Poisonous Vine

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Poisonous Vine
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Poisonous Vine is a Friendly Minion Non-Player Character. The Poisonous Vine may be summoned by the Summon Vine Spriggan Skill, Rise Skill Node on Fury Leap, or Reclamation Skill Node on Entangling Roots.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Poisonous Vine will not move from where it is summoned, even if it is hit by knockback or pull effects. A poisonous vine summoned by a Spriggan will not be modified by the Spriggan's summoner's Minion Stats, nor will they show up in the player's minion UI.

Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldown
Default.jpgPoisonous Vines AttackFires poisonous attacks at enemies, inflicting them with poison on hit.Spell