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This project is intended to add pages for all of the player Skills, create/maintain their data in the cargo db, and keep them up to date.

Project Status[edit source]

As of Beta 0.7g all skills are added and up to date. Some skills may be missing modifiers or statuses that should be listed in their templates.

Project Contributors[edit source]

  • User:GeoGalvanic - Project Starter/Contributor, Template Creator/Maintainer
  • Add your name here!

To Do List[edit source]

  • Base Damage Values need to be added once available
  • Base Attack Time needs to be added once available
  • Ensure all skills have appropriate modifiers and statuses listed
  • Make list of skills that are scaled by each attribute

Page Creation[edit source]

New pages can be made using the input box found on Project:Community portal which utilizes Template:Skills/Preload.

Pages That Need Created[edit source]

  • Currently no new pages need to be created.

Page Updates[edit source]

Rive[edit source]

  • Added an augment tree for Rive.


  • Focused Strike now requires 4 points in Concentration (up from 1).
  • Opportunist now grants Rive 10% more critical strike chance against ignited targets per point (down from 16%).
  • Reclamation now grants 5% leech per point (from 10%) and can have up to 2 points allocated (down from 3).
  • Savagery now grants 20% more damage to ignited targets per point (down from 34%).
  • Twisting Fangs now grants the second strike 50% chance to ignite per point (down from 100%).
  • Fixed Rive’s second attack not scaling with strength.


  • Slightly increased the delay until you can next attack after using the Rive’s third attack, so that continuing into another Rive combo looks less abrupt

Reaper Form[edit source]

  • Reaper Form
    • Removed the node that causes you to cull enemies with any skill while in Reaper Form.
    • Added a new node that increases the health that Reap restores on hit and increases your healing effectiveness while in Reaper Form.
    • Replaced the node that gave you poison chance while in Reaper Form with a node that poisons all nearby enemies when you enter Reaper Form
    • Dark Harvest causes Reap to instantly kill enemies below 5% health per point (down from 10%).
    • Death Comes Quickly now gives 25% chance per point to gain swiftness (up from 20%), and can have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Haunting now gives 20% increased area of effect per point (up from 7%), but can only have 2 points allocated (down from 3).
    • Stable Disturbance causes your health to decay 10% slower per point (down from 20%), but can have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Reaper's Curse now gives 25% increased damage and crit chance (from 20% increased crit chance and no increased damage).
    • Death's Door gives 1% more damage for each 1% missing health (from 10% increased damage).
    • Cursed with Knowledge now gives 1 armour per point per intelligence (from 1 health per point per intelligence).
    • Phantom Restoration now grants flat ward on hit with reap, and ward retention while in Reaper Form (from giving you ward equal to a percentage of the base amount you heal when you hit an enemy with reap).
    • Sharpened Scythes now gives +10% crit multi per point, doubled for Reap (from 10% increased crit multi).
    • From the Grave now resummons up to 1 Skeleton per point (used to give ward retention).
    • Infected Steel now gives Reap +100% poison chance, but stops it critting. It now also changes Reap's visual to be poison themed.
    • Grave Chill now converts poison chance from the tree to chill chance and gives reap a freeze rate based on your intelligence. It now also changes Reap's visual to be cold themed.
    • Reaper's Mark can now stack up to 25 times (up from 20).
    • Sweeping Scythes makes Reap move you 10% further per point (up from 5%), but can only have 3 points allocated (down from 5).
    • Changed several node names and descriptions.
    • Rearranged some nodes.
  • Reaper Form The aim of these changes is to address the fact that many nodes only benefit Reap.
    • Added a new node that grants a chance to mark enemies for death on hit while in Reaper form (with the chance doubled for Reap).
    • Added a new node that grants a chance to cast blood tether on attackers when hit.
    • Added a new node that makes the amour bonus from Soul Shroud also apply to Poison and Necrotic Protection. (this replaces the node that granted increased armour and protections if you had killed an enemy with Reap recently).
    • Dark Harvest makes Reap kill enemies below 6% of their maximum health per point (up from 5%).
    • Death’s Door now also grants 25% increased damage while at low health in Reaper Form and can have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Deathtouch Scythe now grants +2 necrotic damage with spells and attacks while in Reaper Form, doubled for Reap (from +5 necrotic damage with Reap), and can now have 4 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Harbinger of Blood now also grants 10% increased health leech while in Reaper Form.
    • Herald of Rot now also grants 10% poison chance per point while in Reaper Form and can have 5 points allocated (up from 3).
    • Ravenous Doom now grants 5 health gained on kill while in Reaper Form, doubled for Reap (from 10 health gained on kill with Reap).
    • Stable Disturbance now also grants 10% increased damage over time while in Reaper Form.
    • Sweeping Scythes makes Reap move you 15% further per point (up from 10%), but can only have 2 points allocated (down from 3).
    • Venomous Coating now also grants 10% poison duration while in Reaper Form.
    • Adjusted node connections.
    • Players with Reaper Form specialized will receive a free respec.

