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Marrow Shards

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Marrow Shards is a Acolyte Spell Skill which is unlocked at level 4.

Marrow Shards
Acolyte Level 4
Skill Type:
Damage Types:
Mana Cost:

Skill Description[edit source]

Fires sharpened bones from your body. The bones pierce through enemies inflicting physical damage. Instead of mana, 9% of your current health is consumed to cast this spell.

Attribute Effects

Intelligence: 4% increased damage per point

Skill Nodes List[edit | edit source]

IconNode NameNode DescriptionMax PointsConnected Nodes
ApathyMarrow Shards can hit and damage your own minions. 25% increased damage. On hit effects such as health gained on hit do not proc when you hit your minions.1Ossumancy-1 and Treachery-1
Blood Assassin1% additional base critical strike chance per point. 15% additional critical strike multiplier per point.2Dead Weight-4, Twin Malevolence-1 and Marrow Death-1
Blood ReverieYou gain a buff that grants 4% of physical damage leeched as health per point for 4 seconds if you have killed an enemy or minion with Marrow Shards or its splinters in the past 4 seconds.2Treachery-2
Bone KnivesMarrow Shards deals double damage, but no longer pierces.1Marrow Hunger-1, Splintering Impact-1 and Root-0
Bone Splinters20% reduced range. 40% increased health cost. When Marrow Shards are destroyed, they create splinters in a cone, damaging enemies in the area. The splinters scale with increases to physical damage and spell damage, but not with other nodes on this tree unless stated otherwise.1Carving-1, Dead Weight-2 and Marrow Caster-1
CarvingThe splinters deal 18% increased damage per point.5Splintering Impact-1, Gouging Splinters-1, Bone Splinters-1, Ghost Splinters-2 and Dark Precision-3
Crimson IvoryThe splinters deal 25% more damage against bleeding enemies per point.3Gouging Splinters-2
Dark PrecisionThe splinters have 2% additional base critical strike chance per point.2Carving-3 and Ivory Obliteration-1
Dark ReverieYou gain 30% increased critical strike chance per point for 4 seconds if you have killed an enemy or minion with Marrow Shards in the past 4 seconds.2Treachery-3
Dead Weight13% reduced range per point. 15% increased damage per point.5Bone Splinters-2 and Blood Assassin-4
Femoral OfferingYou lose 1% of your current health per point whenever you crit an enemy with Marrow Shards. 30% increased critical strike multiplier per point.1Marrow Death-1
Ghost SplintersThe splinters travel 25% faster per point.6Carving-2
Gouging SplintersThe splinters have 25% chance to inflict bleeding per point.4Carving-1 and Crimson Ivory-2
Ivory ObliterationThe splinters have 35% increased base critical strike multiplier per point.1Dark Precision-1
Marrow CasterMarrow Shards are destroyed at the location you target, if it is within their maximum range.1Bone Splinters-1
Marrow Death20% additional critical strike multiplier per point.2Blood Assassin-1 and Femoral Offering-1
Marrow HungerYou leech 3% of physical damage as health per point if you have cast Marrow Shards in the past 4 seconds.3Bone Knives-1
OssumancyYou have 14% chance per point to double cast Marrow Shards. The additional cast does cost health.7Apathy-1, Shredding Bones-3 and Root-0
Shredding Bones14% chance per point to shred 40 armor for 4 seconds on hit.7Ossumancy-3
Splintering ImpactMarrow Shards no longer pierces and costs 50% increased health. When Marrow Shards hits an enemy it creates splinters in a cone behind the enemy, hitting other enemies in the area. The splinters scale with increases to physical damage and spell damage, but not with other nodes on this tree unless stated otherwise.1Bone Knives-1 and Carving-1
TreacheryYou gain 10 health per point when you kill one of your own minions.7Dark Reverie-3, Blood Reverie-2 and Apathy-1
Twin MalevolenceIf you have exactly 2 minions when you cast Marrow Shards, you gain 40% increased critical strike chance for 2 seconds. You cannot have multiple instances of this buff at once.1Blood Assassin-1