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This project is intended to add pages for all of the Quests, create/maintain their data in the cargo db, and keep them up to date.

Project Status[edit source]

Template:Quests, Template:Log, Template:Dialogue, Module:Quests and Module:Logs have all been created to organize and store quest data.

All main quests and side quests have been created and their logs documented. Dialogue for most of these quests still needs to be documented.

Monolith of Fate quests still need to be created.

Project Contributors[edit source]

  • User:GeoGalvanic - Project Starter/Contributor, Template Creator/Maintainer
  • Add your name here!

To Do List[edit source]

  • Create Monolith of Fate Quest pages
  • Add Dialogue to pages
  • Provide more detailed hints
  • Create/link video tutorials for quests.

Page Creation[edit source]

New pages can be made using the input box found on Project:Community portal which utilizes Template:Quests.

Pages That Need Created[edit source]

  • Monolith of Fate quests