Reaper Form

  • Damage that brings you out of Reaper Form now bleeds through to your regular health. If you have 500 max health, and 100 remaining health in Reaper Form, taking a 200 damage hit will leave you on 400 health, not 500).

Shield Throw[edit source]

  • Reworked Shield Throw's base functionality
    • Now ricochets between enemies and then returns to you.
      • Ricochets to additional 2 targets after the initial target.
      • Also hits enemies it passes through on the way to its targets.
    • Fragments no longer shatter off on hit.
    • Has a 2 second cooldown that starts when the shield returns to you.
    • Reduced mana cost to 20 (from 30)
    • Increased damage by 43%.
    • Increased added damage scaling by 100%.
    • Increased throw speed by 12%.

Black Hole[edit source]

  • Black Hole
    • Changed base cooldown to 20 seconds (up from 10).
    • Reduced outer pull radius by 22%.
    • Reduced pull strength on more distant enemies.
      • We plan to re-work Black Hole in more depth later on, but for now it's just too strong.
  • Black Hole
    • Cooldown reduced to 16 seconds (from 20 seconds).
    • Damage increased by 17%.

Increased Freeze Rate

  • Black Hole
    • Reduced cooldown to 14 seconds (from 16 seconds).
    • Now requires Sorcerer level 30 (up from 15).

Black Hole

  • Heat Wave now grants 20% ignite chance per point (up from 10%).
  • Red Giant now also increases the duration of Black Hole by 80%.

Elemental Nova[edit source]

  • Elemental Nova
    • Added a node to the lightning nova area of the tree that makes elemental nova channelled.
    • Added a node that reduces the mana drain from channelling, while also reducing area of effect.
    • Added a node behind the channelled node that disabling lightning nova (allowing non-lightning nova channelled elemental nova).
    • The Ascended Current node now gives 80% increased shock effect per point (up from 50%).

Increased Freeze Rate

Elemental Nova

  • No longer has the elemental tag. Other elemental skills (which have either fire, lightning, or cold tags) do not have the elemental tag, so this could be confusing.

Erasing Strike[edit source]

  • Erasing Strike is now unlocked in the Void Knight tree rather than the Sentinel tree. The unlock levels of some other skills have been adjusted to accommodate this.

Erasing Strike

  • Added damage effectiveness increased to 200% (from 170%)
  • Strength scaling changed to 5% increased melee damage (from 4% increased melee damage).

Erasing Strike

  • Increased added damage effectiveness by 25%.

Smite[edit source]

  • Smite
    • Fixed some bugs with Smite that made it overpowered.
    • Increased base damage by 20%.
    • Reduced mana cost to 3 (from 7).


  • Increased base damage by 13%.
  • Increased added damage scaling by 50%.


  • Descend now deals twice as much damage and scales with spell damage, but now adds 20 mana cost (from 5) and gives smite a 6 second cooldown (from 5).
  • Righteous Flurry now also buffs Cast Speed (it used to only buff attack speed).

