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This project is intended to add and manage all icons throughout the wiki.

Project Status[edit source]

All Skill Icons and Unique Equipment Icons have been added. There are a few missing passive/skill node/base equipment/cosmetic icons.

Project Contributors[edit source]

File Organization[edit source]

All icons should be sorted into the appropriate category within. File names should be reflective of where they are used, follow the naming conventions of the developers if unknown or a short description of the icon of neither is known.

Identifying Missing Icons[edit source]

  • When an icon is not available and no screenshot can be attained, File:Default.jpg can be used in it's place. Looking at the "What links here" section of that image will show the pages where that icon is used.
  • When a screenshot is intended to be used temporarily, the category Category:EHG Asset Requests can be added to it so that it can be replaced later.
  • Special:WantedFiles will list all file links which do not have images.
  • User:GeoGalvanic/Testspace/CargoEquipmentImages lists all equipment icons. Using ctrl+F "File:" will find all missing equipment icons. (Note that results are limited to 100 per page)

Other Notes[edit source]

Files that are simple rotations or mirrors of other icons should not be used, instead css should be used to transform the icon itself (this is usually a template parameter). Existing such files should be replaced eventually.