Reach of the Grave

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Reach of the Grave is a unique Wand based on the Necromancer's Wand.

Reach of the Grave
Unique Necromancer's Wand
10-12 Increased Minion Damage
6-10 Increased Base Spell Damage
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Your minion's spell and bow attacks deal 100% increased damage.
Your minions leech 10% of damage dealt by their spells and bow attacks as health.
The touch of death reaches far beyond the grave.
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Sell price: 1000

Equipment Based on Necromancer's Wand

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsSet ModifiersFlavor TextReq. Level
NecromancersWand.pngNecromancer's WandWeapon  -  Wand10-12 Increased Minion Damage
6-10 Increased Base Spell Damage