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The goal of the Update Patch Content project is to ensure that all content on the wiki is updated and maintained for accuracy with each patch.

Project Status[edit source]

Skill notes up to patch 0.7.7b have been moved to Project:Projects/Skills and still need to be updated throughout the wiki.

The wiki is up to date as of Beta 0.7.1 with the exception of the below:

The wiki is up to date as of Beta 0.7h with the exception of the following:

  • Shards have not been updated with new values - awaiting update to spreadsheet from devs
  • Equipment implicits have not been updated with new values - awaiting update to spreadsheet from devs

Contributors[edit source]

Project Process[edit source]

This project begins with every patch, with the following steps taken to ensure that everything on the wiki stays up to date.

  1. A wiki admin can add a Mediawiki:sitenotice to let readers know the wiki is being updated for the new patch content
  2. Copy the patch notes from the forum and create a new page (for new content pages) or add the notes onto the existing version page (for hotfixes) while also using Template:Version or Template:Hotfix respectively. Add wiki links to wiki articles in the patch notes as needed.
  3. Post the patch notes here under #Unfiltered Patch Notes
  4. Use <s></s> to strike through patch notes that have been updated on the wiki or do not need to be added to the wiki.
  5. For large changes which have an existing project, patch notes can be moved from this page to the relevant project page.
  6. Add the Template:Upcoming to pages that still need to be edited.
  7. Update #Project Status
  8. Wiki admin should remove Mediawiki:sitenotice

Pages Tagged With Upcoming Template[edit source]

Unfiltered Patch Notes[edit source]

Campaign[edit source]

Chapter 1 and 2[edit source]
  • You now go directly to the Ruined Era in The Ulatri Cliffs, rather than first going to the Imperial Era. The Mountain Cave and Mushroom Farm zones have also been removed.
    • The previous sequence was designed to introduce the player to many of the major time periods and factions, but we found it was often hard to understand and detracted from the immediate threat of the Void.
  • Overhauled the layout of Last Refuge Outskirts.
    • Added a new sidequest.
    • The level is now longer overall, has multiple paths to explore, and has been improved aesthetically.
  • Improved the design of The Council Chambers.
    • Expanded and re-arranged the area near the waypoint
    • Made the non-playable area larger to better convey the concept of the zone being a large amphitheater.
    • Improved the overlook to Last Refuge Outskirts.
  • Improved decoration in The Last Archive.
  • Improved the design of The Upper District.
  • Improved ground textures in Chapter 2.

Levels[edit source]

  • Added 4 new Monolith of Fate layouts.
  • Breakable objects now have an outline when you mouse over them.
  • Some Ruined Era levels now have lootable corpses.
  • Reworked the presentation of time travel events.
  • Re-worked talking to Elder Gaspar when you first enter the End of Time.
  • Added more background NPCs to inhabited zones.

Enemies[edit source]

  • Added monster suffixes such as “high fire damage and fire protection”, for fire, cold, lightning, void, necrotic, and poison enemies. These suffixes only spawn on monsters of the correct element.
  • Added a new monster suffix that makes enemies focus on attacking players.
  • Increases to effective health and damage from area level now ramp up slightly faster, but the maximum increase is the same. This addresses an issue where reaching high arena waves was easier at lower levels for some builds.
  • Increased the health of enemies in zones above level 25, up to 16%.
  • Enemy damage resistance now scales up at higher levels in addition to enemy health, but the effective health of each enemy is unchanged. If an enemy takes 60% less damage than before it also has 60% less health.
    • Effects that scale inversely with enemy health, such as freeze, are more effective, especially at high levels.
    • Effects that scale inversely with enemy health + protection total, such as shock, are also more effective, especially at high levels.
    • Effects that scale with your damage, such as leech, are less effective, especially at high levels.
    • Effects that scale with percentage damage dealt, such as stun, will function the same as before this patch.
  • Re-balanced the damage and health of many enemies (and bosses) in Chapter 3, 4, 5, and 6 (from The Surface all the way through The Immortal Summit).
  • Increased enemies’ effective health and damage at higher levels.
    • About 10% more effective health and damage at level 50.
    • About 20% more effective health and damage at level 75.
    • About 30% more effective health and damage at level 100.
  • Spreading Frost boss
    • Increased the cooldown for duplication and dash abilities.
    • Increased dash distance.
    • Fixed its melee attack not being used.
    • Fixed its backwards dash only being used at very close range.
  • Skullen Pyromancers now have a different appearance, are more powerful, and have a new ability, but spawn in smaller packs.
  • Updated the appearance of Giant Scorpions, and improved the damage indicator and sound for their tail attacks.
  • The Wengari Matriarch now deals 10% less damage.
  • The Death Screech ability used by Chimera enemies is now a damage over time effect. Previously was not damage over time, but hit quickly.
  • Umbral Pursuers are no longer immune to freeze.
  • The “Heals if not damaged recently” Enemy Affixes now has a visual effect that intensifies when it begins healing, and can no longer spawn alongside an “Increased Health” or “High Stun Avoidance” mod.
  • Added a “Deadly if not damaged recently” monster affix which causes enemies to deal twice as much damage.
  • Soul Cages now release their souls at 30% health, which stops their long range attack.
  • Reduced the damage of the explosion that happens when a Void Bolt creates a pool by 40%. Void Bolt is used by various void enemies including rare Voidforms.
  • Osprix Warriors deal 25% less damage with fireball.
  • Rare Fallen Osprix now deal 13% less damage with their fire aura.
  • Increased Zerrick’s health by 20% in Titan’s Canyon.
  • Added a new entrance animation for Zerrick.
  • Voice lines for Harton and Zerrick are no longer played in a random order.
  • Added a new Monolith of Fate boss.
  • Changed Void Maggots to Voidfire Maggots that explode on death.
  • Removed Soul Prisons (Soul Cages remain).
  • Void Drain from rare Void Leeches now has a time limit of 3 seconds, but leeches 40% of damage dealt as health (up from 25%).
  • Adjusted Imperial Scouts
    • Increased projectile speed by 36%
    • Reduced damage by 10%
    • Increased movement speed by 10%
Bosses[edit source]
  • Bosses and minibosses now take 40% less damage, but have 40% less health. This makes effects that scale with the percentage of an enemy's health stronger, such as Freeze and Stun.
  • Bosses are now more likely to prioritise attacking the player over attacking minions.
  • Elder Pannion now deals 40% more fire damage, and 20% less lightning damage.
  • Haruspex Orian
    • 67% more health in the Ulatri Cliffs.
    • 100% more health in endgame.
    • 67% more damage in endgame.
  • The Idol of Loathing now deals 25% more damage.
  • Increased the health of the Wengari Raid Leader.
Other Enemies[edit source]
  • Added Zombie enemies to Chapter 4.
  • Added Beetle enemies to Chaper 1 and 4.
  • Avian and Aviline Chimeras
    • Now use rapid peck attacks more frequently, but normally uses a basic attack or two first.
    • 25% increased movement speed.
    • 30% increased attack speed with basic attacks.
    • 20% increased attack speed with rapid peck attacks.
  • Flame Gryphons
    • 30% more health.
    • Rare Flame Gryphons deal 10% less damage.
    • You can no longer take multiple hits from a single eruption, which should make it much harder to be one-shot by.
  • Imperial Assassin
    • Increased size, damage and health.
    • Now also have a dash attack.
    • Now appear in smaller packs.
    • Improved visuals, including weapon trails.
  • Giant Scorpions no longer resist physical damage.
  • Skeletons summoned by Bone Cairns have 33% increased attack speed and now alternate between two melee animations.

