Northlands Tribes

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The Northlands Tribes are Organizations in the World of Eterra which follows the guidance of Heorot.

Structure[edit | edit source]

The people of the Northlands all align themselves to the migrations of the great elk herds. Each tribe follows three figures, the demigod offspring of Heorot who acts as a connection to the god, the chieftain who executes the law of the tribe, and a champion who acts as the tribe’s symbol of glory and strength.The greatest of the tribes follow the same structure as the lesser tribes. Heorot himself acts as the spiritual leader, a High Chieftain dictates law that all the tribes must follow, and a Great Champion commands the tribes when they must unite against an outside force and acts as the paragon of the people of the north.

Most conflicts between tribes are settled by trials of combat between the champions of the disputing tribes. When a conflict is dire enough that a trial between the champions is insufficient it is mediated by the greatest of the tribes, the one lead by Heorot himself. The High Chieftain mediates these more severe disputes, seeking to reach a peaceful resolution, and if even this fails the system of a trial of combat is called upon again, except with the Great Champion facing the champions of both conflicting tribes at the same time.