Rebuke[edit source]

Forge Strike[edit source]

  • Forge Strike
    • Strength now increases all Forge Strike damage, not just physical damage.
    • Attunement now increases damage similarly to Strength, rather than adding flat physical damage.
    • Attunement now also increases the damage of Forged Weapons.
    • Your weapon’s attack rate now applies to Forged Weapons.
    • Forged Weapons expire after 10 seconds by default rather than having decaying health.
    • Forged Weapons now gain 15 health per character level.
    • Forged Weapons now draw slightly less aggro.
    • Forged Weapons now use Forge Strike’s icon and a new model.
    • Added the Minion Skills tag to Forge Strike.
  • Forge Strike
    • Added melee damage now applies at 200% effectiveness (up from 150%).

Forge Strike

  • Characters with Forge Strike specialized will receive a free respec for its tree
  • Added a new node behind Put to the Sword that increases bleed effectiveness.
  • Forged by Fire can have 4 points allocated (up from 3), and adds 10 fire damage per point (up from 7).
  • Mass Production now adds a 5% chance to summon weapons (it previously stated 8% increased chance).
  • Well Forged Weapons now grants 25% increased summoned weapon duration (it previously stated 20%) and can have 4 points allocated (down from 5).
  • Removed the Patient Strike node as its damage increase was not working.
  • Slightly adjusted connections and requirements

Forge Strike

  • Increased added damage effectiveness by 25%.

Ring of Shields[edit source]

  • Stats from your equipped shield now apply to the shields summoned by Ring of Shields.
  • Ring of Shields
    • Now gains 5 base health per player level and point of attunement (down from 10).

Ring of Shields

  • Added a new node behind Touched by Fire that increases melee fire damage if you have used ring of shields recently.
  • The Immolation node now scales with increases to damage over time and spell damage.
  • Displacement's health increase is now multiplicative and also increases duration by 100%.
  • Defensive Shields grants 3% block chance (from 5%), but now also grants 30 block protection.
  • Amass now also adds 5 mana cost per point.
  • Aegis of Life now grants the shields 15% increased health effectiveness per point (from 10%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Touched by Fire now grants 3 additional fire damage (from 4).
  • Banding can have 5 points allocated (from 6).
  • Healing Shields can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
  • Martyr Shields can have 4 points allocated (from 5).

Companion Actives[edit source]

    • Spriggan - Rejuvenating Wind
      • Now restores 150 health (up from 90).
      • Now also restores 15 mana.
      • Mana cost is now 36 (up from 18).
      • Cooldown is now 12 seconds (up from 6).

Summon Bone Golem[edit source]

  • Bone Golem
    • Now has a 15% chance to retaliate with Bone Nova when hit (previously they retaliated after taking damage equal to 12.5% of their maximum health).
    • The Bone Hail node now gives +5% chance to retaliate per point (from 5% reduced health threshold for retaliation), but can only have 5 points allocated (down from 8).
    • The Flight of the Femurs node no longer increases the health threshold for retaliation, but now increases the projectile speed by only 25% (from 50%).
    • Added a new node, "Betrayal", which triples the chance for Bone Nova retaliation when a Bone Golem is hit by its summoner or one of their allies.
  • All types of Bone Golem now have 60% more melee damage, but 36% less melee attack speed than the regular Bone Golem had in 0.7.3.
  • Fixed a bug where stat bonuses from the Bone Golem tree would be doubled for the first 15 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where some stat bonuses from the Bone Golem tree would not last the entire lifetime of the Golem.

Shield Rush[edit source]

  • Shield Rush's movement speed now scales with increased movement speed.

Manifest Armor[edit source]

Sacrifice[edit source]


  • 15 mana is now consumed whenever a Blood Wraith is summoned. You cannot go below -100 mana when summoning Blood Wraiths.
  • Blood Weaver now grants 40% bleed chance (from 34%), can have 5 points allocated (up from 3) and also reduces the mana consumed when a Blood Wraith is summoned.
  • Crimson Horror no longer adds a cooldown, but increases the mana consumed when a Blood Wraith is summoned.

