeral stance. While in ephemeral stance you deal 70% increased physical and void damage, but lose 7% of your current health when you use a skill and lose 37% more mana from mana drain effects. You can only have one stance active at once.Spell0118Sentinel
EterrasBlessing(New).pngEterra's BlessingThe nearest allied target is healed for 100 health. If the target is one of your minions then the healing is tripled and the minion is energized for 4 seconds, increasing its size by 20% and its damage by 100%.Spell395Primalist
ExhumeIcon.pngExhumeRaises three corpses out of the ground, which you can make use of with other skills.Spell14322Acolyte
FireballIcon.pngFireballCast a ball of fire dealing moderate damageSpell37Mage
FireShieldIcon.pngFire ShieldSurrounds you with a protective shield for 14 seconds that grants 100 elemental protection and has 20% chance to retaliate with a fire blast when you are hit. Can be cast instantly.Spell1919Mage
FocusIcon.pngFocusHold the ability key to channel. 300% increased mana regeneration while channeling and cannot be stunned.Spell015Mage
GlacierIcon.pngGlacierCreates three successively larger ice explosions in the target direction. Each explosion deals more damage than the last.Spell655Mage
HealingHandIcon.pngHealing HandHeals all allies in a target areaSpell115Paladin
HealingWindIcon.pngHealing WindCalls forth healing winds around you, restoring 30 health per second to you and nearby allies for 3 seconds. Can be cast instantly.Spell49218Primalist
HealingWindSprigganIcon.pngHealing WindThe companion ability of your Spriggan. Heals all allies in a large area over time.Spell164Companions
HolyAuraIcon.pngHoly AuraYou and nearby allies passively have added elemental protection and vitality. Holy Aura proves 100% increased stat effects if you have activated it in the last 4 seconds.Spell3010Paladin
HowlIcon.pngHowlThe companion ability of your Primal Wolves.
Your wolves howl to embolden you and your minions giving them 10% increased damage for 4 seconds. This can stack with itself.
HungeringSoulIcon.pngHungering SoulsCalls forth five hungering souls that seek out enemies, on hit they deal necrotic damage and then possesses the target. Possessed enemies take necrotic damage over time for two seconds. Enemies cannot be possessed by multiple souls at once.Spell115Acolyte
IceBarrage(new)Icon.pngIce BarrageChannel to prepare ice shards which are released after a second or when you stop channeling. Ice shards are projectiles that create an ice explosion on hit.
The shards and explosions have a freeze rate of 12.
IceWardIcon.pngIce WardToggles a protective shield that chills nearby enemies and grants 4 ward per second, but drains 3 mana per second. Can be cast instantly.Spell0120Spellblade
InnervateIcon.pngInnervateGrants 50 ward and grants 100% increased mana efficiency for 5 seconds. Can be cast instantly.Spell01230Spellblade
JuggernautStanceIcon.pngJuggernaut StanceToggles juggernaut stance. While in juggernaut stance you have 50% more armor and take 15% less damage, but have 15% less critical strike chance, movement speed, less attack speed and cast speed. You can only have one stance active at once.Spell0119Sentinel
LightningBlastIcon.pngLightning BlastHurl a bolt of lightning at the targetSpell01Mage
ManifestArmorIcon.pngManifest ArmorManifests an animated set of heavy armor, which attacks slowly.Spell (No Tag)6015Forge Guard
MarkForDeathIcon.pngMark for DeathMarks enemies in a target area for death, causing them to take 30% increased damage for 8 seconds.Spell163Acolyte
MarrowShardsIcon.pngMarrow ShardsFires sharpened bones from your body. The bones pierce through enemies inflicting physical damage. Instead of mana, 9% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.Spell04Acolyte
MeteorIcon.pngMeteorCall a meteor from the sky that deals a large amount of damage upon landing. Added damage is applied at three times its normal value.Spell605Sorcerer
