Minion Damage Shard

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Minion Damage is an Affix Shard which gives Increased Minion Damage.

Minion Damage
Nickname: of Authority
Applies to: One Handed Axe, One Handed Sword, One Handed Blunt Weapon, Wand, Two Handed Axe, Two Handed Sword, Two Handed Blunt Weapon, Two Handed Polearm, Amulet, Ring, Relic, Gloves, Belt and Sceptre
Modifier(s): Increased Minion Damage
T1 Range: 6 - 12
T2 Range: 13 - 20
T3 Range: 21 - 28
T4 Range: 29 - 37
T5 Range: 38 - 60

Tier Ranges[edit | edit source]