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Pre-Alpha 0.4.9 is a Game Version of Last Epoch that was released on April 13th, 2018.

Pre-Alpha 0.4.9
Patch Notes: pre-alpha-0-4-9-patch-notes
Release Date: 13 April, 2018

Download[edit | edit source]

This version is available on the community Discord server.

Commentary[edit | edit source]

Another huge patch, probably our biggest yet! There’s a new class, new skill trees and so much more.

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Void Knight - New Class![edit | edit source]

  • New character and armor model
  • New skills
    • Vengeance: Melee attack that also allows you to retaliate against hits shortly afterward
    • Tempest: Hit rate scales with attack speed, damage scales with melee damage. Drains 23 mana per second of use
    • Hammer Throw: Throws a hammer with high stun chance that returns to you.
    • Shield Rush: Charge forward with a shield, hitting all enemies in your path
    • Erasing Strike: Melee attack that hits a large area in front of you. Enemies erased by this attack turn into void novas
    • Volatile Reversal: Transports you to your location from 2 seconds before, and reverts your health and mana
    • Devouring Orb: Creates an orb that casts a void rift whenever an enemy dies nearby. Each successive void rift has 25% increased damage and AoE
    • Anomaly: Sends enemies forward in time (disappear and reappear after 4 seconds)
    • Sunder: Slashes in a full circle, lacerating enemies. Laceration does physical damage over time based on your added melee damage and does not stack.
    • Abyssal Echoes: A void nova that echoes from each enemy it hits and applies abyssal decay. Abyssal decay deals physical damage over time, but if the victim is hit the damage is dealt all at once.
    • Shield Throw: Throws a shield in a line, whenever it hits enemies a part shatters off that pierces.
    • Ravaging Aura: An aura of void damage centered on the player
  • New Passive Grid

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked Mana:
    • You can use any ability while you have mana
    • If you use an ability which costs more mana than you have then you will be left with negative mana until it refills
    • While you have negative mana you can only use abilities that cost no mana
    • Mana Strike, Swipe and Serpent Strike now cost no mana
    • Increased mana regen by 67%
  • Reworked item drops in the Arena
    • Pauses every 5 waves now have no time limit and are ended by clicking a button
    • There is now a long pause after wave 2 if your character is below level 6
    • Enemies no longer drop items
    • Barrels which drop lots of items are spawned when a long pause starts
    • When you press the button to start the next wave all barrels and items are deleted
    • Items in the arena no longer disappear after a duration
  • Items can now be moved between windows with shift + right click
  • Added an Autosort button (it doesn't actually sort the items yet but rather fixes all ghosted items and condenses the inventory to the left as much as possible)
  • Added a new status effect, shock. Reduces tenacity and elemental protection by 50 for 4 seconds
  • Holding shift now prevents you from moving to attack (moving to attack can also be completely turned off in options)
  • After respawning you now take no damage for 3 seconds (or until you use an ability)
  • Added extra tabs to the stash
  • You can now make hardcore characters that are deleted on death (not balanced yet)
  • When you load a character you now spawn at The Square if you've reached it with that character
  • Waypoints now activate when you walk within about 9 meters of them
  • Developer Mode is now toggled with alt + d
  • The shop now refills after being closed for 5 minutes or when it has 2 items or less (instead of on every close)

