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Skills are abilities used to damage foes or to aid allies in combat. For Player Characters the skills available to them are determined by their class. Skills are unlocked by Leveling up and by choosing a master class.

Skill Usage[edit | edit source]

Skill Cost[edit | edit source]

Many skills cost Mana or have cooldowns which determine how frequently they can be used. There are some skills, which have neither Mana cost or cooldown.

Skill Animation[edit | edit source]

Skills which cannot be cast instantly will have a skill animation which determines the length of time between a skill being used and it taking effect, thus allowing another skill to be used. For melee attack skills and throwing attack skills this is known as attack speed, and for spell skills this is known as cast speed.

Area of Effect[edit | edit source]

Main article: Area of Effect

A skill's Area of Effect determines the hit radius for its effects.

Command Queueing[edit | edit source]

Attempting to use an ability or move within the last 0.5 second of an ability animation the action will occur at the end of the animation, if it is not overridden by a different action. Attempting to use an ability or move while stunned will queue the action for after the stun ends.

Skills Window[edit | edit source]

This is an example of a skills window

The skills window is part of the User Interface which shows all of the skills a player has. At the top of the skills window are the five skill specialization slots. Hovering over the skills in the main section will give a brief description of the skill and show all of their #Skill Tags. Clicking on the connected dots beneath the skill name will take you to the skill's skill tree.

Specialization[edit | edit source]

Players can specialize in up to 5 different skills, unlocking powerful skill trees with nodes that enhance the skill. The first skill specialization is unlocked at Level 3, the second at level 9, third at level 19, fourth at level 34 and the final specialization at level 49.

Once Specialized a skill gains Experience along with the character and each level on the skill grants a skill point used to upgrade the nodes on the skill tree.

A player may choose to despecialize in a skill, freeing up the specialization slot for another skill, however all experience on the despecialized skill will be lost.

Skill Tags[edit | edit source]

Skill tags are short descriptors shown at the bottom of skill tooltips when hovered over, they indicate the various attributes of skills.

Ability Types[edit | edit source]

A skill will always have exactly one ability type.

Damage Types[edit | edit source]

Damage from each of the Damage Types is mitigated separately during Combat Calculations. If a skill has multiple damage types, its damage is divided amongst each type.

Other Types[edit | edit source]

Minion Ability Tags[edit | edit source]

Minion skills will also have minion ability tags listed for the abilities that the minions summoned by that skill can use. These tags are identical to the skill tags used by player skills.

Skill Bar[edit | edit source]

The skill bar is a user interface element which shows the players active skills. A player can have up to 5 skills active on the skill bar at a time. These skills do not need to be specialized skills. In order to equip a skill to a slot players may either drag from the skills window or click on the slot and then the skill in the skills window. When a new skill is equipped to a slot it will be placed on cooldown for a short duration.

List of Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
AttackIcon.pngAttackA basic attack with your weapon that costs no mana.Melee Attack01

Acolyte Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
ExhumeIcon.pngExhumeRaises three corpses out of the ground, which you can make use of with other skills.Spell10318
HungeringSoulIcon.pngHungering SoulsCalls forth seven hungering souls that seek out enemies, on hit they deal necrotic damage and then possesses the target. Possessed enemies take necrotic damage over time for two seconds. Enemies cannot be possessed by multiple souls at once.Spell1112
MarkForDeathIcon.pngMark for DeathMarks enemies in a target area for death, causing them to take 30% increased damage for 8 seconds.Spell1011
MarrowShardsIcon.pngMarrow ShardsFires sharpened bones from your body. The bones pierce through enemies inflicting physical damage. Instead of mana, 8% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.Spell04
RipBloodIcon.pngRip BloodRips blood out of a target enemy dealing physical damage to it. An orb of the blood is drawn back to you, restoring 10 health when it reaches you.Spell41
SummonSkeletonIcon.pngSummon SkeletonSummons a skeleton warrior or skeleton mage to guard you. You are limited to 3 skeletons at a time.Spell (No Tag)203
TransplantIcon.pngTransplantCreates a new body for you at the target location, then detonates your old body to deal physical damage to enemies around it.Spell5014
WanderingSpiritsIcon.pngWandering SpiritsReveals wandering spirits around you for 5 seconds. The Spirits wander at random dealing necrotic damage over time to enemies they pass through.
The damage scales with your increases to minion damage, but the spirits do not count as your minions.
Spell (No Tag)1588

Lich Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
AuraOfDecayIcon.pngAura of DecayToggles aura of decay, which poisons you every second, and leaves a trail of decay. Enemies near you or in the trail are poisoned three times per second. You take 60% less poison damage while aura of decay is active.Spell0115
CremateIcon.pngCremateBurns a corpse, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies, and raising a flame wraith from the remainsSpell3230
DefileIcon.pngDefileConsume corpses in a target area, pulling any remaining life force from them to gain ward. Ward is a decaying shield that protects your health.Spell05
SoulFeastIcon.pngSoul FeastFeasts on the souls of all enemies marked for death, dealing necrotic damage to them, and drawing a fragment of each of their souls back to you. The soul fragments each grant 5 ward when they reach you.Spell2010

Necromancer Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
BoneGolemIcon.pngSummon Bone GolemSummons a bone golem, which attacks slowly, but retaliates with a bone nova when it takes 70 damage.Spell (No Tag)601030
SacrificeIcon.pngSacrificeRips apart an allied minion, dealing physical damage to enemies around it. Added damage applies at double effectiveness.Spell305
SummonWraithIcon.pngSummon WraithSummons a wraith that rapidly fades from this world, but will seek and attack your foes while it remains.Spell (No Tag)1510

Warlock Skills[edit | edit source]

There are no Warlock skills yet.

