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Offhands are Items which may be equipped into the Offhand slot of a Player Character.

Offhand Slot (marked red)

Basic Offhands[edit | edit source]

Shields[edit | edit source]

Shields have 'Increased Block Chance' as their primary implicit and 'Added Block Protection' as their secondary implicit.

AncientShield.pngAncient ShieldOffhand  -  Shield15-20 Added Block Chance
450-550 Added Block Protection
40-50 Added Armor
HeaterShield.pngHeater ShieldOffhand  -  Shield20-30 Added Block Chance
100-200 Added Block Protection
ImperialShield.pngImperial ShieldOffhand  -  Shield22-32 Added Block Chance
80-120 Added Block Protection
100-180 Added Block Armor
KnightShield.pngKnight ShieldOffhand  -  Shield12 Added Block Chance
90 Added Block Protection

Foci[edit | edit source]

It has been confirmed that Foci will be available offhands, but there are not yet any known details about them.

Unique Offhands[edit | edit source]

Offhands are Unique equipment that are equipped into the offhand slot.

IconNameTypeImplicitsRarityUnique EffectsFlavor TextBase Item
CloseCall.pngClose CallOffhand  -  Shield20 Added Block Chance
100 Added Block Protection
Unique50% less block protection
Dodge entropy is reset on block
Light on your feet, with a foot in the graveHeater Shield
RahyehsLight.pngRahyehs LightOffhand  -  Shield17 Added Block Chance
481 Added Block Protection
43 Added Armor
UniqueAdds 100 Maximum Life
15% Increased Fire Damage
50% Less Fire Spell Duration
Refresh the duration of fire shield at the cost of 80 ward at the end of it's duration
Burn with the fire of the eternal sunAncient Shield
TheMonolith.pngThe MonolithOffhand  -  Shield20-30 Added Block Chance
100-200 Added Block Protection
Unique40% Reduced Block Chance
100% Reduced Damage Taken on Block
Stand StrongHeater Shield