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Physical Damage is one of the Damage Types, it is mitigated by Armor and Block Armor.

Known Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Character Stats[edit | edit source]

Affixes[edit | edit source]

  • Added Melee Physical Damage (only effects Melee Attack Skills)
  • Increased Minion Physical Damage

Equipment Implicits[edit | edit source]

List of Physical Damage Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel UnlockedClass
AttackIcon.pngAttackA basic attack with your weapon that costs no mana.Melee Attack01
AvalancheIcon.pngAvalancheChannel to summon the might of winter and pummel your foes in ice and snow.Spell1720Shaman
ChargeIcon.pngChargeCharge at a nearby enemy and strike it. Knockback and deal physical damage to all enemies in your path as you charge. Cannot be used without a target.Melee Attack05Werebear Form
Default.jpgEarth SpikesA spell that deals Physical damage, triggered by Primalist's Tempest Strike.SpellTempest Strike
Default.jpgEarthquakeSlam the ground with your weapon damaging enemies in a large area and creating 2 to 4 aftershocks nearby.Melee Attack5510Shaman
Default.jpgIce ThornsReleases a burst of homing ice thorns, that deal physical and cold damage on hit and have a Freeze Rate of 15.Spell52Primalist
DetonateCorpseIcon.pngDetonate CorpseDetonates the corpse of an enemy, dealing physical damage to living enemies around it. Added damage applies at double effectiveness.Spell4520Acolyte
EntanglingRootsIcon.pngEntangling RootsCalls forth roots from the ground that snare nearby enemies and deal physical damage to them over time.Spell505Druid
FlankingStrikeIcon(new).pngFlanking StrikeYour nearest summoned beast dashes to the target and taunts it. You perform a large melee attack while your foe is distracted.Melee Attack25240Beastmaster
FlurrySwipesIcon.pngFlurry SwipesThe companion ability of your Primal Sabertooth. Releases three swipes in rapid succession.Melee Attack3610Companions
ForgeStrikeIcon.pngForge StrikeA melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you, chance to manifest a copy of your weapon for each enemy hit.Melee Attack3530Forge Guard
FuryLeapIcon.pngFury LeapLeap to the target location, dealing damage to nearby enemies when you hit the ground. Doubles any added damage.Melee Attack2073Primalist
HammerThrowIcon.pngHammer ThrowThrows a hammer that returns to you after a short delay.Throwing Attack32Sentinel
JudgementIcon.pngJudgementA powerful melee attack that leaves consecrated ground that lasts 4 seconds. Enemies in the consecrated ground are infected with despair, which reduces their damage by 40%. Allies in the consecrated ground are healed for 80 health each second.Melee Attack4015Paladin
LungeIcon.pngLungeDash to a nearby enemy and strike it with your weapon. Cannot be used without a target. Costs more mana the further away the target is.Melee Attack134Sentinel
ManifestWeaponIcon.pngManifest WeaponManifests a melee weapon to attack in the target direction, without interrupting your other actions.Melee Attack410Sentinel
MarrowShardsIcon.pngMarrow ShardsFires sharpened bones from your body. The bones pierce through enemies inflicting physical damage. Instead of mana, 9% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.Spell04Acolyte
MoltenBladeIcon.pngMolten BladeA slashing attack that sweeps a wide area with a blade of molten steel. Penetrates 100 armor and fire protection.Melee Attack1510Forge Guard
RavageIcon.pngRavageA powerful bite attack that applies StaggerMelee Attack34Werebear Form
ReapIcon.pngReapA short ranged dash that deals melee damage to enemies you pass through and returns health to you for each enemy hit.Melee Attack0Reaper Form
RebukeIcon.pngRebukeHold ability key to channel for up to 2 seconds. You take 75% less damage and cannot be stunned while channeling. When you stop channeling you unleash an attack against nearby enemies, which deals more damage for each hit you received while channeling.Melee Attack059Sentinel
RipBloodIcon.pngRip BloodRips blood out of a target enemy dealing physical damage to it. An orb of the blood is drawn back to you, restoring 10 health when it reaches you.Spell31Acolyte
RiveIcon(new).pngRiveEvery third consecutive attack with Rive slashes in a full circle around the character, lacerating enemies it hits.Melee Attack06Sentinel
SacrificeIcon.pngSacrificeRips apart an allied minion, dealing physical damage to enemies around it. Added damage applies at double effectiveness.Spell2510Acolyte
SerpentStrikeIcon.pngSerpent StrikeA melee attack that poisons the target. Requires a polearm. Poisons inflicted by serpent strike last 40% longer.Melee Attack010Primalist
ShieldRushIcon.pngShield RushRequires a shield. Charge through enemies in the target direction. You hit enemies in your path and in a wider area at the end of the movement. You do not regenerate mana while rushing.Melee Attack50210Sentinel
ShieldThrowIcon.pngShield ThrowThrows a shield in a line. Whenever it hits an enemy part shatter off and pierce nearby enemies.Throwing Attack3015Sentinel
SprigganFormIcon(new).pngSpriggan FormTransform into a forest spriggan, increasing your casting capabilities and gaining 4 new abilities. Your mana does not regenerate while in spriggan form. When your mana reaches 0 you automatically transform back into your human form, instantly regaining 50 mana.Spell020Druid
SwipeIcon.pngSwipeA melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you. Unaffected by weapon range.Melee Attack06Primalist
TempestStrikeIcon.pngTempest StrikeMelee attack that if it hits an enemy can trigger 3 different Spell Skills. Earth Spikes, Northern Winds, and Lightning Bolt at a 20% chance each.
Modifiers to attack speed instead apply to Critical Strike Chance for both the melee attack and the spells
Melee Attack010Primalist
TornadoIcon.pngTornadoConjures a tornado that moves at random, pulling in nearby enemies and dealing physical damage to them. Added damage applies at 40% of its value.Spell2510Shaman
TransplantIcon.pngTransplantCreates a new body for you at the target location, then detonates your old body to deal physical damage to enemies around it. Instead of mana 13% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.Spell413Acolyte
ValeBlastIcon.pngVale BlastHurl a bolt of vale lightning at the targetSpell3Spriggan Form
VengeanceIcon.pngVengeanceA melee attack that also prepares you to riposte incoming hits.
If Vengeance successfully hits an enemy and you take damage in the next 2 seconds you will riposte,taking 30% less damage and striking at a nearby enemy.
Melee Attack01Sentinel
WarpathIcon.pngWarpathSpin towards the mouse while you hold down the ability key, striking nearby enemies as you move.Melee Attack2013Sentinel
WerebearSwipeIcon.pngWerebear SwipeA melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you.Melee Attack3Werebear Form