Mechanics[edit source]

  • Improved Minion Command system (A)
    • If there are no enemies near the target point minions will attack the closest breakable to the target point
    • If there are no enemies or breakables near the target point minions will move to the target point
    • Improved the performance of giving minion commands
  • You can now use Companion Abilities when at your Companion Limit even if you are not at the summon limit of that specific minion.
  • Added a Transform tag to all transform skills.
  • Increased the Experience required to reach higher skill levels.
    • Level 10 requires 7% more XP.
    • Level 15 requires 19% more XP.
    • Level 20 requires 33% more XP.
  • If you are three or more levels above a zone’s level you now receive less experience points depending on the level difference. This penalty does not apply to experience for skills.
  • Enemies that receive a guaranteed stun or freeze during a movement skill are now affected when the movement skill ends, rather than being immune to the effect.
  • The death screen now shows the type of damage that dealt the killing blow in addition to the name of the ability.
  • Your skills are no longer put on cooldown when you transform back to human form. Cooldowns are tracked while transformed, so if a cooldown has 10 seconds remaining and then you transform for 8 seconds, that cooldown will have 2 seconds remaining.
  • You can now Leech off of damage you deal to yourself or your minions.
  • Potions by default now heal 50 + 4x health, where x is your character level (up from 50 + 2x). This is about an 80% increase in healing at level 100
  • Bosses can now drop potions when hit.
  • Player skills are now 50% more likely to stun targets. This bonus is doubled for melee abilities.
  • Renamed “Increased Freeze Chance” to “Freeze Rate Multiplier” to make it clearer that it multiplies your freeze rate/chance rather than adding a flat chance to freeze.
  • Base mana is now 50 at level 1 (down from 100), but characters now gain 0.5 mana per level (scaling to 100 at level 100).
  • Hardcore characters are now converted to softcore on death.
    • They lose the hardcore tag when they die.
    • Their progress no longer affects the hardcore ladder after they die.
    • They have access to the softcore stash instead of the hardcore stash after they die.
  • Adjusted the bonuses that “magic” rarity enemies get.
    • Now: 80% more health, 35% more damage, 20% more item drops.
    • Previously: 120% more health, 40% more damage, 25% more item drops.
  • Protections on enemies now scale to maintain the same mitigation percentage when their health is scaled from rarity or area level. Most enemies don't have protections.
  • Masochist and Solo Challenge can now be disabled for a character in the settings window. They cannot be re-enabled once turned off.
  • AI range calculations now take the size of their targets into account. This should prevent minions running into large enemies rather than attacking them, and similar issues.
  • Items placed in the crafting window are now saved and loaded.
  • The distance at which enemies target the player now better matches the visible area. These means that enemies will generally aggro from further away than before, but are less likely to aggro from below the edge of the screen.
    • Because of the camera angle, the distance between the player and the top of the screen is actually much larger than the distance to the bottom.
  • Reduced the distance minions will target enemies from by 8%.
  • Reduced the distance enemies will follow the player from by 13%.

Combat[edit source]

  • You can now bind movement and using a skill to the same key (left click by default).
    • When clicking on the movement icon in the action bar (like when you swap skills), you can choose between “move only”, “move or break destructible”, and “move or attack”.
    • The “move or break destructible” setting will move you towards any destructibles the mouse is hovering over, such as barrels. You will use basic attack automatically when in range of the destructible.
    • The “move or attack” setting will use your fifth equipped skill (bound to right click by default) when the mouse is over an enemy or destructible. Pressing Shift will stop movement.
  • It is now possible to walk through your minions in and out of combat.
  • Improved the mouse hover system (used for outlining and the top of screen health bar):
    • You can now hover over enemies that are behind allies such as minions.
    • You can now hover over enemies and allies that are behind hideable scenery.
  • Improved the responsiveness of combat by greatly reducing the use delay of most skills. This means you need to wait less time after pressing a button for a skill’s effect to start.
  • Small Melee Attack Skills (such as Mana Strike and Vengeance) now auto aim if they would not otherwise hit a target.

Mastery Class System[edit source]

  • Your Mastery Class is now selected after completing a quest you receive when you first visit The End of Time.
    • Previously, you simply had the option to choose your Mastery Class after investing 25 points into its passives.
    • The quest allows this decision to be a more involved and satisfying process, and to occur at a fixed, earlier part of the campaign.
  • Choosing a Mastery Class now grants access to an exclusive skill and special passives.
    • Necromancer: Summon Wraith. +1 maximum Skeleton. +1 maximum Skeleton Mage. Your minions deal 50% increased damage.
    • Lich: Reaper Form. 1% of damage dealt is leeched as health. Spells and melee attacks deal increased damage equal to your percentage of missing health.
    • Sorcerer: Meteor. +50 mana. Spells deal increased damage equal to their mana cost.
    • Spellblade: Shatter Strike. 5 ward gained on melee hit. Mana spent on melee attacks is converted to ward.
    • Beastmaster: Summon Raptor. +1 Companion summon limit. You and your minions deal 50% increased melee physical damage.
    • Shaman: Storm Totem. -5 totem mana cost. +10 attunement. Your elemental protections are doubled while you control a totem.
    • Druid: Werebear Form. When leaving a transformed state, you gain 70% damage reduction for 2 seconds. 20% increased health and mana.
    • Void Knight: Erasing Strike. 50% increased melee void damage. Your melee attacks and void spells have a 10% chance to be repeated by an echo half a second later (excludes movement abilities).
    • Forge Guard: Forge Strike. 30% more armor and fire protection (multiplicative with other modifiers). 3% less damage taken for each hit you have taken recently (up to 30%).
    • Paladin: Holy Aura. You deal increased fire and physical damage equal to your percent health remaining. 1% increased healing effectiveness per point of attunement.
  • Characters from previous game versions who are not the appropriate mastery will no longer be able to use these exclusive skills. For example, a Beastmaster from version 0.7.3 will no longer be able to use Storm Totem.
  • Characters created before 0.7.4 that have already ascended to a Mastery Class will not need to complete the Mastery quest, and will have the appropriate bonuses.