Sigils of Hope[edit source]

  • Sigils of Hope
    • Amended the description to clarify that it only affects you and not allies (it will affect allies in future).
    • Changed the description to clarify the effects of the buff.
    • Now increases health regen by 20% per Sigil (up from 10%).

Sigils of Hope

  • The Decree of Flame node can now have a maximum of 3 points allocated (down from 5). Characters with more than 3 points in this node will have the extra points respecced for free.

Sigils of Hope

  • Each Sigil grants 4 fire damage (down from 5)
  • Each Sigil grants 25% increased health regen (up from 20%)
  • Characters with Sigils of Hope specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Iron Sigils grants 40 armour per point (down from 50).
  • Meditation now doubles health regen from Sigils rather than providing 100% increased health regen per Sigil.
  • Sigils of Despair no longer doubles the added damage, but now also grants 15% increased void damage per Sigil.
  • Sign of the Guardian grants 1% block chance (from 2%) and 15 block protection (from 5).
  • Adjusted some connections and requirements.

Sigils of Hope

  • Casting Sigils of Hope no longer refreshes the duration of all existing sigils. We found this functionality to make the skill too powerful for relatively little investment.

Sigils of Hope

  • Increased the base duration of each sigil to 15 seconds (from 12).
  • Word of Power now only increases melee damage instead of all damage.

Static Orb[edit source]

  • Static Orb
    • Increased damage of the orb itself by 50%.
    • Halved the added damage effectiveness of the orb to keep its damage stats in line with other skills.
    • Explosion damage increased by 67%.
  • Static Orb
    • Doubled projectile damage.
    • Increased base damage of explosion by 20%.
    • Mana cost increased to 18 (from 15).

Warpath[edit source]

  • Warpath’s mana drain per second is now on its main tooltip, rather than alt. Warpath has an initial mana cost of 10, then costs 20 per second.


Aim: bring in line with other skills, associate pull more closely with high mana cost, and bring maximum movement speed down.

  • Characters with Warpath specialized will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Added a new node that adds ignite chance and armour shred chance, but increases mana drain.
  • Abyssal Flurry increases the frequency you cast the Abyssal Orb ability by 40% per point (from 25%), but can have 3 points allocated (down from 5).
  • Endless Vortex increases pull area by 40% (from 50%).
  • Iron Reach increases area by 15% per point and can have 4 points allocated (from 20% and 3 points allocated).
  • Quicksilver Wind no longer increases mana drain and can have 5 points allocated (from 3), but grants 8% increased movement speed (from 20%).
  • Unchained now increases crit chance rather than hit damage, and can have 5 points allocated (down from 6).
  • Warbringer grants 100% hit damage (from 80%) and now grants 100% increased area, but no longer increases pull strength and requires 3 points in iron reach (from 1).
  • War Forge grants 25 armour penetration (up from 15).
  • Precise Spin requires 3 points in Quicksilver Wind (up from 1).
  • Reckless Combatant can have 5 points allocated (down from 8).
  • Rejuvenating Spiral can have 4 points allocated (down from 5).
  • War Forge can have 5 points allocated (down from 8).
  • Whirling Blades can have 5 points allocated (down from 6).
  • Whirling Barrier can have 5 points allocated (down from 7).
  • Zweihander Reichweite grants 35% increased area per point (from 50%).
  • Changed a few node connections in the bottom right section of the tree.

Focus[edit source]

  • Changed FocusEnergy Infusion node
    • Previous: for 5 seconds after you finish channelling gain 1% movement speed per 10 mana gained. Could allocate up to 5 points, but the node was bugged so that additional points had no effect.
    • New: When you finish channelling gain, haste for 1 second per 20 mana gained (up to 10 seconds). Can only allocated 1 point (additional points in the node will be respecced for free).
  • Focus
    • Damage now scales with intelligence once you have taken nodes that give it a way to deal damage.


