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Mana is one of the Character Stats for Player Characters which determines their ability to cast Skills. Many skills have a Mana cost in order to be used. As long as a character has any Mana, they may pay the cost to use the spell. If the cost is more than the current Mana the player has, their Mana goes into the negative, and they are unable to pay Mana costs until they have at least 1 mana again. Players gain Mana through Mana Regeneration and some various Skills or effects.

UI[edit | edit source]


The Mana bar for the active player is displayed in the lower left of the screen. The Mana bar displays the current and maximum Mana of the character. If the player has Mana the bar is blue, if the player has negative Mana the bar is purple. The maximum mana is also displayed in the character stats screen.