Steam Cloud[edit source]

Last Epoch now supports Steam Cloud!

Steam Cloud will store progress-related data so that it is available on multiple computers. We will not be using Steam Cloud to save settings-related data such as custom keybinds.

To avail of this, you will need to have installed Last Epoch through Steam. If you purchased the game outside of Steam, Steam Account Linking will allow you to redeem access to Last Epoch without needing to purchase the game again. This will require reinstalling the game.

Note : Please see lesupport:199-steam-cloud-functionality for more detailed information on how this works.*

Respec Systems[edit source]

  • You can now remove individual points from a skill's specialization tree.
    • Each point removed decreases the skill's level by 1. You level up the skill as normal to regain the points removed.
    • You cannot remove a point that would invalidate other nodes you have taken in the tree. If you want to remove a point that other nodes depend on, you need to remove the dependants first.
    • The Despecialization process has not changed for switching which skills you are investing points into.
  • Reworked the system for passive respecs
    • You can now respec any passive point, if the following requirements are met:
      • You must meet the requirements for all nodes you have after the respec occurs (e.g. if you have points in a node that requires level 15 in a mastery then you must maintain at least 15 points allocated to nodes with a lower requirement in the same tree).
      • If you have unlocked the mastery classes then you must maintain at least 20 points in the base class when respeccing.
    • The gold cost for respecing a passive point from a node now depends on the number of points you have invested in the node, the level requirement of the node, and whether the node is in a mastery class.
    • Gold cost no longer increases based on how many points you have refunded previously.
    • Respecs must still be performed at a Chronomancer.
  • It is now possible for us to grant free respecs when a skill specialization tree or set of passives is changed in an update. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • Characters brought forward from previous updates will have the correct number of passive and skill points, but they will be unallocated.

Statuses[edit source]

  • Armour Shred now reduces armour by 100 per stack (up from 40)
  • Frostbite now deals 15 damage and subtracts 50 cold protection (from 10 damage and 40 cold protection).
  • Damned ailment
    • Can now stack.
    • Deals half as much damage as before.
    • Now reduces enemy health regen by 20%.
  • Increased the base damage of the Time Rot ailment by 50%.
  • The Poison ailment increases poison damage taken by 8% per stack (from 10%).
  • Chill can now stack up to 3 times (from 1) but now inflicts 12% less attack, cast and movement speed (down from 25%).
  • Slow can now stack up to 3 times (from 1) but now inflicts 20% less movement speed per stack (from 45%).
  • Increased the base damage of Time Rot by 17%.

UI[edit source]

Buffs and Debuffs[edit source]

  • Buffs and debuffs on your character now appear as icons right above the action bar.
  • Each effect has a border to indicate its duration, in addition to a number counter.
  • Buffs have circular icons with a green border.
  • Debuffs have hexagonal icons with a red border.
  • Effects with multiple stacks will have the number displayed at the bottom right of their icon.
  • Mousing over an icon will display a tooltip with the name and details of the effect.
  • Not all effects currently appear, but the most common ones do. We will be adding more.

Node Tooltips[edit source]

  • We have created a new design for node tooltips to better fit our new UI design, and to improve how well they convey information at a glance.
  • New tooltips contain two sections: A detailed explanation of the node’s effect, and a list of each stat that is added, with icons for each type of stat.
  • New tooltips have been implemented for all Acolyte and Mage skills, including their masteries (except for Fire Shield and Ice Ward, which will be replaced).
  • The new design will be brought to other classes and the Passives window in future updates. In the meantime, these areas use the updated visual style but still use the old style of text.
  • See an example of the new design here: [Overhauling Tooltips to Better Present Information ](
  • This redesign has also allowed us to better standardize and improve how we describe mechanics in skills.

Maps[edit source]

  • The minimap can now have its zoom level adjusted.
    • The zoom level is controlled by buttons within the minimap itself.
  • The overlay map's zoom level and opacity can now be adjusted.
    • These are changed from within the settings menu.
    • (The default keybind for this map is the Tab button.)
  • Improved the appearance of the fog of war's border.

Action Bar[edit source]

The visuals for the action bar have been completely redone.

  • The figures next to the health and mana globe match newer designs for those characters.
  • The textures for health and mana have been updated, and the corresponding numbers are now shown inside of the globe.
  • The overall layout remains the same.

Character Sheet[edit source]

  • Added an arrow between the amount of protections you have and the percentages. This shows that the percentage is derived from the flat amount.
  • Improved the explanation of how protections work.

Crafting Window[edit source]

  • Overhauled the crafting window, redesigning its visuals to meet the standards of other pieces of UI while having its own unique flair.
    • Suffixes and Prefixes are now color coded.
    • Made the success chance display easier to read.
    • Added animated details around the item you’re crafting.
    • Polished the overall appearance of the window.
  • You can now select modifier and support items by opening a flyout menu next to their slots. This means you no longer need to switch between inventory tabs to use crafting items.
  • The crafting window now automatically re-fills the modifier and support item slots with the last items you used.
  • Support items are now disabled when using a Rune of Shattering, because they had no effect but would be consumed anyway.
  • The number of shards you have is now displayed in the Crafting Items tab of the Inventory.
  • Added a button to open the Crafting window from the Crafting Items tab of the Inventory.