  • Characters with Focus specialised will receive a free respec for its tree.
  • Instant Mana nodes
    • This branch is very strong when fully invested. However, the first node has a strong downside, which feels bad to take.
    • Null Profusion grants 20% of maximum mana instantly (from 25%), but adds an 8 second cooldown (from 10 seconds).
    • Null Infusion now also adds 1 second to the cooldown duration, and can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
    • Calm Mind has been reworked, it can only have 1 point allocated and adds 3 seconds to the cooldown duration, but causes the mana gained from the Null Profusion and Null Infusion nodes to also be gained as ward.
  • Lightning Wave nodes
    • Most of these nodes were too weak to be useful, except for Unstable Energy, due to an oversight.
    • The Lightning Waves cast by the Energy Overflow and Energy Battery nodes now scale with intelligence.
    • Energy Battery grants 20% of mana gained as Lightning Damage (from 10%).
    • Energy Overflow grants 8% of your maximum mana as lightning damage (from 3%).
    • Unstable Energy has been reworked, and now increases the damage of lightning waves from Energy Battery and Energy Overflow by 30% while at max mana.
    • Fixed a bug where Unstable Energy granted 10 times the stated amount of lightning damage.
  • Other changes
    • Desperate Meditation can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
    • Inner Growth grants 6 health per second (from 5).
    • Nerve Center increases the duration of ailments applied by Focus by 15% (from 5%), and can have 4 points allocated (from 5).
    • Clarified several tooltips.

Enchant Weapon[edit source]

Judgement[edit source]

  • Added a specialization tree for Judgement.
  • Judgement
    • Now costs 45 mana (up from 40).
    • Damage over time is now increased by your healing effectiveness and well as increased damage over time (muiltiplicative with other modifiers).
    • Doubled the base value for damage over time.


  • Judgement's range no longer scales with weapon range. Range scaling caused the skill to miss close targets when using Two Handed Polearms.
  • Judgement now uses a slam animation with 2h weapons equipped rather than a forwards stab animation.
  • Increased added damage effectiveness by 25%.

Innervate[edit source]

Glacier[edit source]

  • Increased the freeze rate multiplier granted by many nodes


Due to the significance of the changes, players will receive a free specialization tree respec.

  • Increased base damage by 18%.
  • Increased freeze rate by 30%.
  • Added a node that grants ward on crit
  • Added a node that increases hit damage and mana efficiency
  • Added a node that gives more damage against rares and bosses
  • Added a node that doubles the chill chance from the tree and gives more damage against chilled enemies
  • Added a node that grants the Rime buff on cast, which grants global increased damage over time and freeze rate multiplier.
  • The Destruction nodes grant slightly less hit damage than before
  • Frost Grip now also grants freeze rate multiplier, but can only have 5 points allocated (down from 6).
  • Perma Frost now grants 150% freeze rate multiplier (up from 100%).
  • Moderate Vortex now increases Rime duration, but no longer increases hit damage.
  • Greater Vortex now increases Rime effect, but no longer increases hit damage.
  • Resplendent Frost now grants 4% base crit chance per point (from 3%), but also grants -15% crit multi.
  • Rejuvenation now only procs on crit, rather than on every hit.
  • Static Collapse no longer reduces crit chance, but instead prevent crits from dealing extra damage.
  • Changed many connections and requirements.


  • Reduced the added damage scaling of the smallest explosion to 100% (from 150%).
  • Reduced the added damage scaling of the largest explosion to 400% (from 500%).
  • Reduced the base damage of the middle and largest explosion by 13%.

Volcanic Orb[edit source]

Increase Freeze Rate

Holy Aura[edit source]

