Serpent Strike

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Serpent Strike is a Primalist Melee Attack Skill which is unlocked at level 10.

Serpent Strike
Primalist Level 10
Skill Type:
Melee Attack
Damage Types:
Physical and Poison
Mana Cost:
Strength Dexterity

Skill Description[edit source]

A melee attack that poisons the target. Requires a polearm. Poisons inflicted by serpent strike last 40% longer.

Attribute Effects

Strength: 4% increased damage per point
Dexterity: 4% increased damage and chance to poison on melee hit per point

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Primal Serpent Primal Serpent 7% per point chance on kill to summon a Primal Serpent. Primal Serpents are melee minions which always poison on hit. They have an unlimited duration but do not regen health. You are limited to one Primal Serpent at a time. 4
Culling Point Culling Point Your hits with Serpent Strike instantly kill enemies that are below a health threshold (8% of their maximum life per point). 3
Devour Prey Devour Prey You gain 10 health on kill with Serpent Strike per point. 2
Claws of the Bear Aspect of the Monkey Gain 10 dodge rating per point for 4 seconds when you use Serpent Strike. 6
Blood Flurry Blood Flurry 5% increased attack speed per point and 5% chance to inflict bleeding per point. 6
Gouging Spear Gouging Spear 20% chance to inflict bleeding on hit per point. 3
Eye of the Viper Eye of the Viper Adds 3% to base crit chance per point. 2
Confidence Confidence Gain 5 health on crit per point. 3
Breaking Point Breaking Point 20% chance per point to reduce armor by 40 for 4 seconds on hit. 2
Aspect of the Cobra Aspect of the Cobra Release a poisoning projectile when you use Serpent Strike. 20% less attack speed (multiplicative with other bonuses). Other nodes on this tree do not apply to the poisoning projectile. 1
Steel Thorn Steel Thorn Serpent Strike no longer releases a poisoning projectile, but deals 50% increased damage with its initial hit. 1
Debilitating Poison Debilitating Poison 17% to inflict blinding poison on hit per point. Unlike regular poison, blinding poison does not reduce poison resistance, but it still deals poison damage over time and also blinds the inflicted enemy. 3
Septic Wounds Septic Wounds 25% more damage against enemies inflicted with blinding poison per point. 25% more damage against enemies affected by blind per point. 3
Chrono Strike Chrono Strike Gain 10% increased damage over time per point for 4 seconds when you use Serpent Strike. 5
Disease Blade Disease Blade 15% chance to inflict disease on hit per point. Disease deals large amounts of poison damage over time, but unlike poison it does not stack or reduce poison resistance. 7
Spear Flurry Spear Flurry 7% increased attack speed per point. 5
Aspect of the Scorpion Aspect of the Scorpion Gain 12% increased poison damage per point for 4 seconds when you use Serpent Strike. 5