PoisonNovaIcon.pngPoison NovaThe companion ability of your primal scorpion. Releases a burst of venom that inflicts all enemies around the scorpion with a long lasting poison.Spell164Companions
RavagingStanceIcon.pngRavaging StanceToggles ravaging stance. While in ravaging stance you lose 5% of your current health per second, but emit an aura that afflicts nearby enemies with a ravaging ailment that deals void damage over time, but does not stack. You can only have one stance active at once.Spell0130Void Knight
ReaperFormIcon.pngReaper FormTake on the mantle of death itself and transform into a Reaper, temporarily gaining the Reap ability. While in Reaper Form, your health regeneration does not apply and your health decays over time. When your health reaches 0 instead of dying you transform back to human form and are healed to full health.Spell030Lich
RejuvenatingWindIcon.pngRejuvenating WindSpellCompanions
RingOfShieldsIcon.pngRing of ShieldsManifests a ring of shields around you. Each shield has 150 health and lasts up to 10 seconds. Shields draw enemy aggression and block projectiles.Spell (No Tag)3045Forge Guard
RipBloodIcon.pngRip BloodRips blood out of a target enemy dealing physical damage to it. An orb of the blood is drawn back to you, restoring 10 health when it reaches you.Spell31Acolyte
RoarIcon.pngRoarUnleash a thunderous roar which sends nearby enemies stumbling away in terror, greatly reducing their movement speed.SpellWerebear Form
RootWallIcon.pngRoot WallSummons a wall of roots at target location that slow and taunt nearby enemies.Spell (No Tag)184Spriggan Form
SacrificeIcon.pngSacrificeRips apart an allied minion, dealing physical damage to enemies around it. Added damage applies at double effectiveness.Spell2510Acolyte
SigilsOfHopeIcon.pngSigils of HopeSummons a sigil that orbits you granting health regeneration and added fire damage to surrounding allies. Maximum 3 summoned at a time. Sigils will disappear after 20 seconds without a refresh.Spell2520Paladin
SmiteIcon.pngSmiteSmites a target enemy with a bolt of holy fire that descends from the sky, healing allies around the target for 20 health. Cannot be used without a target.Spell730Paladin
SnapFreezeIcon.pngSnap FreezeFreezes enemies in a cone in front of you. Freeze lasts for 2 seconds.Spell3064Mage
SoulFeastIcon.pngSoul FeastFeasts on the souls of all enemies marked for death, dealing necrotic damage to them, and drawing a fragment of each of their souls back to you. The soul fragments each grant 5 ward when they reach you.Spell2010Lich
SprigganFormIcon(new).pngSpriggan FormTransform into a forest spriggan, increasing your casting capabilities and gaining 4 new abilities. Your mana does not regenerate while in spriggan form. When your mana reaches 0 you automatically transform back into your human form, instantly regaining 50 mana.Spell020Druid
StaticIcon.pngStaticGain stacks of Static Charge while moving and taking hits. Activate to Discharge lightning tendrils at 5 nearby enemies. Damage increases with stacks. Max 100 stacks.SpellSpellblade
StaticOrbIcon.pngStatic OrbCasts an orb in a target direction that deals lightning damage and pull enemies that it hits towards it as it travels. At the end of its path it discharges, dealing lightning damage to enemies around it.Spell153Mage
SummonBearIcon.pngSummon BearSummons a primal bear that follows you into combat. When its health drops to 0 it is downed, and you can stand near it to revive it. The Primal Bear counts as a companion. You can have a maximum of two companions at once by default.Spell (No Tag)95145Beastmaster
SummonFrenzyTotem(old)Icon.pngSummon Healing TotemSummons a totem that heals nearby allies. Healing totems have 100 base health and last 6 seconds.Spell (No Tag)136Spriggan Form
