Mana Strike

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Mana Strike is a Mage Melee Attack Skill which is unlocked at level 6.

Mana Strike
Mage Level 6
Skill Type:
Melee Attack
Damage Types:
Mana Cost:
Intelligence Dexterity

Skill Description[edit source]

A melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you, returning 10 mana to you for each enemy hit.

Attribute Effects

Intelligence: 4% increased damage per point
Dexterity: 4% increased damage per point

Skill Nodes[edit | edit source]

Skill Nodes List
Icon Name Description Max Points
ReaperFormIcon.png Mana Spark Add base lightning damage equal to 5% of your current mana per point. 3
SummonValeSpiritIcon.png Celestial Precision Subtracts 5% from critical chance. Adds critical chance equal to 10% of your current mana. 1
LightningBlastIcon.png Spark Charges 25% chance per point to attach a spark charge on hit. Spark charges explode after 0.7 seconds, dealing lightning damage to nearby enemies. Spark charges automatically detonate when the enemy they are attached to dies. Static charges do not grant mana on hit. 4
EphemeralStanceIcon.png Critical Mana 3 mana gained on critical hit per point. 5
Eterra'sBlessingIcon.png Critical Rejuvenation 40% additional critical strike chance. Your critical hits with mana strike do not deal additional damage. 1
AbyssalEchoesIcon.png Sprite Blade 30% Increased area of effect per point. 5
FocusIcon.png Mana Drain 3 Additional mana gained on hit per point. 4
ChargedGroundIcon.png Tidal Mana Doubles mana gained on hit. Adds a 4 second cooldown. 1
FireShieldIcon.png Crippling Strikes Mana Strike reduces tenacity by 25 per point for 4 seconds on hit. 8
SummonSprigganIcon.png Repulsing Strikes 34% chance to knockback with Mana Strike per point. 3
Swipe(Blue)Icon.png Swift Strikes %6 increased attack speed per point 5
RodOfPower(Purple)Icon.png Rage Sap 7% Global increased damage if you have hit an enemy with mana strike in the past 4 seconds. 5
HungeringSoulIcon.png Starved Strikes 25% increased damage per point while out of mana 4
TeleportIcon.png Teleporting Strikes The arc of lightning created by your weapon teleports to the target location, allowing you to attack from range. 70% reduced mana gained on hit. 1
FireballIcon.png Rune Sap Gain 4% increased spell damage per allocated point for each enemy hit for 4 seconds. 3
KillCommandIcon.png Bountiful Victory 3 mana gained on kill per point. 5
AssembleAbominationIcon.png Avatar of Hunger Mana Strike absorbs 1 less mana per point on hit. 30% increased damage per point while out of mana. 5
ReclamationIcon.png Reclamation 5 additional mana gained on hit per point while you are out of mana. 3
ShatterStrikeIcon.png Explosive Fury 4% increased attack speed per point. Lightning from Mana Storm drains 20% less mana per point. 2
InnervateIcon.png Essence of Control Lightning from Mana Storm drains 20% less mana per point. 3