Lightning Damage

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Lightning Damage is one of the Damage Types, it is mitigated by Lightning Protection, Elemental Protection, and Block Protection.

Known Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Character Stats[edit | edit source]

Affixes[edit | edit source]

Equipment Implicits[edit | edit source]

List of Lightning Damage Skills[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeMana CostCooldownLevel UnlockedClass
ElementalNovaIcon.pngElemental NovaCasts a nova around you that deals fire, cold and lightning damage.Spell112Mage
LightningBlastIcon.pngLightning BlastHurl a bolt of lightning at the targetSpell01Mage
ManaStrikeIcon.pngMana StrikeA melee attack that hits all enemies in an area in front of you, returning 10 mana to you for each enemy hit.Melee Attack06Mage
StaticOrbIcon.pngStatic OrbCasts an orb in a target direction that deals lightning damage and pull enemies that it hits towards it as it travels. At the end of its path it discharges, dealing lightning damage to enemies around it.Spell153Mage
TempestStrikeIcon.pngTempest StrikeMelee attack that can proc three different secondary effects, at a 20% chance each. The secondary effects are Earth Spikes (physical), Northern Winds (cold), and Lightning Bolt (lightning).Melee Attack010Primalist

NPC[edit | edit source]

IconSkill NameSkill DescriptionSkill TypeCooldown
Default.jpgSpark StrikeStrikes an enemy with a melee attack which causes a lightning spark.Melee Attack