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Added augment trees for the following skills:
  • Reworked the Elemental Nova tree
    • The nodes that give ward now give flat ward instead of ward as a percentage of your health
    • The nodes that give ward now have a static chance to give ward, with the amount increasing with the number of points you put in
    • The node that previously increased the amount of ward you gained on kill from the ward gained on kill node now grants a non-stacking ward retention buff for 4 seconds on kill
    • Removed the node that causes the skill to always ignite and gives it a cooldown
    • Added a node that gives 300% increased AoE and gives the skill a cooldown
    • Added a node that gives the skill extra charges (behind the cooldown node)
    • Removed the node that gives increased critical strike chance
    • Added a node that gives 20% shock chance and 10% mana efficiency per point
    • Added a node that gives 25% shock effect per point for 4 second on hit (does not stack)
    • Added a node that gives 40% increased AoE per point
  • Reworked the Fury Leap tree
    • Fixed nodes that granted increased damage or stun chance having no effect
    • Added an increased area node
    • Added a more damage against enemies that are injured node
    • The pull effect granted by the chance to pull node now has 67% increased radius
    • Adjusted node connections
  • Changed the area damage portion of Fire Shield's tree
    • The initial AoE damage is granted by a 1 point node, is twice as high, and increases mana cost by 40%
    • There is a separate node that provides the additional damage that the main node used to
    • AoE now scales with added spell damage (at 50% effectiveness each second), This scaling also applies to Mourningfrost's added damage, which used to apply to Fire Shield's AoE at 300% effectiveness each second
  • Added 3 nodes to the Summon Wolf augment tree
  • Added a node to the Fireball tree that makes the skill free to cast when out of mana, but removes any extra projectiles (compensating with 10% increased damage for each one)
  • Added a node to Lightning Blast's tree that makes it free to cast, but reduces its damage by 25%
  • Added 4 new nodes to the Swipe tree
  • Adjusted Sorcerer skill progression
    • Fire Shield is now unlocked at level 3
    • Static Orb is now unlocked at level 4
    • Glacier is now unlocked at level 6
    • Mana Strike is now unlocked at level 7
    • Volcanic Orb is now unlocked at level 8
    • Fireball is now unlocked at level 11
    • Meteor is now unlocked at level 12
    • Innervate is now unlocked at level 13
    • Ice Barrage is now unlocked at level 14
    • The Sorcerer no longer unlocks charged ground. It is still possible to trigger Charged Ground through a node on Static Orb's augment tree
  • Adjusted Beastmaster skill progression
  • Reworked the Sorcerer Grid
    • Added a node that grants 6% increased cast speed for 2 seconds when you cast a spell
    • Added a node that gives you 20 ward when you spend more than 40 mana to use an ability
    • Added a node that grants 50% increased shock effect
    • Added a node that grants 40% increased elemental damage for 4 seconds on potion use
    • Changed the positions of most nodes on the tree
  • Made pets more resistant to damage from Ahuizotls, the drowned mage and ice golems
  • Made Innervate an instant cast
  • You can now cast movement skills and Tornado on fixed position enemies
  • The speed of Fury Leap's animation is now scaled so that the animation lasts the full duration of the leap
  • Flanking Strike now stops if you reach impassible terrain
  • Ice Ward now drains 2 mana per second instead of reducing mana regen
  • The range at which you stop to use Mana Strike or Swipe now depends on the nodes you have taken on their trees
  • Ice Ward is now a toggle, it has no upfront mana cost, but drains 3 mana per second and grants 20% less ward per second than it used to
  • Nerfed several nodes of the Glacier tree that gave mana
  • Increased the mana cost of Fireball by 100%
  • Increased the mana cost of Flanking Strike by 60%
  • Increased the mana cost of Lightning Blast and Thorn Burst by 50%
  • Increased the mana cost of Entangling Roots by 20%
  • Increased mana cost of Entangling Roots to 35
  • Increased the mana cost of Teleport to 50 (please keep the mana regen buffs in mind)
  • New vfx for Healing Wind

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Affix shards are now restricted by the base type of the item (For example, no block chance affixes on Rings)
  • Added 3 new prefixes:
    • Health regen for 4 seconds on potion use
    • Spell damage for 4 seconds on potion use
    • Movement speed for 4 seconds on potion use
  • Throwing attack speed
  • Throwing attack damage
  • Added 2 new suffixes:
    • Shock chance, which can spawn on all weapons and amulets, but is only common on wands
    • Increased shock effect, which can spawn on wands and amulets
  • Adjusted void damage on items
  • There is no longer a wand base type that grants void spell damage
  • Increased void damage can no longer spawn on wands
  • Increased void damage is much more common on every other item base type it could spawn on
  • Added melee void damage now grants the same amount of damage as other non-physical added damage affixes
  • Added melee void damage can now spawn on one handed melee weapons as well as two handed melee weapons
  • Reduced the occurrence chance of the % damage dealt to mana prefix by 75%
  • Added multiple shield base types, and distributed uniques across them (same art)
  • Buffed Taste of Blood (unique axe)
  • Ward Trail now gives 10% of your dodge rating as ward on a dodge (instead of 25%)
  • Added new 2d and 3d art for Stormbreaker

UI[edit | edit source]

  • Added display for chances of different kinds of fracture in crafting menu
  • The player now stops moving when a conversation starts
  • The inventory now opens when you open the stash
  • The inventory now opens when the shop window opens
  • Stash and Shop now have item grids
  • The character sheet now says "Hardcore" in the top left if your character is a hardcore character. If it is not a hardcore character but has not died yet then it says "Deathless"
  • Ground item tooltips now scale properly with resolution. They are no longer tiny at 4k, and no longer massive at 720p
  • The Forge button now looks different when a forge or shatter cannot occur
  • Added instructions to the shop window

Visuals[edit | edit source]

  • Updated to a new Sorcerer player model and armor set
  • The three circles next to the health potion now display how many times you can use your health potion
  • Added a particle effect for when you’re out of mana
  • Many weapon affixes now cause the weapon to have a visual effect (e.g. a weapon might be on fire if it has increased fire damage)
  • The potion visual effect now lasts 4 seconds if you have an effect that grants a buff for 4 seconds when you use a potion, and lasts 0.8 seconds otherwise
  • The potion visual effect is no longer visible through walls