Other Changes[edit source]

  • You can now switch between tabs (such as in the stash) while an item is held on the mouse.
  • Items dropped from the cursor over parts of the inventory UI now return to their previous position in the inventory, rather than being dropped on the ground.
  • The cooldown for a skill on its tooltip is now always displayed to the nearest tenth of a second. Previously the display rounded to the nearest whole number when above 1.5 seconds.
  • Pressing Esc no longer closes the expanded minimap in the center of the screen.
  • The offhand slot now displays a faded version of the main hand item when a two handed weapon is equipped.
  • Stashing multiple of the same shard now makes a single notification with the number stashed, rather than making a bunch of +1 notifications.
  • The character sheet’s entries for Bleed Damage, Ignite Damage, and Poison Damage now correctly reflect increases to bleed effect, ignite effect, and poison effect.
  • Added a loading tooltip clarifying that armour shred still works against enemies with no base armour.
  • Improved item names when the “length of item names” option is set to long
    • If both prefixes are possessives, then the “'s” is removed from one of them (pyromancer’s captain’s -> pyromancer captain’s)
    • If one of the suffixes is a gerund then it is placed inside the other suffix (of glory of blinding -> of blinding glory)
    • In other cases the “of” in the second suffix is replaced by “and” (of sleet of embers -> of sleet and embers)
  • Equipped items are now highlighted on hover, like all other items.
  • Stash tabs can now be sorted and searched.
  • Items that you are too low level to equip have an x in the bottom right corner.
  • The list on the Character Select screen now displays which Mastery Class a character is, rather than always displaying the base class.
  • Updated the class badge section of the passives panel
    • Increased the size of class badge
    • The base class is now labelled “base class”
    • The mastery you have ascended to is now labelled “mastered”
    • Mastery exclusive passives and skills are shown at the top of the panel or when hovering over the class icons.
  • Locked skills in the Skills Window again have an icon to show if they have a skill tree, and you can view the trees before unlocking the skill.
  • Improved the layout of icons for minions in the top left of the screen.
  • Increased Base Spell Damage is now shown in the character sheet.
  • Item tooltips now label what each hotkey does.
  • Template:Skill cooldowns on tooltips now display to the nearest tenth of a second when below 1.5 seconds.
  • Added a loading screen tip that states that blood spells and the bleed ailment deal physical damage.
  • There are now different decorations on the loading screen when entering Imperial Era zones.
  • Buff and Debuff Status icons no longer show the seconds remaining as a number in the center of the icon. This will return as an option later.
  • Hardcore and Solo Challenge are now always available when creating a new character
  • Masochist is still only selectable if you have completed the campaign at least once.
  • Updated the login screen with a new background, new information and the ability to change settings.
  • Added new portraits to many NPC conversations.
  • Updated the text for enemy names and modifiers.
    • Made it much easier to read, as was done with other text in 0.7.2.
    • Normal enemies have white names, while Magic enemies have blue names, Rare enemies have gold names, and Unique enemies (i.e. bosses) have pale gold names.
  • Item comparison tooltips now show the change in attack rate (for weapons) alongside the other stat changes.
  • Added new icons for Skeletons and Skeleton Mages.
  • Improved minimap icons for minions.
  • Portals now appear on the minimap.
  • Added on hover glows to dialog options.
  • Updated the UI for loading screens.
  • Added a “Defense Stats” tab to the character sheet.
  • More stats are now shown in the character sheet
    • Critical Strike Avoidance
    • Health Gained on Hit
    • Health Gained on Melee Hit
    • Health Gained on Kill
    • Health Gained on Block
    • Damage Leeched as Health
    • Melee Damage Leeched as Health
    • Spell Damage Leeched as Health
    • Damage Dealt to Attackers
    • Percent Damage Reflected
    • Maximum Companions
    • Increased Companion Revive Speed
    • Increased Companion Revive Range
    • Chance to Shock Attackers
    • Increased Healing Effectiveness
    • Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed
  • Improved the appearance of the FPS display.
  • The color of the FPS display is now changed by pressing shift + f11.
  • Overhauled the appearance of NPC dialog windows. Some additional changes are planned.
  • Dialogue windows now automatically close when you walk away from NPCs.
  • Added a special notification for entering certain zones that are important to the story.
  • Greatly improved the visibility of text that appears in the HUD (ex. quest objectives).
  • Improved the visibility of the minimap.
  • Improved clarity of all text
  • Updated the appearance of the health bars at the top of the screen for enemies and allies.
  • Text labels above NPCs and doors now stays the same size as you zoom in or as it gets closer to the camera.
  • Improved the visuals (and information of some) for level up, skill unlock, crafting, arena and quest notifications
  • Updated the animations for objectives in the quest tracker panel.
  • Added a text pop-up for picking up gold.
  • Improved the appearance of minimap icons.
  • Added a loading screen tooltip to clarify that minions take 50% less damage.
  • Added an explanation to the character sheet for the behavior of having an ailment chance above 100%.
  • Added a notification that will prompt you to press a button to start using a controller once it is detected.
  • Improved the contrast between unlocked and locked Idol slots.
  • The labels for each zone transition are now visible at all times.
  • Added new loading screen art for The Council Chambers, Welryn, and The End of Time.
  • There is now floating text when you pick up a potion, similar to the text for picking up gold.
  • The menu button at the bottom now displays the keybinds for each window.
  • The “show info” button in the crafting menu can now hide the info
  • Notifications for skill unlocks, specialization slot unlocks and skill levels are now on the left side of the screen.
  • Controllers now require a button press to be ‘enabled' after starting the game. This does not affect the ability to hot swap between inputs during game, but should resolve some bugs.
  • The list of characters on the character select screen can now be filtered by base class or challenge options.
  • Added an option to disable the profanity filter.
  • Improved how the minimap reveal distance lines up with the edge of the minimap.
  • Improved the color and edges of buff and debuff icons.
  • Reduced the space between paragraphs in tooltips.
  • Redesigned the cursor to make it easier to keep track of while in combat.
  • Improved the appearance and layout of the inventory.
    • Runes and Glyphs have been moved from a fly-out sub-menu of the inventory to a new tab of the inventory to make them easier to find.
    • Updated the equipped item and stats overview sections to match other parts of the user interface.
  • Updated the background and border art for items.

Items[edit source]

Base Spell Damage[edit source]

  • All sources of “base spell damage” have been converted to “adaptive spell damage”. This primarily affects items, as well as some skill tree nodes.
  • Adaptive spell damage adds flat damage to spells. The type of damage matches the base damage of the spell it is applying to, meaning the same stat applies fire damage to fire spells, and cold damage to cold spells.