NPC[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeCooldown
BoneNovaIcon.pngBone NovaFires bones shards in a circular arc.Spell
Default.jpgBone ShardFires 5 shard projectiles in an arc, dealing damage with a high stun chance on hit.Spell
Default.jpgBow AttackFires an arrow at the target, dealing physical damage.Bow Attack
Default.jpgEgg SackLaunches an egg sack to target area. Upon landing it will deal damage to enemies in the area with a high stun chance. After a few seconds the egg will explode dealing damage, summoning 5 Draal Grubs, and leaving behind a poisonous cloud which will inflict poison on any enemies in the areaSpell
Default.jpgIvory SlamSlams the ground, causing bone spikes to rupture out and deal damage to enemies in the area with a high stun chance.Spell
Default.jpgLeap AttackLeaps toward target location, dealing melee damage to nearby enemiesMelee Attack
EntanglingRootsIcon.pngEntangling Roots (Spriggan)Snares nearby enemies and deals physical damage to them.Spell15
SprigganFormIcon.pngPoison ArrowDeals physical damage and poisons on hit.Bow Attack4
TempestIcon.pngDeath SlashMelee attack with larger area of effect and added necrotic damageMelee Attack5
TotemicRisingIcon.pngMultishotBow attack that fires 5 arrows in a cone.Bow Attack6

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