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This project is intended to add pages for Builds created by the community.

Project Status[edit source]

Template:Builds as well as cargo db have been created and are usable.

Project Contributors[edit source]

  • User:GeoGalvanic - Project Starter/Contributor, Template Creator/Maintainer
  • Add your name here!

To Do List[edit source]

  • Correct linking to hotfix patches
  • Hovering tooltips
  • Visual improvements to the layout
  • Intuitive skill map visuals
  • History section that automatically shows you what has changed in your build with each patch
  • Automatically calculated character stats/damage per skill
  • Intuitive build planner interface

Page Creation[edit source]

New pages can be made using the input box found on Builds:Builds which utilizes Template:Builds/Preload.

Pages That Need Created[edit source]