Gambling and Vendors[edit source]

You can now use the gold you gain during gameplay to purchase unidentified items of a certain base type (e.g. you can buy an Eastern Blade). Once you purchase an item, its rarity and affixes will be revealed. Artem, the Gambler NPC, can be found in The Council Chambers and The End of Time.

  • Uniques and Idols can no longer be bought in Shops.
  • Halved the chance of finding Unique or Set Equipment via gambling.
  • Items from Artem the Gambler now roll their implicit values when bought, rather than being visible beforehand. The possible range is shown before you buy.
  • Items from the gambler cost 50% more gold.
  • Items in the buy back tab now cost the same amount of gold that they were sold for.
  • Items in shops appear red if you don’t have enough gold to purchase them.
  • You can now buy back any of the last 20 items you sold to shopkeepers or the gambler. These items are tracked separately for each character.
  • You can now pay a gold fee to restock the gambler’s items, which ranges from 200 gold at level 1 to 500 at level 50 and above.

Sets[edit source]

Unqiues[edit source]

Shards/Crafting[edit source]

The aim is to adjust throwing attack scaling to more closely resemble that of other attacks and spells. This change is meant to be fairly neutral overall.

  • Reduced the values of the Hybrid Health Leech Shard affix, especially at high levels, and changed it to spawn on gloves rather than amulets (it can still spawn on rings and relics as well).
  • Potion Affixes
    • Overall, potion affixes are rarer and roll on fewer slots. Most of the common ones now relate to ward, and rarer ones are only available on belts.
    • The full list of changes was explained in a post on our forum: Potion Changes Coming in Patch 0.7.4
  • Added a new Increased Spell Critical Strike Chance Shard prefix which can spawn on Wands, Sceptres, Amulets, and Relics.
  • Added a new Increased Minion Damage Over Time Shard prefix that rolls on Helmets, Rings, Amulets, Relics, and Sceptres from level 48 onwards.
  • Added a new Ward Gained on Kill Shard Prefix that rolls on Amulets from level 40 onwards.
  • Added a new Increased Elemental Damage Over Time Shard prefix that rolls on Belts, Rings, Amulets, Relics, and Wands from level 50 onwards.
  • Adjusted the rarity of Cold Damage Shard and Lightning Damage Shard to be in line with Fire Damage Shard on all item types. Previously Increased Cold Damage was rarer on wands, and Increased Lightning Damage was more common on swords.
  • Adjusted defensive affix rarity
  • Added a new suffix for 2h weapons that adds to all your attributes (strength, dexterity, intelligence, attunement, and vitality).
  • Added a Chance to Shock Attackers suffix that appears on Shields and Relics.
  • Added a Flat Damage Reflected to Attackers prefix that appears on Body Armour and Shields.
  • Added a Percent Damage Reflected prefix that appears on Body Armour and Shields.
    • The amount of damage reflected is calculated after your damage mitigations are applied. The damage reflected cannot be mitigated by enemies.
  • Added a Critical Strike Avoidance suffix for gloves, helmets, boots, rings, and belts.
    • If you have 20% Critical Strike Avoidance means crits against you have a 20% chance to be downgraded to regular hits.
    • You can get 100% crit avoidance from 3 well rolled T5 crit avoidance suffixes.
  • Added Mana suffix
    • Increased the values at higher tiers.
    • Can now roll on gloves and helmets.
    • Increased drop rate due to the changes to the mana system.
  • Buffed freeze chance affixes
    • Increased the values of the Increased Freeze Chance affix. Values are about 60% higher at tier 5.
    • Increased the values of the Freeze Chance and Cold Protection affix. Values are 100% higher at tier 5. Cold protection values were not changed.
    • The Freeze Chance and Cold Protection affix can now also roll on gloves.
  • The "Increased Health" and "Increased Armour and Protections" suffixes can no longer roll on gloves.
  • Added a new suffix that gives a chance to chill attackers.
  • Added a new suffix that gives a chance to slow attackers.
  • Added a new suffix that gives increased armour and protections.
  • Added a new prefix for one-handed swords that gives +% base spell damage.
  • The increased spell damage prefix can no longer spawn on or be applied to one-handed swords.
  • The chance to chill suffix on weapons is now called "of Sleet" rather than "of Frostbite" to prevent confusion with the Frostbite ailment.
Glancing Blow[edit source]
  • Removed both hybrid Glancing Blow prefixes
  • Added a Glancing Blow suffix.
  • Added a set Glancing Blow prefix.
  • Unlike other set affixes, set glancing blow can roll on more than four item types, however you can cap glancing blow with just four T5s.

Our goals in making these changes:

  1. Allow players more flexibility in choosing which item slots to use for glancing blow.
  2. Avoid making glancing blow affixes much more powerful overall
  3. Create ample opportunities for players to be glancing blow capped with multiple low tier sources of glancing blow rather than relatively few, significant sources of glancing blow or many low tier sources.
  4. Maintain or amplify the downside of removing a glancing blow item once you are capped, in order to promote item interdependency.

How these changes achieve our goals:

  1. Both glancing blow affixes spawn on more pieces of gear, and you require only four tier 5 set glancing blow affixes to reach the cap (from at least 6 affixes previously).
  2. The affixes are no longer hybrid, so they no longer provide health and armour alongside glancing blow chance. This means that despite fewer affixes being required to reach the cap, there isn’t that much more power per affix in the ideal scenario.
  3. Ideally you want 4 T5 Set Glancing Blow affixes, but if you’re not there yet, you can still reach the cap with just 6 T3 prefixes, or 5 T4s. You can also supplement that with a suffix or two. Previously you needed 12 T3 prefixes to reach the cap.
  4. Because of the set affix mechanics, if you have just four T5 set glancing blow prefixes and remove one, you drop to at most 63% glancing blow chance, taking 37% more damage from hits on average.

