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Sacrifice is a Acolyte Spell Skill which is unlocked at level 10.

Acolyte Level 10
Skill Type:
Damage Types:
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Rips apart an allied minion, dealing physical damage to enemies around it. Added damage applies at double effectiveness.

Attribute Effects

Intelligence: 4% increased damage per point

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
Soul Shatter Soul Shatter 15% increased damage per point. 5% increased mana cost per point. 7
Great Sacrifice Great Sacrifice 35% increased damage if the sacrificed minion had more health than you before you sacrificed it, you monster. 4
Punishment Punishment 20% more damage against bleeding monsters per point. 3
Last Sacrifice Last Sacrifice 35% increased damage per point if the minion you sacrifice is your only active minion. 2
Altar of Flames Altar of Flames Sacrifice deals 6 additional fire damage per point. 4
Burning Offerings Burning Offerings 34% chance to ignite on hit per point. 3
Infernal Vidication Infernal Vindication 13% increased mana efficiency per point. When you cast sacrifice you deal 13% increased damage over time per point for 4 seconds. You cannot have multiple instances of this buff at once. 3
Bone Nova Bone Nova 20% increased mana cost. Sacrificing a minion also creates a Bone Nova around the minion. Enemies hit by the initial blast of the sacrifice cannot be hit by the Bone Nova, but the shards of bone from the Bone Nova do travel further out and can hit enemies outside the range of the initial blast. 1
Bone Missiles Bone Missiles Bone Nova's projectiles travel 25% faster and further per point. 4
Ivory Ballista Ivory Ballista The health restored by the blood orb created by Rip Blood is reduced by 30%. Rip Blood is free when you are out of mana. Rip Blood cannot cause a Blood Splatter while you are out of mana. 1
Impaling Impaling Bone Nova deals 25% increased damage per point. 4
Lacerating Bones Lacerating Bones Bone Nova has 25% chance to cause bleeding per point. 4
Avatar of Decay Avatar of Decay When you cast Sacrifice you deal 20% increased damage over time per point for 4 seconds. You cannot have multiple instances of this buff at once. 3
Temple of Awe Temple of Awe 20% increased area of effect and stun chance per point. 4
Necrotic Audience Necrotic Audience 40% increased area of effect per point, if you have 3 or more minions when you cast sacrifice. 6
Necrotic Inspiration Necrotic Inspiration Rip Blood deals 1.5% increased damage per point for each minion you currently control. 1
Catalyst of Horror Catalyst of Horror 60% increased mana cost. Sacrifice chains between your minions. That is to say if a minion is within the area of the initial sacrifice it will also be sacrificed and minions within the area of that sacrifice will also be sacrificed and so on. 1
Pontifex Pontifex Sacrifice deals 1.5% increased damage for each minion you currently control. 3
Blood Wraith Blood Wraith When you sacrifice a minion you have a 15% chance to assemble a Blood Wraith from the remains. Blood Wraiths are melee minions that lose health at an accelerating rate. 1
From Blood From Blood Blood Wraiths have 30% more health and damage (multiplicative with other modifiers). 4
Crimson Horror Crimson Horror Adds an 8 second cooldown to sacrifice. Sacrifice always creates a Blood Wraith when you sacrifice a minion. Blood Wraiths have 100% more health and damage (multiplicative with other modifiers), and 40% increased size. 1
Hemophage Hemophage Blood Wraiths leech 25% of damaga as health per point. Sacrifice has 5% additional chance per point to summon a Blood Wraith when you sacrifice a minion. 3
Eviscerating Wraith Eviscerating Wraith Blood Wraiths have 34% additional chance to inflict bleeding on hit per point. 3