  • Holy Aura has been one of the strongest Sentinel skills and often drew other masteries into Paladin just for it. It is now exclusive to Paladin, but we wanted to rework the skill regardless.
    • Passive effect is now: Grants 30% increased damage and +60 elemental protection.
    • Concentration increases Holy Aura’s active duration by 50% rather than doubling its effectiveness.
    • Concentration’s added cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds (from 10).
    • Faith now grants 3 ward per second per point, rather than 1 per point on melee hit.
    • Faith’s Reward now grants 400 ward to all affected allies, rather than removing ward decay during Holy Aura’s active effect.
    • Fanaticism now only grants increased melee attack speed, rather than increased attack and cast speed.
    • Reduced Flame Burst’s damage by 40%, but it now scales with Attunement, Spell Damage and Fire Damage.
    • Flame Burst now requires 8 points while passive and 4 hits while active to trigger.
    • Flame Burst no longer has extra damage for you getting the last hit.
    • Inspiration now grants a 1% chance per point to gain the Inspiration buff when you are hit, which increases cooldown recovery speed by 20%. Previously the amount of cooldown recovery speed changed with points spent.
    • Punishment now applies the Slow ailment to enemies rather than directly reducing their movement speed.
    • Redemption now grants increased healing effectiveness rather than flat health regeneration.
    • Swiftness now grants 20 dodge rating per point, rather than 15% increased dodge chance per point.
    • Time Strike now grants 10% increased crit chance per point (from 2% reduced movement speed and 1% base critical strike chance per point).
    • Removed Fleet-Footed and Focused Fervor
    • Added Burning Blows, which grants 10% increased fire damage per point.
    • Added Determination, which grants 10% increased physical damage per point.
    • Added Strength From Afar, which grants 12% increased throwing attack damage and stun chance with throwing attacks.
    • Added Expedite, which grants 4% increased throwing attack speed per point and a 4% chance per point to gain Haste for 1 second on hit.
    • Reworked node requirements and connections.
    • Characters who are specialized in Holy Aura will receive a free respec.

Holy Aura

  • Prismatic Fury now grants 75 Elemental penetration per point (from 25).
  • Hope now grants 12% health globe chance (from 10%).

Entangling Roots[edit source]

Entangling Roots

The aim here is to remove the melee aspect because that overlaps with Earthquake’s niche, while modernizing the tree and making it more useful overall. Due to the significance of the changes, players will receive a free specialization tree respec.

  • Increased damage by 60%.
  • Reduced mana cost to 40 (from 50).
  • Added 10 new nodes (focused on bleed, poison, healing, and minions).
  • Removed Eternal Imbuement, Eterra’s Might, Crushing Force, and Staggering Impact nodes
  • Nodes that buff you or your minions now buff within the area rather than having a fixed duration.
  • Bountiful Harvest now grants 100% chance to create a Healing Nova (up from 34%).
  • Empowered Bites grants 40% bleed chance for Bears (up from 34%), can have 5 points allocated (up from 3), and now also affects Sabertooths, but no longer affects Serpents.
  • Fleeting Grove grants 40% mana efficiency per point (up from 30%).
  • Imbued Sap grants 30% increased damage per point (up from 25%), but can only have 3 points allocated (down from 4).
  • Lasting Briar gives 20% increased duration per point (up from 15%).
  • Mystic Roots now increases damage by 20% per point (from 25%) and can have 5 points allocated (from 8).
  • Roots of Lapp increases mana cost by 50% (up from 20%).
  • Venomous Pack grants 40% poison chance for Wolves (up from 34%), can have 5 points allocated (up from 3), and now also affects Serpents and Scorpions.
  • Grove Master can have 3 points allocated (up from 2).
  • Poison Ground can have 5 points allocated (down from 6).
  • Adjusted many connections and requirements.

Entangling Roots

  • Mana cost increased to 60 (from 40).
  • Radius reduced by 9%.
  • Damage increased by 25%.
  • The patches from Roots of Lapp are now placed 5 to 6 metres from the centre (from 0 to 5 metres).
  • The area penalty from Roots of Lapp is now multiplicative with the area increase of Grove Master, rather than additive.
  • Frenzy Roots now grants 12% increased attack, cast, and movement speed (from 15%).
  • Venomous Pack grants 30% Poison Chance (from 40%)
  • Plentiful Thicket (+1 patch) now requires Overgrown Path (patches are in a line).
  • Wardens of Farwood now grants your Spriggans 5 spell fire damage (from 25% base spell damage).

Hammer Throw[edit source]

Hammer Throw

  • Increased base damage by 12.5%.
  • Disintegrating Aura now deals 30 void damage per second (up from 20).

