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Strong in honor and fearsome in combat, the Knight stands stalwart against what is unjust even at the end of the world.
Master classes:
Void Knight

Knight is one of the base classes in Last Epoch.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

The world needs someone to protect it, even if that world is in ruins. The knight had a lonely childhood, a tall and gangly girl who found no acceptance among the few other youths in the dying city of Last Refuge. She instead found comfort in her training with the blade, her father telling her tales of the knights of the past and his despair over the guardsmen he captained here in the present. She took his lessons to heart and became like a living memory of those knights.

Her might grew as if to try to contain the skill and honor she held within her, few guardsmen being able match her strength. None were able to match her sense of right, and many felt little desire to do so. She quickly became a problem for the rest of Last Refuge’s guards, asking questions they never asked, staring down those who were accustomed to turned eyes. Even at the end of the world, those with power bend and twist it as they can to suit their needs.

Her father was exiled for crimes he did not commit thanks to a favor owed by an Elder. His choice for successor denied due to a vote of no confidence. Shadows in the underbelly of Last Refuge trading coin and a certain woman’s name, the so called knight who foolishly stood for the weak rather than cow to the strong.

Even at the end of the world, a knight stood vigilant for what she knew what was her duty, even as the void came crashing through the city, spreading its own corruption.

Master classes[edit | edit source]

Knight allows players to choose the following masteries:

Iconic Equipment[edit | edit source]

Valkryie Helmets, special types of helmets typically featuring wings or other ornamentation, will be specific to the Knight class.

Starting Stats[edit | edit source]

The Knight begins with 2 Strength

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]