Level Design[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed movement issues in arena

Sound[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Completely reworked the Draal Queen fight, removing all her old abilities and adding four new ones
  • Added a new ability for the Bone Fiend
  • Made the Bone Fiend's death clearer
  • Damage required for retaliation is now scaled up in the arena at the same rate as monster health, so monsters should retaliate a more consistent number of times before they die
  • Volatile Bristlemaws now explode 1 second after dying instead of immediately after dying, but the explosion deals 27% more damage
  • Void Husks now have a delayed explosion
  • Reduced the attack speed and AoE of the Protector Statue's rock throw attack, but increased its damage
  • Byorls spawn at level 24 in the arena (up from 17), do significantly less damage, but have more health
  • Fire golems' fire shields no longer retaliate with fireball. Fire golem's fire shields now deal damage in aoe
  • Abyssal Crawlers attack 11% more slowly with their breath attack
  • Voidfire Aberrants deal 17% less damage with their void strike attack
  • Fire Golems now use Fire Circle instead of Fire Shield
  • Ash Wolves can no longer be heroic and deal less damage, but have homing fireballs
  • Corrupted Statues attack slower, but hit harder
  • Volatile Bristlemaws' explosions deal more damage
  • Phrax deal more damage
  • Thicket Crawlers have more health
  • Draal Spitters attack faster
  • Void Husks can now be heroic (they gain the abyssal orb ability)
  • Heroic Void Spectres now gain access to Void Eruption instead of Void Nova

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed music restarting if you entered a new area with the same music
  • Fixed a movement obstruction issue in Temple of Eterra
  • Fixed some sources of Elemental Protection having no effect
  • Fixed gold not saving between sessions
  • Fixed the unspent points display in the passive grid being incorrect before level 5
  • Fixed 1h swords having generic attack speed implicits instead of melee attack speed
  • Fixed enemies in the Arena occasionally spawning in an inaccessible location
  • Fixed Mourningfrost's added damage applying to status effects
  • Fixed Fire Shield's AoE not scaling with spell damage
  • Fixed a bug where node tooltips could sometimes contain text from the tooltip of the last skill tooltip you viewed
  • Fixed clicking behind the Omen of Silence causing you to walk towards it
  • Fixed deaths from damage over time giving an incorrect death message
  • Fixed a bug where removing stats with more/less multipliers would not correctly remove these modifiers
  • Fixed a bug where non-implicit movement speed from items was not added when the character was loaded, but was removed if you removed the item
  • Fixed the Imperial Death Knight in The Cliffs not being rare
  • Fixed a bug where if an Imperial Death Knight that had allies just off screen would repeatedly run back and forth doing nothing (it was trying to cast ice ward on them, but it can only cast ice ward on itself)
  • Fixed a possible crash relating to Bristlemaws leaping
  • Fixed some buffs and debuffs stacking that were not supposed to
  • Fixed increased lightning damage and increased cold damage shards not having descriptions
  • Fixed bug where Seeker's Ash did not remove extra projectiles without Embers (Fireball Skill Tree)
  • Fixed a bug where status damage could be inconsistent at low frame rates
  • Fixed incorrect music playing in Breir’s Watch after entering via waypoint
  • Fixed Ice Ward casting Elemental Nova instead of Frost Nova, and any nodes that increased the nova’s power having no effect
  • Fixed Fire Golems moving too quickly and having an incorrect hit box
  • Fixed a bug where stats that granted a chance to apply a status with a specific type of ability did not apply all parts of all abilities of the specified type
  • Fixed a bug where item tooltips would sometimes remain open when they shouldn't
  • Fixed a typo in the “adding shards” tooltip
  • Fixed fracture chances not updating when an item was removed in some cases
  • Reduced instances of summons not following across zone transitions
  • Fixed Fury Leap’s increased damage and stun chance nodes having no effect
  • Fixed certain damage type specific stats like “increased stun chance with lightning skills” had no effect
  • Fixed a bug where statuses such as poison and ignite weren't being affected by increased damage over time
  • Fixed ability tooltips not always showing correct cooldowns for specialised skills
  • Shattering an item which creates too many shards to fit in your inventory will now drop those shards on the ground instead of just letting you continue to shatter the item over and over again

Hotfix[edit | edit source]

Pre-Alpha is a hotfix that was released on April 13th, 2018.

Patch Notes: pre-alpha-0-4-9-patch-notes
Release Date: 13 April, 2018

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Implemented a major graphical overhaul