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Sea Titan
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Sea Titan is a Non-Player Character. They are a prominent Story Character in the World of Eterra. The Sea Titan was the lifeform from which Lagon was created.

History[edit | edit source]

The stories say that ages ago, long before humanity arose, Lagon was nameless, a terrifying being of unknowable anatomy that shattered the mind of any mortal that dared to look upon it. Where the other great gods that would be charged by Eterra with the protection of humanity were already proven leaders of the lands they ruled, the being that would become Lagon was a raging monstrosity. No other spirits of the sea could hope to challenge the raging titan when Eterra decided to empower the gods she knew any spirit she chose would be destroyed by this abomination, so she crafted a plan.

Eterra waded out into the western sea and formed an island from which she could speak to the sea titan from. She waited until the moon was full and bright in the night sky and called out to it, the waters frothed as the titan’s many eyes rose up to answer her. To it, she said, “Creature, I offer you a bargain. Every night I stand watch over my humans for I know you hunger for them so, but tonight there are matters I must attend to elsewhere and I can not protect them. Do you see the moon overhead? If you keep even one of your terrible eyes fixed upon the moon and if the terrible body attached to it does not leave this island until the moon has passed from its sight and it gazes upon the dawn, I will reward that terrible creature with the moon itself. This way I will know my humans are safe.”

The sea titan agreed to this deal and Eterra went on her way, for the titan had a plan of its own. The titan began carving pieces from itself, a claw here, a slab of shell and coral there, and arranged it in the shape of one of the humans Eterra so loved then crowned it with its smallest most pitiful eye, angling it to stare directly at the moon. Its work finished, the titan dragged its still bleeding mass back into the sea and began to swim for the mainland so it could find the humans and feast.

Eterra anticipated this treachery however, she returned to the island and saw the sea titan’s work and touched that small singular eye and coaxed the moonlight into it. It grew and grew, larger and brighter until it appeared as though the moon itself was atop the figure, and then, the power of the moon and Eterra flowed from that eye and into the rest of the flesh, giving it life. This new creature turned to Eterra and bade her, “Mother Goddess, what am I? What is my purpose?”

Eterra spoke, “You are Lagon, the god of sea and storms. Your purpose is to go and destroy the sea titan that now swims to my shore.” And Lagon raised his hands, as monstrous as they were and crafted his first storm. The waves battered the bleeding sea titan, slamming it into the rocks and edges of the shore. Thunder rang out, shattering the titan’s shell, lightning searing its writhing flesh. Despite this assault, the sea titan still managed to reach the shore, just in time for it to lose the last of its lifeblood.