Poison Damage

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Poison Damage is one of the Damage Types, it is mitigated by Poison Protection.

Known Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Character Stats[edit | edit source]

Affixes[edit | edit source]

  • Increased Poison Damage

List of Poison Damage Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel UnlockedClass
AuraOfDecayIcon.pngAura of DecayToggles aura of decay, which poisons you every second, and leaves a trail of decay. Enemies near you or in the trail are poisoned three times per second. You take 45% less poison damage while aura of decay is active.Aura0110Lich
PoisonNovaIcon.pngVenom NovaThe companion ability of your Primal Scorpion. Releases a burst of venom that inflicts all enemies around the scorpion with a long lasting poison, and releases a spiral of projectiles that inflict a weaker poison on hit.Spell4510Companions
SerpentStrikeIcon.pngSerpent StrikeA melee attack that poisons the target. Requires a polearm. Poisons inflicted by serpent strike last 40% longer.Melee Attack010Primalist

NPC[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeCooldown
Default.jpgEgg SackLaunches an egg sack to target area. Upon landing it will deal damage to enemies in the area with a high stun chance. After a few seconds the egg will explode dealing damage, summoning 5 Draal Grubs, and leaving behind a poisonous cloud which will inflict poison on any enemies in the areaSpell
Default.jpgPoison SpitHurls a ball of spit at the enemy which inflicts them with poison.Spell
Default.jpgPoison SprayFires a burst of poison projectiles in an arc which deals damage and inflicts poison on hit.Spell
Default.jpgPoisonous Vines AttackFires poisonous attacks at enemies, inflicting them with poison on hit.Spell
Default.jpgThorn BarrageFires 3 poisonous projectiles in a lineSpell
Default.jpgThrow PoisonThrows a ball of poison, inflicting poison on hit.Spell
SprigganFormIcon.pngPoison ArrowDeals physical damage and poisons on hit.Bow Attack4

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