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Pre-Alpha 0.4.6 is a Game Version of Last Epoch that was released on February 22nd, 2018.

Pre-Alpha 0.4.6
Patch Notes: pre-alpha-0-4-6-patch-notes
Release Date: 22 February, 2018

Download[edit | edit source]

This version was freely available from the new community Discord server.

Commentary[edit | edit source]

Lots of changes again! Post-processing and lighting overhauls, balancing, new skill tree nodes, sounds and lots more!

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Skills can now be specialized in by dragging an icon to an open specialization slot
  • Minion skills now have the Minion tag (summoning spells still do not scale with minion cast speed, which only affects your minions)
  • Added an augment tree for Summon Bear
  • Added a new node to the Elemental Nova tree and nerfed its crit nodes
  • Adjusted connections in the Summon Wolf tree
  • Added 2 nodes to the Summon Wolf tree relating to an additional Leap Attack
  • Reworked Swipe tree
    • 2 new nodes (chance to shred armour, chance to summon claw totem on kill)
    • Older nodes are more connected
  • Thorn Burst now fire 13 projectiles by default (up from 7) and fires them over a 0.3 second duration. It also deals more damage and costs more mana.
  • Thorn Burst's node that gives a chance to fire 6 extra projectiles now gives a 34% chance (up from 20%) and a maximum of three points can be allocated to it (down from 5)
  • Static Orb now creates a lightning explosion at the end of its path
  • Reduced mana cost penalty on some Fireball nodes
  • Reduced Glacier mana cost and increased Glacier cast time
  • Slightly buffed Thorn Totem
  • Reduced damage of Spriggan's poisonous vines
  • Nerfed Volcanic Orb
    • Shrapnel no longer "shotguns"
    • Halved scaling of added damage
  • Nerfed Ice Barrage a bit
  • Added more defenses to the Beastmaster's Passive Grid axes
  • Added two defensive nodes on the Beastmaster Passive Grid and altered existing ones

Items[edit | edit source]

  • Added four unique items
  • Added descriptions to shards that say what they do
  • Added Minion Health, Minion Dodge Rating, and Minion Health Regen prefixes that can spawn on non-weapon items
  • Added Increased Damage over Time and Bleed Chance prefixes to the affix pools of some weapon types
  • Added suffixes for Reduced Damage Taken on Block and Melee Health Leech
  • Temporarily removed required level from items (not yet functional)
  • Changed item tooltip formatting
  • Prefixes are always displayed before suffixes
  • Suffixes are a slightly different colour

Visuals[edit | edit source]

  • Post-processing and lighting overhaul! Lots of changes; Linear color space, new effects, lighting tweaks. This is a first pass and will change likely in the future
  • Changed Ice Ward visual to make it clearer that it has no directional effect
  • Updated Tornado, Black Hole, Lightning Blast, Elemental Nova, Ice Ward, Mana Strike, Volcanic Orb, Thorn Totem visuals
  • Shrapnel leaves less particles and looks nicer
  • Fireball, Volcanic Orb, and shrapnel are now less orange
  • Added a visual effect for using a potion
  • Updated shattering tooltip in crafting menu to reflect change to 4 affix maximum
  • Made it clearer that move is the only "ability" on the bar the cannot be reallocated
  • Made cooldown charge graphic larger
  • Changed font of items on the ground
  • Increased the size of the item tooltips on the ground
  • Improved appearance of system introductions
  • Updated graphics of the Character Sheet to fit with the other menus
  • Updated blood effect
  • Added Coming Soon text below class badges
  • Adjusted font thickness

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Adjusted Skeleton Velite model
  • Reduced the on death damage of voidfire husks by 60%
  • Nerfed Ahuizotl, Heroic Earth Golems and Abyssal Crawlers
  • Buffed Void Spectres
  • Buffed the Bone Fiend
  • Increased the Omen of Silence's health
  • Tweaked Ahuizotl visuals
  • Improved visuals of Draal Queen poison cloud
  • Nerfed “change to dodge” affix on enemies

Level Design[edit | edit source]

  • Improved walkability of end of The Ruins
  • Fixed being able to walk into the fallen stalactite in Underground Lake
  • Fixed navmesh and visual issues in the Temple of Eterra
  • Made visual improvements and fixed camera issues in The Ruins
  • Improvements to water in Breir’s Watch and The Cliffs
  • Reduced the glow of fireflies
  • Added lighting to the exit of The Cliffs
  • Added a bunch of things to talk to in Breirhold
  • Reduced height of some trees in Trollmud Swamp for visibility
  • Added many barrels to levels (they drop items)

Sound[edit | edit source]

  • New music for Breir's Watch and Breirhold
  • Implemented new enemy sounds
  • Moss Troll death & attack
  • Bristlemaw death, attack, & leap
  • Thicket Crawler death & projectile
  • Skeleton Warrior death, attack & emerge
  • Skeleton Velite death, attack & emerge

Misc[edit | edit source]

  • Reworked how pathfinding is handled. Should feel much better to walk near enemies
  • Added base attributes for all classes
  • Ward now always decays at least 1 ward per second (stops 1 ward lasting forever)
  • Saving improvements
  • Experience is now shown when you load your character rather than just after your first kill
  • The previously selected character is no longer shown twice in the drop-down selection
  • The drop-down no longer contains empty slots that you cannot load
  • Exiting and loading before you reach level 2 will no longer result in your character being set to level 0

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed two possible causes of the game getting stuck during time travel
  • Fixed bugs where temporary buffs could permanently reduce your stats
  • Fixed character sheet descriptions and values
  • Updated descriptions of attributes
  • Protection descriptions are now clearer
  • Crit fields display the correct values
  • Changed Attack Speed field to Melee Attack Speed
  • Fixed stats not being rounded in the inventory stats panel
  • Fixed specialization slot unlock notifications overlapping with skill unlock notifications
  • Fixed the respawn menu not appearing under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug causing multiple skill trees to open at once
  • Some inventory fixes
  • Fixed typo in Close Call's tooltip
  • Fixed typos in the Passive Grid introduction tooltip
  • Fixed the minion UI so that minion portraits disappear when the minion dies
  • Fixed the mouse icon not changing when it should
  • Fixed item implicit values changing when they are picked up or loaded
  • Fixed items not changing their background color when an affix is crafted onto them
  • Fixed being able to modify uniques
  • Fixed ground item pickup bugs
  • Fixed a bug that could cause you to get stuck right before landing with Fury Leap
  • Fixed some nodes on the Elemental Nova tree affecting the Frost Nova cast by Ice Ward
  • Fixed a bug where larger vortexes from Glacier would last twice as long as intended
  • Fixed glacier costing negative mana after taking certain nodes
  • Fixed being able to push Varuhn and Maximus around
  • Fixed a bug where the elemental damage node in the Sorcerer Grid gave less damage than it should
  • Fixed being able to heal for a negative amount
  • Monsters with the "of shadows" mod should now have a more consistent dodge chance