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Project:Requests for Adminship (or RFAs) are processes by which the community decides whether a user is to have the Administrator position. Note that adminship is not a reward for good contributing nor a promotion to have more authority than other users. In general, a successful RFA represents a user being trusted with access to technical features to aid in maintenance. There is no inherent limit to the number of active administrators.

Starting an RFA[edit source]

Replace the "USERNAME" in the following input box to create a RFA:

RFAs should not be started for:

  • IP accounts
  • someone with another active RFA

Resolving an RFA[edit source]

While an RFA is active (not resolved and any nominations have been accepted), any user is welcome to give their opinion within it. Criticism should be kept constructive as RFAs will be considered by the strength of arguments for/against them.

RFAs that have been properly created can be resolved in any of these ways:

  • The Nominee declines or fails to accept the nomination when nominated by another user.
  • Candidate withdrawal (for any or no reason) automatically fails the RFA.
  • After sufficient time has been given for discussion a Bureaucrat will decide on a resolution and close the RFA.

List of RFAs[edit source]

Active[edit source]

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Resolved[edit source]