SummonFrenzyTotemIcon.pngSummon Frenzy TotemSummons a totem that increases the attack and cast speed of all nearby allies by 20%. Frenzy totems have 100 base health and last 6 secondsSpell (No Tag)18615Primalist
SummonSabertoohIcon.pngSummon SabertoothSummons a primal sabertooth cat that leaps into combat. When its health drops to 0 it is downed, and you can stand near it to revive it. The sabertooth cat counts as a companion. You can only have a maximum of two companions at once by default.Spell (No Tag)951010Primalist
SummonScorpionIcon.pngSummon ScorpionSummons a scorpion that follows you into combat. It attacks with its tail inflicts a long lasting poison. When its health drops to 0 it is downed, and you can stand near it to revive it. The Scorpion counts as a companion. You can have a maximum of two companions at once by default.Spell (No Tag)951010Beastmaster
SummonSkeletonIcon.pngSummon SkeletonSummons a skeleton warrior or skeleton mage to guard you. You are limited to 3 skeletons at a time.Spell (No Tag)202Acolyte
SummonSprigganIcon.pngSummon SprigganSummon a spriggan that casts spells to attack your enemies and has an aura that restores 10 health every second. When its health drops to 0 it is downed and you can stand near it to revive it. The spriggan counts as a companion. You can have a maximum of two companions by default.Spell (No Tag)98810Druid
SummonStormTotemIcon.pngSummon Storm TotemSummons a totem that casts lightning spells around nearby enemies. Storm totems last 8 seconds, and you cannot control more than one at once.Spell (No Tag)1685Shaman
SummonThornTotemIcon.pngSummon Thorn TotemSummons a totem that fires thorns at nearby enemies.Spell (No Tag)1634Primalist
SummonValeSpiritIcon.pngSummon Vale SpiritSummon a vale spirit that orbits you and attacks your enemies.Spell (No Tag)401026Primalist
SummonVineIcon.pngSummon VineSummons 3 vines at target location which deal poisonous damage to nearby enemies.Spell (No Tag)124Spriggan Form
SummonWolfIcon.pngSummon WolfSummons a primal wolf that follows you into combat. When its health drops to 0 it is downed and you can stand near it to revive it. The wolf counts as a companion. You can have a maximum of two companions at once by default.Spell (No Tag)95101Primalist
SummonWraithIcon.pngSummon WraithSummons a wraith that rapidly fades from this world, but will seek and attack your foes while it remains. There is no limit to the number of wraiths you can control at onceSpell (No Tag)205Necromancer
TeleportIcon.pngTeleportTeleport to target location.Spell27410Mage
ThicketBladesIcon.pngThicket BladesSummon a mystical thicket around you that repeatedly damages nearby enemies. Recasting refreshes the duration. Added damage applies at 70% of its value. Can be cast instantly.Spell30422Primalist
ThornBurstIcon.pngThorn BurstReleases a burst of thorns, dealing physical damage to surrounding enemies.Spell62Primalist
TornadoIcon.pngTornadoConjures a tornado that moves at random, pulling in nearby enemies and dealing physical damage to them. Added damage applies at 40% of its value.Spell2510Shaman
TransplantIcon.pngTransplantCreates a new body for you at the target location, then detonates your old body to deal physical damage to enemies around it. Instead of mana 13% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.Spell413Acolyte
ValeBlastIcon.pngVale BlastHurl a bolt of vale lightning at the targetSpell3Spriggan Form
VolatileReversalIcon.pngVolatile ReversalReturns you to the position you were at 2 seconds ago, reverting changes to your current health and mana since then.Spell0185Void Knight
VolcanicOrbIcon.pngVolcanic OrbCasts fiery orb that spews burning shrapnel in all directions.Spell7010Sorcerer
WanderingSpiritsIcon.pngWandering SpiritsReveals wandering spirits around you for 5 seconds. The Spirits wander at random dealing necrotic damage over time to enemies they pass through.Spell (No Tag)1588Acolyte

NPC[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeCooldown
