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This project is to ensure that all the relevant Character Stats have pages created and to create a standard format for each type of stat.

Project Status[edit source]

Project is still a work in progress. Most stats currently have pages but could use more details and organization

Project Contributors[edit source]

To do[edit source]

  • Choose one stat for each stat type to use as a template (used in the broadest sense, not necessarily a formal wiki template) to use to format pages of other stats of the same type.
  • Update that other pages to conform to the established template.
  • Create any pages needed to give an overview of the specific stat type
  • update the Character Stats page to link correctly to pages
  • Re-do the Combat Calculations page to reflect the order of calculations used during combat and their impact on the character.
  • Reduce the number of pages for stats, only the most relevant page is needed, e.g. merge health regeneration with Health
  • Include sections for links to modifiers

This project page will be updated with more detailed descriptions and progress reports as this project is worked on.