Base Equipment[edit source]

  • Adaptive spell damage changes
    • The base spell damage implicits on other caster weapons have been converted to Adaptive Spell Damage at approximately 20% of their previous values. This will provide the same damage increase as before.
    • Obsidian Wands now grant 7 to 12 adaptive spell damage and 2 to 5 spell physical damage (from 45% to 70% base spell damage).
    • Ice Sceptres grant 5 to 16 spell cold damage (from 25% to 80% base spell damage).
    • Copper Amulets now grant 2 to 3 spell lightning damage (from 5% to 15% base spell damage).
    • Noble Raiments now grant 2 to 3 adaptive spell damage (from 3% to 15% base spell damage).
  • Increased mana regen can now roll on sceptres.
  • Cold Stone Wands have been renamed to Obsidian Wands.
  • Reduced the Block Chance of most shields, particularly high level ones.
  • New characters now start with Worn Boots, which do not drop and grant a small amount of Increased Movement Speed.
  • Added a new boots base type, Shrine Boots, which require level 58 to equip. They grant less armor and movement speed than other end-game base types, but reduce the duration of stuns you receive.
  • Increased the gold value of Two Handed Staves and Catalysts.
  • Added Two Handed Staves, which are a two-handed weapon option for caster and hybrid builds. Each staff grants varying amounts of added melee physical damage and base spell damage, as well as subtracting from spell mana costs.
  • Added Catalysts, which are off-hands tailored toward casters. Each catalyst grants intelligence, and higher tier items also grant base spell crit or ward per second.
  • All Two Handed Polearms that previously added generic crit chance now add melee crit chance.
  • Polearms add less melee crit chance than before.
  • Eastern Blades and Katanas now have an attack rate of 1.25 (up from 1.2).
  • Naginatas now have an attack rate of 1.05 (up from 0.97).
  • Nodachis now have an attack rate of 1.1 (down from 1.15).
  • Wand Base Types
    • Added Infernal Wands, which requires level 60 and grants similar base spell damage to old Prophecy Wands, but also grants increased cast speed.
    • Prophecy Wands now require level 73 (up from 64) and grant substantially more base spell damage.
    • Existing Prophecy Wands will be converted to Infernal Wands to avoid players from level 64 to 72 being unable to equip their current weapon.
    • Imperial Wands now require level 47 (from 50).
    • All other wands (except Burning Branches) grant slightly more base spell damage.
  • Sceptre Base Types
    • Added Divine Sceptres, which requires level 75 and are substantially more powerful than Moonstone Sceptres.
    • All Sceptres (except Acolyte starting sceptres) now grant more base spell damage.
  • Bronze Sceptres and Ice Sceptres now grant % base spell damage in addition to their existing implicits.
  • Added Forest Garb, a new body armor base type that grants Armor and Increased Healing Effectiveness.
  • Added Bladed Mace, a new One Handed Blunt Weapon base type that grants increased physical damage.
  • Added Raider Axe, a new one handed axe base type that grants added crit chance.

Idols[edit source]

Idols are a brand new category of item that will allow you to further fine-tune your build with niche and class exclusive stats.

  • Idols have their own 4x4 grid in the Inventory for equipping, which replaces the quick stats panel.
  • Idols will not be available right at the start of the game, and quests will gradually expand your idol inventory.
  • Idols come in a variety of sizes from 1x1 all the way to 4x1 or 2x2, with bigger types providing higher values.
  • Idols spawn with 1 prefix and 1 suffix, and cannot be crafted on.
  • Some Idol types can only be used by certain base Classes.
  • Changed “chance to gain 50 ward when hit” idol affixes, to “chance to gain 30 ward when hit”, and reduced the maximum chance granted from a single Idol by 20%.
  • Glass Idols can now spawn with a suffix that grants lightning skills a change to apply a spark charge on hit.
  • Glass Idols can now spawn with a suffix that grants a percentage of your mana spent as ward.
  • Made generic idols affixes much rarer on class specific idols. Having generic affixes is important so players don’t get unlucky and have no idols that benefit them, but they were too common compared to class specific affixes.
  • Rebalanced many idol affixes
    • Many class specific affixes have been buffed.
    • Class specific leech affixes have been nerfed.
    • Less damage taken affixes have been nerfed (and no longer actually granted reduced damage taken).
    • Generic health and protection suffixes have been nerfed.
  • Fixed an oversight where shared damage affixes (e.g. increased lightning damage + increased minion lightning damage) did not roll on class specific idols.
  • Fixed an oversight where Adorned Immortal Idols could have a ward retention prefix and a ward retention suffix.
  • Fixed the descriptions of a lot of idol affixes (including cases of “increased increased”).
  • Fixed cases where idol prefixes had suffix style names and idol suffixes had prefix style names.
Shrines[edit source]

This patch brings Shrines to the World of Eterra!

Shrines are magic constructs which spawn randomly and have random properties. The Shrines of each Era have different appearances and their own pools of effects. Shrines can bestow powerful buffs or valuable loot - will you risk choosing to activate them?

We previously posted the concept art we created for Shrines! This includes the model for each Era, along with how they update visually upon being used and their duration expiring. If you haven't seen it already - or just want to see it again - you can find it here.

Other Changes[edit source]

  • Added various color variations for armor models. We do plan to add more new models in the future, but this will help visual variety in the meantime.
  • Health potions on the ground are no longer automatically used when at full health and full potions.
  • Holding alt and ctrl now also shows the ranges of implicit Modifiers (previously it would only work with affixes).
  • Adjusted item cost formula. The new formula takes affix tiers and base type level requirement into account so late game items will cost more gold. Different item types also cost different amounts of gold. For example, rings and amulets are more expensive than other items.
  • Replaced the 3d models for all weapons.

Passives[edit source]

Primalist[edit source]

Beastmaster[edit source]


  • Most nodes have been replaced or changed.
  • Features 4 new aspect buffs for you and your companions:
    • Aspect of the Boar: Reduces damage taken and can be augmented to give bleed chance and increased bleed effect.
    • Aspect of the Lynx: Increases crit and stun chance and can be augmented to give crit multi and leech on crit.
    • Aspect of the Shark: Grants increased melee damage and attack speed and can be augmented to give armour shred chance.
    • Aspect of the Viper: Grants poison chance and increased DoT and can be augmented to increase poison effect.
  • The node that adds an extra maximum companion no longer has a downside.
  • Nodes for single Companion builds now limit you to one Companion and significantly buff that Companion.
  • Beastmaster
    • Healing Bond now also increases companion revive range by 10% per point.
    • The Chase now also increases companion revive speed by 6% per point.
    • Partner now also increases companion revive speed by 10% per point.
Druid=[edit source]


  • Added a new node, Rootborn Wrath, which grants flat spell physical damage
  • Added a new node, Thicket Blades, which grants increased spell physical damage and a chance to cast Thicket Blades when hit.
Shaman[edit source]
  • Rune of Awe now grants you and your minions 2 adaptive spell damage rather than +10% base spell damage.
  • Shaman
    • Added a node that makes it so that when you kill a frozen enemy, you heal a random totem to full, refresh its duration and give it a permanent damage buff.
    • Added a node that grants health, mana, and a chance to cast Maelstrom when hit.
    • Added a node that gives totems health, armour, and stun immunity.
    • Hail Bringer now gives 10 cold protection (up from 6), and 10% chill chance (up from 6%), and also grants 10% freeze rate multiplier.
    • Heorot's Path now also applies to your minions.
    • Removed the node that increased armour and elemental protection on spell cast.
    • Removed the node that gave increased health, mana, and cooldown recovery speed.
  • The Shaman's Heorot's Path node now gives 30% increased freeze chance per point (up from 25%) and can have 10 points allocated (up from 8).

