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Majasa is a God Non-Player Character. They are a prominent Story Character in the World of Eterra.

Description[edit | edit source]

Goddess of the south, mistress of the desert, the sand that has been blessed by her scales is dusted across the night sky, forming the stars. She has taken the shape of a colossal jewel covered serpent that dwells beneath the sands, the gems of her cobra-esque hood gleaming like a crown. Her movements divert sandstorms and guide lost travelers back to civilization, her passing filling the desert with treasures shed from her body. She is reclusive and reluctant to involve herself in the matters of humans, content to dwell in her temple when she is not venturing through the sands, her temple maidens acting as the intermediaries between her and her followers.

Creation of Nagasa[edit | edit source]

After consuming a vessel maiden her golden scales would be harvested and given to the humans, a new generation of True Nagasa would be born from her shed jewels, a new Vessel Maiden bearing her black gem among them, the leftover skin would be reshaped and molded into the witless False Nagasa to toil as the Diamond Priests deem fit. A rejuvenated Majasa would then exult, her body new and gleaming, the previous Vessel Maiden’s black gem resting on her brow.