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I'd like to know how people feel about including a list of active contributors and managers on project pages.

For example the section could look something like:

   ==Active Contributors and Managers==
    ===Active Managers===
    #add your name here...
    ===Active Contributors===
    #add your name here...

Adding ones name to the list would be done by the users themselves, completely voluntary, and without increased privileges.

The primary purpose of the list would be:

  • To serve as a contact list for new users looking to contribute to a project.
  • Encourage users to step up for projects lacking contributors.
  • Allow users to take ownership of the projects that they work on.

The difference between a manager and a contributor would be that contributors just add to the project, and managers keep track of progress, add/remove objectives from the project, and/or develop styles that are used broadly by the project.

--GeoGalvanic (talk | testspace) 13:06, 20 July 2018 (UTC)

I like the intention, but fear some of the execution could be counterproductive.
Wikis often naturally become rather formal places, and I'd view that tendency as potentially being off-putting to newcomers. I could see a single list of 'gurus', 'mentors', or whatever fulfilling the goal of giving people a contact list - and I do see the value in that. Inexperienced users may not be sure they'd meet the 'active' criteria of inclusion; is the list an inclusive one of everyone who has lent the project a single edit - and if not, where do you draw the line? People lacking confidence might see a list of people working on something and think that it's in some way reserved for those people. A seldom active participant could react negatively to being removed by somebody else.
Then there's the question of whether the wiki is really so active that it's prudent to have multiple lists of people for each project (isn't it the same 3-4 people - if that - working on most things?).
tl;dr: I see merit in offering people examples of experienced users to reach out to, however I disagree with having two tiers and worry the approach outlined may be overly bureaucratic. I feel like the History tab, RecentChanges, and individual lists of user contributions might achieve much of this and more elegantly. Many occasional contributors don't view themselves as wiki editors and aren't particularly interested in the formalities of a wiki. — sarno | TALK | 16:22, 20 July 2018 (UTC)
I share the same concern about being off-putting to newcomers, although the goal of the list is actually the opposite. As I envisioned it there would be no criteria for inclusion, if a user wants to be added to the list they merely need to do it themselves, similarly if a user wants to contribute to the project they shouldn't feel the need to add their name to the list. A user who has made no contributions to a project may still add their name to either list as a declaration of intent to contribute.
I don't think that users should, in general, remove other users from the project lists. An exception could be made for also maintaining an inactive contributor list, and moving users from active to inactive if they have been MIA for an extended period of time.
My concern with the current state of the project pages is that users may not be able to easily identify projects that need help, or that they are welcome to do so. It is true that projects are being worked on by a very small number of people, however there are also several projects that aren't being worked on by anyone at all. I was hoping that a list of contributors might make people more likely to see a project without any, and take up working on the project themselves.
I originally modeled the projects page after this one which does also have a self-maintained list of contributors.
As the lists are primarily self-declarations, I didn't see much harm in having two levels, as it seemed like a simple way of users being able to specify the level of interaction that they wanted to have with the project. Perhaps instead users could just add something similar as a note on their list entry?
A revised list might look something like:
    ==Project Participants==
    A (voluntary) list of everyone who is working on, or would like to work on, this project.
    #User:Bob (Tracking Progress + Adding Articles)
    #User:Shmo (Reviewing Articles)
    #User:NancyDrew (Feedback)
    #User:ATurtle (what can i do, lol?)
    <!-- To add yourself to this list, add a new line above this one. Feel free to copy the line below --> 
    #Your name here! (What you do/want to do)
--GeoGalvanic (talk | testspace) 18:01, 20 July 2018 (UTC)