Mage Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
ElementalNovaIcon.pngElemental NovaCasts a nova around you that deals fire, cold and lightning damage.Spell102
FireballIcon.pngFireballCast a ball of fire dealing moderate damageSpell48
FireShieldIcon.pngFire ShieldSurrounds you with a protective shield for 14 seconds that grants 100 elemental protection and retaliates with a fireball when you take 30 damage. Can be cast instantly.Spell2014
FocusIcon.pngFocusHold the ability key to channel. 300% increased mana regeneration while channeling.Spell014
GlacierIcon.pngGlacierCreates three successively larger ice explosions in the target direction.Spell07
IceBarrage(RotatedRight)Icon.pngSnap FreezeFreeze enemies in a cone in front of you. Freeze lasts for 1.2 seconds.Spell2769
IceBoltIcon.pngIce BarrageChannel to prepare ice shards which are released after a second or when you stop channeling. Ice shards are projectiles that create an ice explosion on hit.
The shards and explosions have a freeze rate of 12.
LightningBlastIcon.pngLightning BlastHurl a bolt of lightning at the targetSpell01
ManaStrikeIcon.pngMana StrikeA melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you, dealing 10 additional lightning damage and returning 10 mana to you for each enemy hit. Applies added damage at half effectiveness.Melee Attack06
StaticOrbIcon.pngStatic OrbCasts an orb in a target direction that deals lightning damage and pull enemies that it hits towards it as it travels. At the end of its path it discharges, dealing lightning damage to enemies around it.Spell153
TeleportIcon.pngTeleportTeleport to target location.Spell25412

Runemaster Skills[edit | edit source]

There are no Runemaster skills yet.

Sorcerer Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
BlackHoleIcon.pngBlack HoleSummon a powerful black hole at target location that aggressively pulls enemies and deals high damage.Spell8530
MeteorIcon.pngMeteorCall a meteor from the sky that deals a large amount of damage upon landing.Spell605
VolcanicOrbIcon.pngVolcanic OrbCasts fiery orb that spews burning shrapnel in all directions. Added damage applies at 50% of it's value.Spell6010

Spellblade Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
FlameReaveIcon.pngFlame ReaveA melee attack that releases a wave of flames from your weapon cleaving through enemies in a cone in front of you. Deals 10 additional fire damage. Deals up to 50% less damage to distant enemies.Melee Attack185
IceWardIcon.pngIce WardToggles a protective shield that chills nearby enemies and grants 4 ward per second. Can be cast instantly.Spell0110
InnervateIcon.pngInnervateGrants 50 ward and grants 100% increased mana efficiency for 5 seconds. Can be cast instantly.Spell01230

Primalist Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
CallOfTheHuntIcon.pngCall of the HuntCall your minions to hunt a specific target. The target takes 10% increased damage for 3 seconds. This debuff can stack multiple times but can only be on one target at once.Spell011
EntanglingRootsIcon.pngEntangling RootsCalls forth roots from the ground that snare nearby enemies and deal physical damage to them over time. Added damage applies to the damage over time at 30% effectiveness per second.Spell508
FuryLeapIcon.pngFury LeapLeap to the target location, dealing damage to nearby enemies when you hit the ground. Doubles any added damage. Has a 7 second cooldown that resets on kill.Melee Attack2073
HealingWindIcon.pngHealing WindSummons healing wind around nearby allies, restoring their health over a short duration. Can be cast instantly.Spell28222
SummonFrenzyTotemIcon.pngSummon Frenzy TotemSummons a totem that increases the attack and cast speed of all nearby allies.Spell (No Tag)18612
SummonSprigganIcon.pngSummon SprigganSummon a spriggan that casts spells to attack your enemies and has a healing aura that grants 100% increased health regeneration. Resistant to powerful area attacks.Spell (No Tag)44813
SummonThornTotemIcon.pngSummon Thorn TotemSummons a totem that fires thorns at nearby enemies.Spell (No Tag)1634
SummonValeSpiritIcon.pngSummon Vale SpiritSummon a vale spirit that orbits you and attacks your enemies.Spell (No Tag)401018
SummonWolfIcon.pngSummon WolfSummons a primal wolf that follows you into combat. Resistant to powerful area attacks.Spell (No Tag)36101
SwipeIcon.pngSwipeA melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you. Unaffected by weapon range.Melee Attack06
ThicketBladesIcon.pngThicket BladesSummon a mystical thicket around you that repeatedly damages nearby enemies. Recasting refreshes the duration. Added damage applies at 70% of its value. Can be cast instantly.Spell30417
ThornBurstIcon.pngThorn BurstReleases a burst of thorns, dealing physical damage to surrounding enemies.Spell62

