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You have 30% increased spell damage, but 30% reduced armor. Advances Sorcerer level by 5. Prevents taking Spellblade or Runemaster unlock nodes.
Unlock Level:
Sorcerer Level 25
Max Points:

Sorcerer is one of the master classes of the Mage.

Description[edit | edit source]

Your mastery of the arcane has attained new heights, you no longer rely on ley-lines and ancient runes to guide power through you, no, your very being has become a nexus of arcane might, a source of magic itself. Unearthly lightning erupts from your fingertips, flaming meteors rain from the heavens by your will, the very fabric of reality reshapes itself in your presence.

Iconic Equipment[edit | edit source]

Spell Tomes, special types of Offhands, will be specific to the Sorcerer class.

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