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Project Status[edit source]

Gamepedia is currently working on developing a new map display tool. We are awaiting the completion of their project before resuming this project.

Below is work that was made towards creating a map display tool exclusive to the Last Epoch Wiki.

Associated Pages[edit source]

User:GeoGalvanic/mapsproject - (The page where maps are being tested for wiki functionality)

User:GeoGalvanic/common.js - (Custom JS for creating OL map content)

User:GeoGalvanic/common.css - (OL css for displaying map controls)

User:GeoGalvanic/layerstemplate - (A template for individual layers)

User:GeoGalvanic/mapstemplate - (A template for individual maps)

[1] - (Fiddle for working with custom JS)

Implemented Features[edit source]

  • Creates an Open Layers map interface
  • Utilizes a static image layer
  • Layer properties can be defined from html (on the wiki page)
  • Supports N static image layers
  • Utilizes a layer switcher
  • Supports group layers
  • Supports N Layers within root group layers

Features Needed[edit source]

  • Supports N sub group layers
  • Supports Vector Image Layers
  • Supports N Features for each vector image layer
  • Pop-up display on click
  • Either features or layers can be stylized

Planned Features[edit source]

  • Features implemented from a list of coordinates
  • Features implemented from a list of coordinates gained from cargo data
  • A visual interface from which a list of coordinates can be generated/changed
  • Support all layer types
  • Stylized pop-up display
  • Pop-up display of wiki page contents