Snap Freeze[edit source]

Snap Freeze

  • Frozen Monolith now always freezes you for 2 seconds. Previously the tooltip stated 4 seconds, while the actual effect varied with how long Snap Freeze’s freeze duration was.

Vengeance[edit source]


  • Reworked the armour shred and fire protection shred part of the tree to apply armour shred and fire protection shred instead of reducing armour and fire protection. This is to improve compatibility with armour shred modifying affixes that are being added with Idols.
  • Added a node that makes Vengeful Fighter's damage buff apply above half health rather than below half health
  • Shattering Blade grants the Iron Blade ability a 50% chance to shred armour on hit (from 20%).
  • Vindicator grants 25% chance to use Iron Blade on Riposte Kill (from 20%) and can have 4 points allocated (from 2).
  • Blade Assault can have 4 points allocated (from 2).
  • Vengeful Fighter can have 6 points allocated (from 8).

Volcanic Orb[edit source]

Volcanic Orb

  • Reduced cooldown to 3 seconds (from 4).

Ice Ward[edit source]

Ice Ward

  • Unclouded Mind now grants 10% increased mana regen per point (from 25% reduced mana drain), and can have 3 points allocated (from 4).
    • The previous effect could make other skills that drain mana free.
    • This has the same effect at max points if Ice Ward is your only skill that drains mana.

Various Doots[edit source]

  • Adjusted some damage over time spells and abilities to have a more normal base damage to added damage effectiveness ratio.
    • Increased Cremate base damage by 18%.
    • Reduced Fissure added damage scaling by 75%.
    • Increased Hailstorm base damage by 1% and reduced added damage scaling by 9%.
    • Increased Tempestuous base damage by 50% and reduced added damage scaling by 10%.
    • Increased Tornado base damage by 50% and reduced added damage effectiveness by 16%.
    • Increased Tremor base damage by 75% and reduced added damage effectiveness by 56%.
    • Increased Twister base damage by 200% and reduced added damage effectiveness by 16%

Drain Life[edit source]

  • The Lich class now has access to Drain Life.
    • This is a channeled skill which deals Necrotic Damage Over Time to up to 3 enemies at the target location, leeching 30% of the damage done as health.
    • Drain Life skill is unlocked by investing 5 points into Lich Passives.
  • Drain Life, a new Lich skill, has a specialization tree.

Smelter's Wrath[edit source]

  • The Forge Guard class now has access to Smelter's Wrath.
    • This is a Melee Attack Skill attack that is channeled for up to two seconds before dealing fire and physical damage in front of you. Channeling increases the range and damage.
    • Smelter's Wrath is unlocked by investing 30 points into Forge Guard Passives.
  • Smelter's Wrath, a new Forge Guard skill, has a specialization tree.

Anomaly[edit source]

  • The Void Knight skill Anomaly has been redesigned.
    • Anomaly is now a combo ability; casting it a second time ends its effect early.
  • Anomaly, a Void Knight skill, now has a specialization tree.
  • Anomaly’s Anticipation node now reduces the cooldown of Anomaly by 1 second per point (from 20% reduced cooldown recovery speed per point)
 * This means that the cooldown goes 12 -> 11 -> 10 -> 9, rather than 12 -> 10 -> 8.6 -> 7.5

Lightning Blast[edit source]

Lightning Blast

  • Re-added the Hypercharge node: When doublecasting, Lightning Blast has a chance to quadruple cast.
  • Increased the delay between double casts to 0.5 seconds (from 0.25 seconds).
  • You can no longer double cast (or quadruple cast) while channeling Lightning Blast.

Mana Strike[edit source]

Mana Strike

  • Added a new node behind Teleport Strikes that makes Mana Strike auto target enemies close to the cursor, like how Rip Blood does.

Abyssal Echoes[edit source]

Abyssal Echoes

  • Abyssal Echoes now benefits from added spell damage.

Abyssal Orb[edit source]

Abyssal Orb

  • Abyssal Orb has had its base damage increased by 67% and its added damage effectiveness reduced by 50%.