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Passives provide unique effects or Character Stats increases unique to each Class.

The passives window for an acolyte

Passive Points[edit | edit source]

A character gains a point for every Level starting with level 3. The point can be spent to upgrade any unlocked node in the passives screen.

Passive Trees and Nodes[edit | edit source]

The passives for each base class is divided into three master classes. Investing points into nodes in a master class tree will raise the level of that master class. A master class is limited to 25 Levels unless the unlock node is invested in. Investing in an unlock node will award 5 levels in that class, change the class description in the Character Stats window and prevent any other unlock nodes from being taken.

Interface[edit | edit source]

The Passives window displays the number of unspent points in the upper left. Below this are three vertical sections for each master class. The nodes at the very bottom start unlocked. As more levels are earned for the master class a colored bar will fill to indicate the level progress. As levels are gained more passive nodes are unlocked. Skills that can be unlocked from master classes are shown to the left of their nodes. After unlocking a master class skill, it will be displayed in the Skills window.

Class Specific Passives[edit | edit source]