Sentinel[edit source]

Void Knight[edit source]
  • Void Knight
    • Singular Purpose now grants 10% increased void damage and protection per point (up from 5%).
    • Rot Grip now grants 4% chance to inflict time rot per point (up from 2%).
    • The node that granted health and dexterity now grants health and attunement.
    • Added three new nodes that involve increasing the chance for your abilities to echo.
Paladin[edit source]


  • Added a new node that grants health and a chance to receive a glancing blow when hit.
  • Divine Essences now increase protections rather than damage.
  • Faith Armor no longer adds health (it still increases armour and adds crit avoidance).
  • Removed the Righteousness node that gave various benefits after using a high cost spell.
  • Paladin
  • Paladin
    • Removed Aura of Divinity (increase the stats granted by Holy Aura by 10% per point).
  • The Paladin's Divine Essences now last 10 seconds (up from 7).

Acolyte[edit source]

  • Acolyte
    • Added a node which grants your minions increased armour and protections per character level.
    • Unnatural Preservation now grants 8 necrotic and poison protection (up from 7), but can only have 4 points allocated (down from 5).
Lich[edit source]
  • Added a new top tier passive, Corrosive Consciousness, which grants Increased Spell Damage and damage over time.
  • Mind Over Body can now have up to 10 points allocated, down from 20.
  • Lich
    • Added a node that converts all sources of health leech to increased damage at 10 times their value (e.g. 1% of damage leeched as health becomes 10% increased damage).
Necromancer[edit source]


  • Added a new node that increases minion physical damage and gives minions additional physical damage with melee and bow attacks.
  • Blades of the Forlorn now also increases minion cold damage.
  • Rite of Undeath grants 15 protections and 15% increased damage per point (from 12%).
  • Tyrant's Legion now also grants Skeletons 5% increased damage, but reduces health by 5% (from 3%).
  • Putrid Retribution can now have a maximum of 3 points allocated (from 5).
  • Necromancer
    • Tyrant’s Legion (+1 Skeleton, but reduced Skeleton health) can now only have 2 points allocated (down from 3). This is to account for the Necromancer’s Mastery bonus.
  • The Necromancer’s Effigies node no longer gives you a chance to sacrifice your minions and heal to full instead of taking lethal damage. It now gives you a chance when you take a hit on low life to consume one of your minions, stealing its current health for yourself.
  • Necromancer
    • Added a new node that increases your maximum number of Skeletons by one.
    • Added a new node that increases your maximum number of Skeletons by one per point, but reduces their health..
    • Added a new node that increases your maximum number of Skeleton Mages by one.
    • Added a new node that grants ward on minion death and ward retention.
    • Added a new node that increases your minions health and armour and makes them reflect a flat amount of damage to attackers.
    • Added a new node that grants you intelligence and grants your minions increased critical strike chance.
    • Added a new node that grants your minions critical strike multiplier and chill chance.
    • Added a new node that gives a chance per point for minions to die instead of you if you take lethal damage, which also increases your minions' fire damage and bow damage.
    • Added a new node that gives you and your minions a buff on potion use, which grants health gained on hit and increases attack and cast speed. Also grants flat health.
    • Removed Bone Brewer (flat health, gain armour on potion use).
    • Removed Grave fragments (increased minion health, armour, and physical damage).
    • Removed Reconstruction (increased health regen on potion use).
    • Removed Sharpened Bones (minions have increased crit chance, but take increased physical damage).
    • Removed Sharpened Souls (minions have additional crit multi, but take increased necrotic damage).
    • Removed Taste of Death (physical and necrotic penetration).
    • Removed Undead Intellect (intelligence and chance to take less damage on minion skill use).
    • Removed Undead Devotion (chance for minions to die instead of you).
    • Removed Ward Vortex (increased ward retention and increased ward gained from Wisp Weaver).
    • Blood Armour can now have 8 points allocated (down from 10)
    • Empty The Graves no longer requires you to have used a minion skill recently, but grants 4 armour per point (down from 5), and can only have 4 points allocated (down from 5)
    • River of Bones now also increases your minions freeze chance.
    • Wisp Weaver now grants a 13% chance per point to gain ward (up from 7%) and can have 8 points allocated (up from 5).
    • Rearranged a lot of nodes and connections.
    • As an experiment this tree has many more connections than other mastery trees.
  • Necromancer
    • Added 4 new nodes.
    • Removed the node that gave you increased crit chance on minion skill use.
    • Tyrant grants 3% increased health per point (down from 6%) and can have a maximum of 8 points allocated (down from 10).
    • Taste of Death grants 35 penetration per point (up from 25).
    • Rotting Army gives 7% minion poison chance and 17 poison protection (from 5% and 15)
    • Undead Intellect has a 5% chance to proc its buff per point (up from 4%), but can only have 15 points allocated (down from 20).
    • Rite of Undeath no longer gives your minions additional necrotic and elemental protection, but instead increases their necrotic and elemental damage.
    • Embrace of the Grave no longer gives your minions elemental protection, but now gives your minions 5% increased armour and physical damage.
    • Marrow Armor now drains 4% of your current health per second, regardless of the number of points invested (from 1% per point).
    • Reconstruction can have 8 points allocated (down from 10).