BoneNovaIcon.pngBone NovaFires bones shards in a circular arc.Spell
Default.jpgAbyssal OrbFires an orb which explodes on contact, dealing damage in the area.Spell
Default.jpgBone ShardFires 5 shard projectiles in an arc, dealing damage with a high stun chance on hit.Spell
Default.jpgBriar ThornFires a thorn to target location, dealing damage to enemiesSpell
Default.jpgEgg SackLaunches an egg sack to target area. Upon landing it will deal damage to enemies in the area with a high stun chance. After a few seconds the egg will explode dealing damage, summoning 5 Draal Grubs, and leaving behind a poisonous cloud which will inflict poison on any enemies in the areaSpell
Default.jpgExplosionCreates an explosion on death after a short delay, damaging nearby enemies.Spell
Default.jpgFire NovaCasts a nova which deals fire damage in the surrounding area.Spell
Default.jpgFire ThornsFires a rapid burst of thorns in an arc that damage enemies.Spell
Default.jpgFrenzy AuraIncreases the attack and cast speed of all nearby alliesSpell
Default.jpgHealing AuraGenerates an aura which regenerates the health of nearby allies.Spell
Default.jpgIvory SlamSlams the ground, causing bone spikes to rupture out and deal damage to enemies in the area with a high stun chance.Spell
Default.jpgOrb of ResurrectionFires a purple orb to target area which will explode and resurrect any enemies that died in the nearby area.Spell
Default.jpgPoison SpitHurls a ball of spit at the enemy which inflicts them with poison.Spell
Default.jpgPoison SprayFires a burst of poison projectiles in an arc which deals damage and inflicts poison on hit.Spell
Default.jpgPoisonous Vines AttackFires poisonous attacks at enemies, inflicting them with poison on hit.Spell
Default.jpgPossessed SkullFires a haunted skull which will home in on nearby allies and deal damage.Spell
Default.jpgResurrect AlliesResurrects all allies which died nearby.Spell
Default.jpgShockwaveStomps the ground, sending out a shock wave that damages enemies with a high stun chance.Spell
Default.jpgSoul GeyserCreates a geyser eruption from the ground which will deal damage over time in the area.Spell
Default.jpgSoul LanceFire a lance projectile which deals massive damage to enemiesSpell
Default.jpgSpike Trail (Homing Variant)Fires a spike trail on the ground which will home in on nearby enemies.Spell
Default.jpgSpike Trail (Wide Variant)Fires 3 spike trails on the ground in an arc.Spell
Default.jpgSummon VineSummons stationary poisonous vines.Spell5
Default.jpgSummon Void SpectreSummons Void Spectres.Spell
Default.jpgThorn BarrageFires 3 poisonous projectiles in a lineSpell
Default.jpgThrow PoisonThrows a ball of poison, inflicting poison on hit.Spell
Default.jpgVale OrbFires a projectile at enemies.Spell
Default.jpgVale Spirit AttackFires a beam that damages enemies.Spell
Default.jpgVoid BarrageFires successive void projectiles towards target location.Spell
Default.jpgVoid BreathFires an orb which detonates after traveling a set distance.Spell
Default.jpgVoid EruptionCreates a cascade of void explosions at target area.Spell
Default.jpgWhirlpoolCreates a whirlpool at target location which damages enemies over time.Spell
EntanglingRootsIcon.pngEntangling Roots (Spriggan)Snares nearby enemies and deals physical damage to them.Spell15
HungeringSoulIcon.pngHungering SoulCalls forth a hungering soul that seeks out an enemy, on hit it deals necrotic damage and then possesses the target. Possessed enemies take necrotic damage over time for two seconds. Enemies cannot be possessed by multiple souls at once.Spell
PhoenixStrikeIcon.pngInspireSkeleton commanders gain the ability to use inspire, a spell which increases the attack and cast speed, physical damage, and necrotic damage of nearby allies by 20% for four seconds.Spell10
SummonValeSpiritIcon.pngNecrotic BarrageAn arcing spell which leaves an explosion of necrotic energy on impactSpell5