Beastmaster Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
FlankingStrikeIcon.pngFlanking StrikeDash through the target dealing damage in your path. Your nearest summoned beast dashes through the target as well.Melee Attack50240
PrimalChallengeIcon.pngPrimal ChallengePulls in nearby enemies, stunning them and increasing the duration of stuns on them for 5 seconds.Spell0430
SerpentStrikeIcon.pngSerpent StrikeA melee attack that poisons the target. Requires a polearm.Melee Attack010
SummonBearIcon.pngSummon BearSummons a primal bear that follows you into combat. Every 10 seconds the bear can roar to stun surrounding enemies and increase the duration of subsequent stuns on them. Resistant to powerful area attacks.Spell (No Tag)36145

Druid Skills[edit | edit source]

There are no Druid skills yet.

Shaman Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
StormCallIcon.pngSummon Storm TotemSummons a totem that casts lightning spells around it for 8 seconds, limited to 1.Spell (No Tag)1685
TornadoIcon.pngTornadoConjures a tornado that moves at random, pulling in nearby enemies and dealing physical damage to them. Added damage applies at 40% of its value.Spell2510

Rogue Skills[edit | edit source]

There are no Rogue skills yet.

Bladedancer Skills[edit | edit source]

There are no Bladedancer skills yet.

Falconer Skills[edit | edit source]

There are no Falconer skills yet.

Marksman[edit | edit source]

There are no Marksman skills yet.

Sentinel Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
DarkFissureIcon.pngDark FissureA powerful melee attack that leaves a dark fissure that lasts 4 seconds. Enemies near the fissure are inflicted with despair which reduced their damage by 40%.Melee Attack2017
EphemeralStanceIcon.pngEphemeral StanceToggles ephemeral stance. While in ephemeral stance you deal 70% increased physical and void damage, but lose 7% of your current health when you use a skill and lose 37% more mana from mana drain effects. You can only have one stance active at once.Spell0113
ErasingStrikeIcon.pngErasing StrikeA melee attack that hits all enemies in a large area in front of you. Enemies killed from the hit are erased from existence, replaced by void rifts. Added melee damage has 170% effectiveness on the initial hit, but none on the void rifts, which are spells.Melee Attack607
HammerThrowIcon.pngHammer ThrowThrows a hammer that returns to you after a short delay. This is a throwing attack that scales with throwing attack damage and throwing attack speed. It is not a melee attack or spell.Throwing Attack42
JuggernautStanceIcon.pngJuggernaut StanceToggles juggernaut stance. While in juggernaut stance you take 40% less damage, but have 20% less movement speed and 40% less attack and cast speed. You can only have one stance active at once.Spell0110
LungeIcon.pngLungeDash to a nearby enemy and strike it with your weapon. Cannot be used without a target.Melee Attack0311
RiveIcon.pngRiveSlashes in a full circle around the character, lacerating on hit. Lacerated enemies take physical damage over time for 2 seconds, based on your added melee damage. Laceration does not stack.Melee Attack03
ShieldRushIcon.pngShield RushRequires a shield. Charge through enemies to the target location. You hit enemies in your path and in a wider area at the end of the movement.Melee Attack014
ShieldThrowIcon.pngShield ThrowThrows a shield in a line. Whenever it hits an enemy part shatter off and pierce nearby enemies.Throwing Attack305
TempestIcon.pngWarpathSpin towards the mouse while you hold down the ability key, striking nearby enemies as you move. Hits at twice your attack rate, but added damage applies at 40% effectiveness. Drains 20 mana per second. You cannot be stunned while spinning. Not affected by weapon range.Melee Attack2011
VengeanceIcon.pngVengeanceA melee attack that also prepares you to riposte incoming hits.

If Vengeance successfully hits an enemy and you take damage in the next 2 seconds you will riposte, striking at a nearby enemy.
Melee Attack06

Forge Guard Skills[edit | edit source]

There are no Forge Guard skills yet.

Void Knight Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel Unlocked
AbyssalEchoesIcon.pngAbyssal EchoesA nova that echos from enemies it hits and applies abyssal decay. Enemies with abyssal decay take void damage over time for 6 seconds, if they take a hit all the damage from abyssal decay is dealt to them immediately.Spell3510
AnomalyIcon.pngAnomalySends an enemy forward in time by 4 seconds.Spell0830
DevouringOrbIcon.pngDevouring OrbCreates a devouring orb at the target location that casts a void rift whenever something dies nearby, each successive rift has 12% increased damage and area of effect.Spell30415
RavagingStanceIcon.pngRavaging StanceToggles ravaging stance. While in ravaging stance you lose 5% of your current health per second, but emit an aura that afflicts nearby enemies with a ravaging ailment that deals void damage over time, but does not stack. You can only have one stance active at once.Spell0140
VolatileReversalIcon.pngVolatile ReversalReturns you to the position you were at 2 seconds ago, reverting changes to your current health and mana since then.Spell0185

Paladin Skills[edit | edit source]

There are no Paladin skills yet.