Mage[edit source]

  • The Mage's Elemental Cunning now also grants 5% increased elemental damage.
Sorcerer[edit source]
  • Added a new node that grants 1 adaptive spell damage and 3% increased cast speed.
  • Archmage now grants 1 adaptive spell damage rather than +10% base spell damage, and the bonus is tripled if you have at least 200 maximum mana, rather than doubled.
  • Sorcerer
    • Replaced the Mana Armor node with a new node that grants +% base spell damage (doubled if you have over 200 maximum mana).
    • The Insight buff from Arcane Insight now gives 20% increased elemental damage and 20% ward retention per point (from 15% increased spell damage and 15% ward retention).
  • Sorcerer
    • Added a new node that grants chill chance and a chance to chill attackers when hit (the chance to chill is doubled for cold skills).
    • Added a new node that grants increased spell damage (doubled if you have used a high cost skill recently).
    • Added a new node that grants a chance to cast spark nova on distant enemies that you crit.
    • Added a new node that grants increased elemental damage, elemental protection, and stun chance with elemental spells.
    • Added a new node that grants ward equal to your intelligence when you use a potion.
    • Removed the Brilliance nodes.
    • Removed Serum Visions (increased ailment duration).
    • Removed Reaction Point (mana cost reduction on lightning crit).
    • The nodes that grant penetration for a single element (e.g. fire penetration) now give 40 penetration (up from 30) and also grant health leech for damage of that type.
    • Arcane Avalanche no longer increases stun chance, but now freezes nearby enemies when a hit leaves you below half health. It also now grants 25% increased freeze chance per point (up from 15%).
    • Arcane Current now grants 50% increased shock effect per point (from 30%), but can only have 8 points allocated (from 10).
    • Arcane Insight's buff now grants 15% increased spell damage and ward retention (from 15% increased elemental damage).
    • Crackling Precision now grants 10% increased crit chance, doubled for lightning skills (from 12% increased crit chance for lightning skills).
    • Cryomancer now gives 15% increased freeze chance per point instead of 2% chill chance per point.
    • Dragon Breath now goes in the opposite direction by default and the direction can be reversed by Mirror Breath (just like Dragon Mage).
    • Inferno now gives 8% increased elemental damage over time and 2% increased ignite duration (from 12% increased fire damage over time).
    • Mana Shell now gives 4 mana per point (up from 3).
    • Warder now grants 10 ward per point when you hit an enemy with a fire, cold, or lightning spell (with a separate 10 second cooldown for each element), but no longer grants health or ward retention.
    • The vitality node now also grants 4% increased chill, shock, and ignite duration per point (from 3 armour per point).
    • Many node positions have changed, especially in the top half of the tree.
Spellblade[edit source]
  • Fixed the Spellblade’s Triple Strike passive requiring 40 points in Spellblade despite being at the 35 point line.
  • The Spellblade's Shiver Armour node now also grants 20% chance to chill attackers when hit per point.

Character Introductions[edit source]

Prior to joining newly created characters in The Forest Trail, you will now be shown a video which explores that character's backstory. These are voice-acted, and each class has its own video. It is possible to skip them if you would prefer to get straight into the action.

Endgame[edit source]

Monolith of Fate[edit source]

  • Added a new monolith mod that increases enemies' health and makes them focus on attacking players.
  • Replaced the reflect monolith mod with one that gives enemies a chance to mark for death on hit.
  • When a monolith timeline rolls a miniboss to kill as its objective, the miniboss has 150% more health (from 200%), grants 150% more experience (from 200%), and deals 40% more damage (from 20%).
  • Added 5 new Monolith of Fate mods:
    • Enemies have thorns
    • Enemies have armour shred chance
    • Enemies have health and crit avoidance
    • Enemies have glancing blow chance
    • Enemies are deadly if not damaged recently
  • You can no longer be offered a mod as an option in the Monolith of Fate if it is currently active.
  • Monolith chest rewards now depend on the number of enemies killed.
  • Added 6 new types of Forges to the Monolith of Fate (for a total of 12).
  • Adjusted the enemies spawned by older Forge types in the Monolith of Fate.
  • The experience bonuses granted by monolith mods are now more varied and generally higher.
  • The “Cooldown Recovery Speed for Rares” monolith mod is now 33% more powerful.
  • The “Increased Damage for Void Monsters” monolith mod is now 25% more powerful.

Arena[edit source]

  • Added 3 new zones to The Arena, with some new mechanics.
  • Increased Arena wave scaling speed by 10%.
  • Slightly reduced the xp bonus granted by reaching high arena waves.
  • The Twinned and Fracturing monster mods no longer spawn in the arena, due to sometimes causing enemies to be present in the rest phases between waves.

Time Rifts[edit source]

  • Inside a Time Rift, the Epoch brings you through time to a different era, while remaining in the same physical location.
  • Inside Time Rift zones you will see first-hand the difference that time has made to the land around you, and the creatures that inhabit it.
  • There are currently 6 Time Rift zones throughout the campaign, with plans to add more.

Ladder[edit source]

  • The ladder is now available from our website here with additional features
    • Each character shows which skills they have equipped
    • Account names are displayed in addition to character names
    • The maximum Monolith streak that a character has achieved is now displayed.
    • There are separate ladders for softcore, hardcore, softcore solo and hardcore solo.
    • The ladder can be restricted to only showing a certain base class.
    • You can order the list of entries by character level, max Arena wave or max Monolith streak.
  • In-game, the 4 tabs are now: Hardcore, Softcore, Hardcore Solo and Softcore Solo. Each tab shows both character level and arena wave.

Social[edit source]

  • Added the Social panel, opened with H. (S, O, C, I, A, L and F were taken)
  • You can now send whisper messages to other players with a variety of commands, followed by a space and their username. (/tell, /msg, /w, @, /dm, /message)
  • Usernames with spaces have been converted to use underscores so message commands work correctly.
  • You can now add other users as friends. One user sends the other a request, and if the request is accepted, the two become friends.
  • You can now set a status, which will be visible to people looking at their friends lists.
  • You can now block other users, preventing you from seeing their messages.
  • Improved the visibility of chat text.
  • Increased the character limit of chat messages to 220 (from 140).
  • You now login to the game using email, which avoids what you use to login (previously username) being as public. You can choose to hide what you enter into the email field (like the password field does by default).

Voice Acting[edit source]

  • Disabled out of mana line
  • Reduced the chance for being-hit and on-kill voice lines to play.
  • Each base class now has some unique voice lines that they say when reaching certain points in the story, for a total of 35 unique lines.
  • Each base class now has voice lines for taking damage, running out of mana, being unable to pick-up/equip items, and being unable to use a skill.
  • Music and other sound effects will decrease in volume when story dialogue plays.
  • Added voice lines for several NPCs