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Unrivaled in bow and blade, the Rogue strikes out from the shadows to find a higher purpose for her deadly talents
Master classes:

Rogue is one of the base classes in Last Epoch.

Master classes[edit | edit source]

Rogue allows players to choose the following masteries:

Backstory[edit | edit source]

People want someone else to do their dirty work for them, a fact that has been true since the beginning of history and remains true even in the great city of Maj’elka. The slums of Maj’elka, despite the wealth of its nobles and artists, are still a place where those skilled in cunning and killing prosper, anyone talented in making problems disappear will find work.

The Rogue has made a living off of their skills, her knives silent and arrows true, drawing the attention of clients from all over Maj’elka’s underbelly. One job changed everything. A Nagasa woman came to her, scaled snake-like form hidden in robes, she paid the Rogue to assassinate the Vessel Maiden Apophis herself, future body for and conduit of Majasa’s power. The job would be her most dangerous yet, and the pay offered justified it.

The day finally came, the Vessel Maiden made one of her rare appearances to the public, stepping out onto the terrace of the temple at the center of the city. The Rogue saw her from her hidden position, poisoned arrow at the ready, but the sight left her taken aback. The beautiful Apophis was none other than the Nagasa woman who had approached her that night. The murder Apophis had commissioned was her own. Was it a trap? Was she set up? And if it wasn’t, what then? The Rogue stowed her bow away and immediately fled the city. She had no desire to find out how Apophis would take her last-minute refusal of their deal.